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The Best Ways To Make Your Mattress Last Longer - Megafurniture

The Best Ways To Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Buying a mattress is not a simple thing. A mattress is not just some cheap purchase that you have made, it is an investment. The right mattress investment equates to a better sleeping experience for you, hence the necessity to take good care of it as it would be taking care of you every night as well.


The tips to make your mattress lasts as long as possible do not come as a handbook thrown during mattress sale in Singapore, the salesperson would give you all the beneficial pitch but rarely the ways to preserve the quality of your mattress.


Fortunately, we have listed down the five best ways to take good care of your mattress without compromising your good sleep.


1. Ensure Mattress Support

Ensure Mattress Support

Beds and mattresses should be properly and evenly supported by the right bed frame and foundation. However, not everyone considers buying a box spring or foundation a reasonable choice when it is. A solid platform and frame ensure that the mattress would wear out evenly the way mattresses were intended to. Without a solid and sturdy frame, a mattress would have uneven lumps.



2. Use a Mattress Protector

Using Mattress Protector

People think of mattress protectors as only rubbers and are not cosy to sleep on. While this is true for covers designed for children so that kids would not slip off the bed during sleep. However, modern mattress protectors are now comfortable as bed sheets are today.


Ultimately, a mattress protector protects your bed from stains, odours, dust mites and other allergens that can shorten the lifespan of your bed.



3. Frequently Rotate Mattress

Frequently Rotate Mattress

There was once a point in time when rotating and flipping your bed is the only logical way to keep it in good shape. This prevents your mattress from having uneven lumps by distributing the weighted areas you sleep on since no one can really avoid sleeping on the same preferred spot every night.


While there is a whole new generation of mattress in Singapore made with specific and customised layers that do not need rotating and flipping, there are still some that require at least one rotation each month.



4. Don't Jump on the Bed

Don't Jump on the Bed

Yes, those movies about pillow fights and bed jumping are fun but making your bed a trampoline is probably the best way to destroy your bed. If you do this every night, you would be causing the own deterioration of your own bed. Your mattress would not be able to retain its original quality. This is simply a matter of not destroying your mattress by things that you can avoid.



5. Keep it Clean

Keep The Mattress Clean

Keeping your mattress clean in general helps it last longer. Avoid unwanted scenarios that can bring terrible and chaotic consequences for your mattress. Do not practice the habit of eating on your bed, refrain your pets from sleeping with you as well, vacuum your mattress at least twice a year, address the stains immediately, and lastly beware of bed bugs.


Keep your room sanitised and organised, bed bugs find clean places less appealing to thrive in, and you could also be careful with the second-hand furniture that you bring in. Always make sure that they are sanitised thoroughly.



All Things Considered

The lifespan of a mattress could depend on many factors but if you follow these ways that we have listed down for you it can ensure you many years of enjoyable night's sleep. Whether you have quality but a cheap mattress in Singapore or a luxurious one, keep in mind that people all make their own beds and it is up to them to make everything not just their mattresses last.


If you are looking for a new mattress in Singapore, we can definitely help you with that. Visit our website today and let our experts help you.

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