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Types of Sofas & Couches

Types of Sofas & Couches
What is the best couch for your home? Check out these types of sofas to make your choice.

Are you furnishing your new flat? Sprucing up your existing living room? Leveling up your old couch? Your sofa plays a big role in setting up the mood of your living room and upgrading the comfort of your family space. When determining the suitable sofa for your home, it's important to take your needs, design preference, and lifestyle into account.

These factors will affect how you choose the right materials, size, configuration, and design. Will you choose a contemporary and minimalist sofa, a sleek and modern couch, or a more vintage variety? But what type of sofa is perfect for your living space? Aren't all sofas the same?

To help you narrow down your furniture choice, here is a quick guide to sofa styles.

Let's get started.

Types of Sofas

Sectional Sofa

The terms "sofa" and "couch" have different meanings, although they both depict a piece of furniture that is used for sitting. A sofa was coined from the Arabic term "suffah" which describes a seat with a back and armrest. On the other hand, a couch came from the French word "couche" which is mainly designed for lying down. These two terms have become interchangeably used since different varieties with overlapping features were introduced to the market. 

1. Sectional Sofa

You may be familiar with the long sofa, usually in an L-shape or curved form that can be separated into different sections. That sofa is called a sectional sofa. A sectional is composed of multi-piece 3 to 5 seaters that can be arranged and rearranged into different styles. This sofa is both ideal for big spaces and small homes as it is flexible enough to follow your room's design.

An L-shaped sofa is spacious and relaxing. Because of their configuration, you can sit more people into your living room without taking much of your space. This family-friendly furniture is designed to save space and ignite meaningful conversations. 

2. Loveseat

While we're on the topic of space-saving, a loveseat is ideal for small living rooms that have fewer seating requirements. A loveseat is also known as a sofa for two as it is compact enough to fit two people to sit or lounge. A loveseat can act as an accent piece for bigger spaces, paired with a 3 or 4-seater sofa.

3. Chesterfield Sofa

The chesterfield sofa is renowned for its classic elegance, intricate back, and armrest. This fancy sofa is usually made of genuine and faux leather. The distinct features of a chesterfield are its tall rolled armrests that are the same height as the backrest and the tufted detailing. This classic piece continues to thrive in the interior design world with its mindful detailing and comfort.

4. Tuxedo Sofa

Stylish proportions, glamourous design, and unprecedented comfort, a tuxedo sofa is a well-loved piece that comes from the Art Deco era. The notable features of a tuxedo sofa include its boxy configuration where its arms and back are at the same height. It also includes a clean low-configuration design and tufted backrest.

5. Mid-century Modern Sofa

Mid-century modern aesthetics present streamlined furniture with a focus on simplicity and function. A mid-century modern sofa features a smooth and simple look on top of its neutral palette. Mid-century modern sofas typically include natural elements like wood legs and defined edges to give a neutral look some character.


When it comes to interior design, the terms "Modern" and "Contemporary" talk about two different things. Modern interior design refers to an era, while contemporary design depicts what is in, which means that contemporary design changes as time advances. Both styles focus on clean detailing and function.

6. Contemporary Sofa

You'll recognise a contemporary sofa with its simple and sleek design. What sets it apart from a modern sofa is that it presents more curves and some splashes of colour based on what's on-trend. Contemporary sofas are suitable for compact spaces that focus on functional aesthetics.

7. Cabriole Sofa

The exposed wooden frame and curved design are two distinct features of a cabriole sofa. This classic sofa boasts its mindful wood detailing and comfortable upholstered seat. It gives a a warm, elegant and well-curated appeal to any space.

8. Camelback Sofa

This classic sofa expresses an elegant curved back design that resembles the camel's hump. This sofa can bring a distinguished appeal to your living space.

9. English Roll Arm Sofa

The deep seat, tick back, and rolled armrests make an English roll arm sofa a distinct furniture. This traditional sofa provides a cosy and laid-back feel that is perfect for intimate home designs.

