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A Definitive Guide to Buying Wardrobe Cabinets - Megafurniture

A Definitive Guide to Buying Wardrobe Cabinets

Aside from your bed frame, your wardrobe cabinet takes up a significant portion of your bedroom. This large piece of furniture is used to store all sorts of clothes, towels, linens, and other bedroom essentials. It's also an excellent design point that determines the theme of your area. 

Whether you want to flaunt the beauty of your clothes collection, beautify your bedroom, or organise your stuff, an efficient bedroom wardrobe is a must-have for your home. Investing in an armoire that is stylish, spacious, and versatile will surely make a big difference in how you maintain and enjoy your bedroom space. While there are a lot of wardrobe varieties available in home furniture stores, from classic to the latest styles, buying the right unit must not be a stressful process.

Before diving into your new wardrobe purchase, check out these simple tips to make the most of your furniture investment.

Before You Buy a Wardrobe

Before You Buy a Wardrobe

When buying a wardrobe, you should first check your old unit or your space requirements. The purpose of getting a new wardrobe is to upgrade your old one or choose the right piece for your bedroom's needs. 

  • What size should my wardrobe be?
  • How much storage space do I need?
  • Can I fit a wide wardrobe into my bedroom?
  • Do I need a tall wardrobe?
  • Do I need more hanging space?
  • How many shelves do I need?
  • Do I need some extra drawers?

Once you figure out what your bedroom requires, it will be easier to focus on some units that will benefit your home. Good thing furniture outlets offer a combination of different shelving and drawer combinations.

How Big Should Your Wardrobe Be?

How Big Should Your Wardrobe Be

The size of your wardrobe depends on your storage requirements and the size of your room. This means you need a wardrobe as big as you need, but not bigger than what your space can handle. If your space permits, choose a wardrobe that is wide enough to combine ample hanging space, shelves, and drawers. If you're living in a compact room, go for a taller wardrobe to maximise your vertical space.

To determine the right wardrobe size for your bedroom, measure the area, along with your existing furniture, especially the bed. Take note of the ideal wardrobe you can fit into your room while providing enough space for your storage needs. Also, it's important to compare the wardrobe's door to your available space. If you have a lot of space and want to have a good look at your wardrobe's interior, an open-door wardrobe is a great buy. For a more compact bedroom, a sliding-door wardrobe can give you a good traffic allowance.

What is a Good Wardrobe Material?

What is a Good Wardrobe Material

It's important to buy a wardrobe that is affordable and still has the right quality for your needs. You don't need to buy a wardrobe that is too extravagant or too cheap. 

Unlike other open-door cabinets like those in your kitchen and living room, wardrobes have bigger shutter panels, so it's important to choose a wardrobe made with quality door materials to prevent warping. This is also important for humid areas where moisture content is high. But unlike kitchen cabinets, wardrobes don't have to be strongly water-resistant. Plywood, particle wood, MDF wood, and water-resistant wood are some of the most popular wardrobe materials. Laminate, veneer, metal, acrylic, and glass make up the wardrobe's external structure. Some have built-in mirrors for those who prefer having them attached to the wardrobe doors.

What are the Types of Wardrobes?

What are the Types of Wardrobes

Your wardrobe style depends on your storage needs, how often you change your room's design, and your design preference. Some homeowners prefer wardrobe styles that complement their specific storage needs. 

Built-in Wardrobe

Do you love a built-in wardrobe that is tailor-fitted to your space and needs, like those that you see on television? A built-in wardrobe is sophisticated and spacious enough for your clothes, linens, even shoes, jewelry, and accessories. This wardrobe variety is designed based on your needs and design preferences. If you are looking for luxurious furniture that will transform your bedroom's appeal, a built-in wardrobe is perfect for you. However, you must note that a built-in wardrobe is a fixed part of your room and can be hard to transfer or modify.

Free-standing Wardrobe

If you're the type to often change your bedroom design, a free-standing wardrobe is a perfect match for you. Unlike a built-in wardrobe, this unit can be transferred from one spot to another. Free-standing wardrobes come in different designs and internal configurations. If you have a tall ceiling, you can choose a free-standing wardrobe with an extra upper shelf. This wardrobe is ideal for compact rooms.

Open Door Wardrobe

Open door wardrobes are classically popular and loved by many homeowners in Singapore. This type of wardrobe presents the convenience of attached hinged doors that can open up to a right angle to give you a full view of what's inside, including the farthest corners. This gives you proper access to your stuff. It also allows two people to check through their things at the same time. If you have enough space to open your hinged doors fully, you might want to get this wardrobe.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Short on square footage? A sliding door wardrobe does not take up any additional space compared to an open door wardrobe. Because of its sliding feature, you can open your wardrobe without obstructing your traffic flow. One disadvantage that you should take note of when buying a sliding door wardrobe is that the door does not allow you to get a full view of what's inside the unit.

Modular Wardrobe

modular wardrobe is a personalised solution for your storage needs. Whether you need more space for your hanging clothes or want extra shelves, you can tailor a design that will suit you. This wardrobe is advantageous for making the most of your workable space.

Choosing the Design

Choosing the Design

Of course, aside from the functionality of your wardrobe, the design is also important. It's good to choose a style that complements the theme of your bedroom and highlights the diversity of your clothing collection. You can choose a traditional wardrobe with intricate details, a contemporary piece with minimal elements and well-curated materials, or something eclectic and colourful. 

Your wardrobe is a huge furniture investment, literally and figuratively. Your choice of wardrobe can elevate the beauty and function of your space. It can also upgrade the convenience of your bedroom, so it's important to take your time and properly choose the right wardrobe for your sanctuary.

Looking for elegant and multi-functional wardrobes in Singapore? Shop online now at Megafurniture! With a myriad of sliding doors, open doors, and modular wardrobe cabinets in our collection, you can get the suitable unit delivered straight to your flat.

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