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The Beginner's Guide to Mattress Spring Types - Megafurniture

The Beginner's Guide to Mattress Spring Types

Our goal when buying a mattress is to make an informed and satisfactory purchase. While the market offers multiple mattress types with various materials, firmness, and comfort properties, narrowing your choices might be challenging. If you find the spark in firmer types of mattresses that offer good body support and flexible motion transfer, innerspring mattresses might be your ideal choice.

To help you choose the suitable unit that will bring you a good night's sleep, here is a quick guide to spring mattresses.

What is a Spring Mattress?

What is a Spring Mattress

If you prefer your mattress to be springy and bouncy rather than something that sinks you in, a spring mattress can give you optimum support while distributing your weight evenly to prevent your back from taking all the pressure.

A spring mattress contains grid-like or individually pocketed coils under a comfort layer. These coils provide you with ample support and body contour during sleep. The arrangement of these coils, along with their numbers, determines the firmness of the mattress. Spring mattresses measure their thickness through 'gauge,' or the thickness of the wire used to create the mattress. The lower the gauge, the thicker the wire, and the firmer the mattress becomes. On the other hand, the coil count refers to the number of springs present in the mattress. More expensive mattresses come with more coils.

What are the Benefits of a Spring Mattress? 

What are the benefits of a Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses provide optimum sleep support

Spring mattresses provide optimum comfort during sleep. Because of their firmer design, spring mattresses support the natural shape of the spine while evenly distributing your weight to lessen the pressure specific parts of your body feel when you lie down for hours. Unlike memory foam mattresses, spring varieties do not let your body sink. Instead, they give you the right push to target your pressure points. 

Soft doesn’t mean comfortable when it comes to mattresses. A soft mattress that lacks pressure relief may not give you the comfort that you’ve been looking for. To balance the hugging feel and conformity, you need a mattress with the right firmness. Innerspring mattresses are considerably firmer than standard foam mattresses, making them ideal for stomach and heavy sleepers. Pocketed spring varieties are suitable for side sleepers who need more body contour to relieve neck, shoulder, and hip pressure.

Spring mattresses promote better air circulation

Ideal for hot sleepers, spring mattresses are breathable and cooler than foam mattresses. Because of their open coil system, spring mattresses have enough room for better airflow. If you often sweat when you sleep, you might want to consider a spring mattress. Spring mattresses are also highly recommended if you live in a place with a hot climate.

Spring mattresses are less prone to bacteria and allergens

Lots of spring mattresses come with anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic properties that keep you safe even if you're an allergy sufferer.

Spring mattresses are affordable

Spring mattresses have been popular with mattress buyers for years, and for good reason. These mattresses are affordable and come in a range of styles and firmness ratings, so you will not run out of affordable options.

Spring mattresses provide good motion transfer

Whether you are sleeping with your partner, a kid, or having a sleepover, a good spring mattress can give you undisturbed sleep. Pocketed springs, specifically, follow body movements individually, lessening the motion transfer you feel every time someone tosses and turns. This property makes the mattress ideal for combination sleepers.

What are the Types of Spring Mattresses?

What are the Types of Spring Mattresses - Chattel Platinum Spring Mattress & Honey Ideal Care Spring Mattress

Bonnell Coil Mattress

Bonnell spring mattresses come with helical-shaped metal springs that are thick at the end and thinner in the middle. This coil design is helpful for handling pressure while balancing its support when you lie down. Bonnell coil mattresses are very affordable but less durable than other mattress types.

Offset Coil Mattress

These taller springs are packed separately and are known for their durability. Offset coil mattresses are good for sharing since the coils move individually with pressure, reducing stress and disturbance when someone tosses and turns. Offset coil mattresses are ideal for side sleepers because of their conforming properties and long-lasting support.

Continuous Coil Mattress

Based on their name, continuous coil mattresses come with a long wire made into various springs. The design includes vertical and parallel combinations that help support more weight and address back issues.

Pocketed Spring Mattress

Pocketed spring mattresses are suitable for people who suffer from back pain. The pocketed springs individually respond to movements for undisturbed sleep instead of bouncing the whole mattress. These premium mattresses can provide personalised support even for people with different weight ranges. They offer consistent firmness to avoid pressure buildup.

What are the Layers of a Spring Mattress?

What are the Layers of a Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses contain various comfort and support layers that balance firmness and conformity to give you a good night's rest. The upper part of a spring mattress is called the comfort layer, which is made of foam or latex. This layer is responsible for contouring the body's natural shape to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The second layer is the support layer, the central part of a spring mattress. This contains the springs that provide you with the support you need during sleep. As mentioned above, the springs come in different types, all with their benefits and downsides. The last layer is the cover. When buying a mattress, note that covers also differ in materials. Some mattress covers are more breathable than others. Some are also more durable, while others are treated with anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic elements.

To improve your sleep quality, it's paramount to invest in a mattress that supports your needs. The right balance of muscle support and the right pushback will help you alleviate your body pain and give you a good night's rest. Spring mattresses are champions in terms of combining these properties. While comfort is based on preferences, spring mattresses come in many varieties, firmnesses, and sizes, giving you enough options.

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