10. Chaise Lounge

Perfect for sizable and compact spaces, a chaise lounge is long enough for you to lie down. This furniture can fit a compact living room and can be used for your master's bedroom or guest space. A modern chaise is typically paired with another sofa as an accent or additional seat.

11. Lawson Sofa

Speaking of the classics, a lawson sofa is a great example of beauty in simplicity. Its laid-back silhouette, cushioned back, and rolled arms give this furniture a comfortable look and feel. Because of its low arm configuration and cushioned design, a lawson sofa is also ideal for napping.

12. Convertible Sofa

convertible sofa takes multifunctional aesthetics to the next level. This sofa can be in the form of a sleeper sofa or additional storage.

13. Sofa Bed 

As described by its name, a sofa bed is a sofa that can double up as a bed. It might be spacious enough to be a bed or converted to become one. Sofa beds are popular for modern living rooms and compact spaces. 

14. Pull-Out Trundle Sofa

Looking for the perfect sofa for your compact space? A pull-out trundle sofa is a convertible furniture that gives you the comfort of a seat and a single bed frame. Trundle is a section that contains a mattress that can be pull-out from the main bed frame or sleeper sofa. If you love to entertain overnight guests, a pull-out trundle sofa is an ideal furniture for you.

When it comes to creating a multifunctional space, a sofa with a pull-out trundle bed can transform your small space into a cosy and purposeful one. Sofa trundle beds are engineered to be converted with ease.

15. Futon

futon is an evolution of Japanese traditional furniture. A futon sofa is a lowkey space-saving solution for your limited living room space. It can be converted into a mini-bed by unfolding the backrest. Its structure is notably lightweight compared to a typical bed, making it perfect for small living spaces. This simple piece presents a casual, cosy feel with its cushioned body and lightweight leg construction.

16. Daybed

Daybeds are great for living rooms, guest rooms, and even home offices where you need additional space to lounge and sleep. A daybed is a multifunctional piece that looks like a sofa with a backrest and arms but can work as a bed. Sometimes, daybeds don't come with armrests to give you enough space to move during sleep.

17. Recliner Sofa

recliner sofa is a piece that will give your living room extra comfort and style. Innovative recliner sofas have tilting mechanisms to provide you with ergonomic comfort. Some recliners have taller backrests and comfortable footrests.

18. Storage Sofa

Modern homes now focus on more compact furniture solutions to keep a clean and uncluttered space. Storage sofas are the champions of the space-saving category. They are usually designed to have hidden compartments under the seat or chaise to keep small to medium-sized items like knick-knacks or bedding accessories.

19. Divan Sofa

A divan sofa typically doesn't have a backrest or low to no armrest, making it look like a bench. This furniture is often pushed against the wall of a small space and comes with plush pillows for day time use. This piece is perfect for both lounging and sleeping.

20. Rattan Sofa

Rattan sofas are usually seen in gardens and outdoor areas. But through the years, this outdoor furniture has become a part of contemporary interior design. Rattan sofas can be made with genuine rattan or synthetic materials. Whether you enjoy your me time outside or want to bring a fresh outdoor look into your living room, a rattan sofa will make a good asset for your home.

Types of Sofa by Size

Types of sofa by size

One of the essential factors to consider when buying a sofa is the size. The type of sofa you choose must cater to the number of people who will regularly use the furniture. Everyone must have a comfortable place to sit on while maintaining their proper posture and movement. It must balance the living room's overall look, meaning it should fill the right spaces but still allow appropriate traffic flow. 

Here are the sofa sizes available in Singapore:

1. Traditional Sofa Size 

Traditional sofas are typically 3 to 4-seaters. These sofas can accommodate family gatherings or daily bonding times. 3-seater sofas are approximately 180-190 cm in height, 75-85 cm in depth, and 80-90 cm in length. Although 3-seaters don't have a fixed dimension, they should be wide enough to seat three adults comfortably. 4- seater sofas are wide enough to fit additional people.

