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Home Furniture Tips: Choose the Right Bar Stools for Your Kitchen

Home Furniture Tips: Choose the Right Bar Stools for Your Kitchen

For many people, the concept of dining space has changed. Now, they use their kitchen countertop as a place where they eat, laugh, and gather.  

Thanks to that, bar stools have become a popular seating choice. They are now the modern dining chairs not only in Singapore but throughout the world.

That is why if you want to try this trend, then you need to make sure you choose the right bar stools for your kitchen. Otherwise, you might lose your appetite while sitting there.

But since you have not bought one before, it is fair enough not to know where to start and how to choose the right bar stools. Also, with various shapes, sizes, materials, and colours available, choosing the right one takes time. Though to make it easier for you, take these home furniture tips in mind. 


Like other dining chairs, if the bar stools are too short or too tall, sitting on them feels uncomfortable. And worst, they look off around the kitchen countertop. Therefore, choose the right one among these options. 

  • COUNTER. Since it is 24 to 26 inches in height, it is suitable for a 36-inch kitchen countertop. 
  • CLASSIC. It is 4 inches taller than the counter. That makes it a perfect match for a wet bar at home. 
  • EXTRA-TALL. It is the best bet for an unusually high kitchen countertop since it has a height of 34 to 36 inches. 


It all comes down to your personal preference. If you want to sit on something comfortable while eating, then a full-back bar stool is the right choice. But note that this kind of bar stool takes more space, which is not suitable in a cramped area. 


Choosing the shape of the bar stools might look ridiculous, but you should know its form affects the space where they are.

For those with enormous kitchen areas, it can handle square bar stools with full-backs. Meanwhile, round stools are great for small spaces. 


The difference between the two is the former stays still as it is. It does not change its height wherever you place them. As a result, tucking them into the kitchen countertop looks aesthetically pleasing due to its same height. 

Meanwhile, gas lift bar stools allow the sitter to change its height. Whether it is too tall or too short, they can adjust the height using the lever.


When buying dining chairs like bar stools in Singapore online, consider what is comfortable for you. If you prefer leaning on armrests while you eat, make sure they are low enough to fit into the kitchen countertop. Otherwise, the bar stools will take up more space than necessary.


This kind of furniture produces more noise due to its legs scraping against the ground. That is why when you choose one, make sure that bar stools have protective rubber feet. Doing so should help reduce the noise level and keep the flooring safe from possible scratches.

Are You Ready to Make a Purchase?

After reading the home furniture tips above, you are now ready to shop and choose the right bar stools for your kitchen. Note that bar stools can also be used as dining chairs in Singapore. If you choose the right one, your kitchen will look great and stand out. 

To further ensure that will happen, consider asking your relatives and find out what they think. You can show them this article to help them with their decision. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for, leave us Mega Furniture a message. We will find the right and perfect bar stools that suit your preferences and kitchen. 

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