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Your Essential Buying Guide to Sofa Beds - Megafurniture

Your Essential Buying Guide to Sofa Beds

Since space is limited in many flats in Singapore, you want to make the most of what you have. This means fitting multiple purposes into one room or piece of furniture, especially during important occasions when people in your home double and have to stay overnight. If you don't have the luxury of an extra guest room or home office, a sofa bed can help you double up your living room's function without sacrificing your seating area.

sofa bed, or what others call a sleeper, sleeper couch, or 2 in 1 sofa, is multi-functional living room furniture that is oozing with style and, now, comfort. While it had a bit of a reputation for discomfort in the old days, modern sofa beds are mindfully designed to balance multifunctionality without compromising comfort, whether working as a sofa or a bed.

If you're in the market for sofa beds, here's a quick guide to help you choose one that's perfect for your aesthetics and available space.

Uses of a Sofa Bed

A sofa bed works as a sofa that doubles as a bed or a bed that doubles as a sofa. While others treat it as accent furniture or something that people buy for luxury, a sofa bed is an essential that can change your space-saving game.

This versatile home furniture is made to be comfortable both as a seating solution and as a sleeper, so there is no need to worry about sleeping on a couch or a blanket on top of the hard floor. Some sofa beds come with built-in storage if you need extra space to keep the bedding. If you're worried about ease of movement, a sofa bed is easy to convert. Some varieties come with casters, so you can pull the bed out whenever you need it. Others have easy-lift systems for ease of conversion.

Sofa Bed Buying Guide

Consider these things to bring the best sofa bed to your home!



Whether buying furniture in brick and mortar stores or online shops, it's crucial to know the measurements of your space and furniture to ensure fit and convenience. When it comes to your sleeper, be sure to check the measurements when converted to a bed. Remember that some sofa beds require more space than a regular sofa. Don't hesitate to ask the shop for measurements for both the seating and sleeper modes.

Choose a Hardwood Frame

Choose a Hardwood Frame

While it's paramount to buy a couch that is sturdy enough for your seating needs, it's more crucial to choose a sleeper sofa that is strong when converted into a bed, especially if you will use the piece often. Sofa beds made with kiln-dried wood are durable and reliable. Some varieties include a mixture of kiln-dried wood and furniture-grade plywood, which are also efficient.

Kiln-dried wood, because of its lack of moisture, doesn't warp or shrink over time. Furniture pieces with kiln-dried frames are known for their sturdiness and stability.

Check the Convertible Mechanism

Check the Convertible Mechanism

Aside from your sofa's frame, the reliability of your sofa bed also depends on its convertible mechanism. Unlike a regular sofa, some sofa beds are more prone to creaking and shaking as some parts are not strongly connected. A good sleeper sofa comes with an easy-lift mechanism for a smooth conversion. A reliable frame and the presence of some lock features are helpful to make sure your sofa bed is not wobbly.

Look for a Quality Mattress

Look for a Quality Mattress

Like a regular bed frame, a quality mattress is paramount to a good night's sleep. While some sofa beds are readily convertible to a bed without the need for a mattress, some units have pull-out trundles that require a mattress. Most sofa beds need thinner mattresses to fit. In this case, go for mattresses on the firmer spectrum to give you ample support.

Trundle beds typically require single or super-single mattresses. Choosing one of these standard mattress sizes will help you find the right fitted bedding accessories.

Check Product Reviews

Check Product Reviews

If buying a sofa bed online, one of the best quality indicators is the customer review. Customers usually leave honest reviews and first-hand product photos that you can rely on to set your expectations. Although it's normal to find isolated cases of product defects or delivery misses, customer reviews are reasonable indications of the quality of the product and delivery services. It will also be helpful for future shoppers if you leave your own review when you buy online.

Types of Sofa Beds for Your Home

2-Seater Sofa Bed

2 Seater Sofa Bed

A 2-seater sleeper couch is great for small spaces that require extra furniture for seating and sleeping. These are typically convertible in front.

3-Seater Sofa Bed

3 Seater Sofa Bed

To those who have a slightly bigger space, a 3-seater sofa bed is comfortable for sitting and sleeping. When converted, this sleeper looks like a double bed that can fit two people.

Tri-fold Bed

Tri Fold Bed

The smallest sofa bed on the market, a tri-fold sofa bed, looks like a one-seater cushion when folded. Tri-fold beds are usually made with high-density foam for additional support, especially when lying low to the floor.

Fabric Sofa Bed

Fabric Sofa Bed

From cheap and affordable units to designer sofa beds, you can always find a variety that is made of fabric. Fabric sofa beds come in various structures, colours, and details. It doesn't matter if you want to achieve a classic look or a modern style. You can always find a fabric sofa bed suitable for your taste.

Leather Sofa Bed

Leather sofa beds are luxurious and reliable. If you're looking for a sofa bed that is warm and easy to maintain, a leather variety is an excellent choice.

Faux Leather Sofa Bed

Looking for a more affordable sofa? A faux leather sofa bed follows the look of a luxurious leather unit but does not bear its hefty price.


A futon is a lightweight sofa bed with slim legs. It presents a click-clack structure where its backrest can be reclined and converted into a bed. This sofa bed doesn't require an extra mattress since it already has a padded frame.

Storage Sofa Bed/ L-shape Sofa Bed

Storage Sofa Bed or  L-shape Sofa Bed

We all love additional, discrete storage in our homes. An L-shape sofa bed has extra drawers or an easy-lift compartment that can fit pillows and bedding. The convertible bed can be in the form of a trundle with casters, a tri-fold and roll-out structure, or a pull-out and lift mechanism.



One of the most popular and reliable sofa beds on the market, a daybed is designed as a spacious sofa that can double up as a bed. Some modern daybeds come with an extra trundle structure that requires a thin mattress to fit under the main sofa bed frame.

Looking for affordable furniture in Singapore? Let us help you! Megafurniture offers a wide variety of sofa beds and other home furniture solutions specially curated for your home. Have questions? Send us a message. We strive to deliver the best furniture straight to your doorstep.

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