2. Loveseats

Also deemed 2-seaters, loveseats are suitable for smaller spaces where you want more furniture. Most loveseats follow the dimensions of the traditional sofa except the length since they are designed to fit at least two people comfortably. Loveseats are also used as accent pieces for larger living rooms to form a closed L-shape configuration with 3-4 seater sofas.

3. Single Couch

Single or 1-seater sofas are perfect for me times and serene relaxation. These mini-sofas are ideal for creating a modular living room that ignites conversations. 

4. Armchair

Armchairs are stylish and cosy. These padded seats usually have recliner functions for optimum comfort. When using a recliner armchair, you can stretch and rest your back to revitalise your body while lounging. Some armchairs are sophisticatedly designed to create a statement area.

5. Sectional

Sectional sofas are versatile and spacious enough to cater to many sitters. Some sectional sofas come with built-in storage space or removable chaise or ottoman. 

Types of Sofas by Theme

Types of sofas by theme

1. Tight Back Sofa

Based on its name, a tight back upholstered sofa is a firm seat where the back cushion is fully integrated into the backrest. Tight back sofas are perfect for formal, traditional, or modern living rooms. Because of its firm design, a tight back sofa doesn't need regular fluffing and tossing to maintain its shape.

2. Tufted Sofa

A tufted upholstered sofa brings an elegant appeal to your space. There are various ways to design a tufted sofa, like using buttons or stitching to create geometric patterns, but all varieties are luxurious and remarkable. Tufted sofas are plusher than tight back sofas.

3. Cushion/Pillow Back Sofa

Unlike tight back sofas, pillow back sofas have soft and loose backrests, thanks to the presence of pillow-like back cushions. Pillow back sofas are perfect for people who prefer a softer feel when they sit. They are also suitable for casual and contemporary spaces.

4. Tuxedo Sofa

Want a classic, sophisticated look for your living space? A tuxedo sofa boasts a lovely box configuration with its back and armrests having the same height. Tuxedo sofas can be firm, tight, or tufted to create a cosy feel.

Types of Upholstered Sofas

Types of Upholstered sofas

1. Fabric Sofa

Fabric sofas offer a vast range of styles, colours, and textures. Some fabric sofas are comprised of natural materials like wool, silk, cotton, and linen. Other varieties are made with synthetic materials or a blend of natural and synthetic. Because of their versatility, designers can create different designs of sofas using fabric. Many homeowners love these charming sofas because they are typically soft, warm, and comfortable. 

2. Genuine Leather Sofa

For a sophisticated and smart-looking space, genuine leather sofas are preferred by many homeowners. Full-grain leather sofas are a bit more expensive than other sofa varieties, but they are notably beautiful and durable. Genuine leather sofas are believed to offer a more luxurious appeal as they age.

3. Faux Leather Sofa

For those styling on a budget, faux leather sofas are the answer. Faux leather units are made with synthetic materials that mimic the look and feel of genuine leather. Because of this artificial property, faux leather sofas offer a wider range of colours. They are also smoother than genuine leather sofas.

How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Modern Living Room?

How to choose the right sofa for your modern living room

Now that you know the basic types of sofas according to size, materials, and multiple functions, how do you determine the right piece to buy for your home? 

  1. Consider your lifestyle. How does your day-to-day life work? What is size of your family? Do you have kids? How often do you invite guests to your home? If you have kids, consider getting sturdy and stain-resistant sofas that are more on the curvy side than the edgy varieties. For a bigger family, sectionals or L-shape units are worth the investment.
  2. Know the limits of your space. Although you want a single sizable piece that can cater to all your seating needs, you also have to consider your space constraints. A sectional, L-shaped sofa, or a combination of 3-seaters and armchairs can help you make the most out of your available space.
  3. Choose your design. The function of your sofa is optimal, but it's also vital to choose the design that appeals to you the most so you can create a lovely space that you can be proud of.

In the diverse world of sofas, you will never run out of great styles and functions to choose from. Beginning with the classics, to modern, contemporary, and compact-living friendly pieces, you will always find a piece that will compliment your lifestyle and preference. 

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