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Slow Cooker Singapore Best Brand to Cook Easy and Nutritious Homecooked Meals With [Includes Toyomi Review] - Megafurniture

Slow Cooker Singapore Best Brand to Cook Easy and Nutritious Homecooked Meals With [Includes Toyomi Review]

Recently, a kitchen trend has been simmering quietly in the Lion City. Curious? It's the "slow cooker Singapore" phenomenon, catching on like wildfire. While other parts of the world have long sung praises of this culinary tool, Singaporeans are now savouring the beauty of meals that take their sweet time. Beyond the convenience, it's a journey back to rich, layered flavours, a tribute to time-honoured cooking methods, and a reflection of our diverse food narrative.

If you've seen these handy gadgets appearing in local kitchens or being the talk of foodie circles, you're witnessing a trend. Let's uncover why this classic cooking approach resonates in our lively metropolis.


Slow Cooker Singapore: Its Appeal to Singaporeans


The slow cooker SG standout allure is undeniably its simplicity. Amidst the morning rush or before diving into a packed day, just pop your ingredients into the cooker, set the timer, and off you go. As the day winds down, you're greeted with a piping hot, ready-to-eat meal. It embodies the "set it and forget it" philosophy, making dinnertime stress-free even on the most hectic days.


Health Benefits

But it's not just about saving time; it's a nod to healthier eating. The gradual cooking method ensures vital nutrients remain intact, which might otherwise be lost in rapid cooking techniques. And without extra fats, dishes come out naturally lighter and more nutritious.


The magic of slow cookers is in their adaptability. Whether it's a local favourite like Hainanese chicken rice or a global delicacy like Moroccan tagine, the slow cooker is up for the task. It offers Singaporeans a culinary journey, letting them traverse global tastes without leaving their home's comfort.


Understanding the Slow Cooker Energy Consumption

Does a slow cooker use a lot of electricity in Singapore? Let’s find out.

Designed for Efficiency: It might seem counterintuitive, but devices that run for extended periods, like slow cookers, are only sometimes power hogs. Slow cookers are crafted to be energy-savvy. They pull in lower wattage than their kitchen counterparts, like ovens, translating to lesser electricity consumption over their operational hours.

A Comparative Look: Stack up the energy footprint of a slow cooker against an oven, and the scales tip in favour of the former. Ovens, especially when they're working overtime, can be pretty power-hungry. On the flip side, a slow cooker, humming along for similar hours, often sips rather than gulps power, marking it as a thriftier option.

The Budget Angle: For those in Singapore keeping a keen eye on their expenses, here's a silver lining: slow cookers won't be the culprits behind any shocking electricity bills. Their design ethos leans towards delivering tasty meals without a hefty energy price tag.

How To Choose The Best Slow Cooker [Slow Cooker Buying Guide] - Useful Practical Guide

How To Choose The Best Slow Cooker - Useful Practical Guide


Individual or Couple: A 1.5 to 3-quart cooker should suffice.

Family of Four: Opt for a 4 to 6-quart model.

Larger Groups or Batch Cooking: Consider a 7-quart or larger cooker.


Oval: Best for larger cuts of meat like whole chickens or roasts.

Round: Suitable for stews, soups, and smaller dishes.

Temperature Settings

Basic Models: Typically have low, high, and keep-warm settings.

Advanced Models: Offer programmable settings, allowing you to set specific cooking times and temperatures.

Insert Material

Ceramic: Retains heat well and is generally dishwasher safe.

Stoneware: Offers even heating and is easy to clean.

Metal: Heats up quickly but might not distribute heat as evenly as ceramic or stoneware.

Lid Type

Glass: Allows you to monitor cooking without lifting the lid and releasing heat.

Plastic: Generally lighter but might not be as durable as glass.

Locking Lids: Useful for transporting the cooker without spills.

Features & Extras

Programmable Timers: Let you set specific cooking times.

Auto Keep-Warm: Automatically switches to a 'keep-warm' setting once cooking is done.

Digital Displays: Offer clear visibility of settings and cooking time.

Indicator Lights: Show when the unit is on and heating.

Ease of Cleaning: Look for models with removable inserts that are dishwasher-safe.

Non-stick coatings can also make cleaning easier.

Safety Features

Cool-touch Handles: Ensure you won't burn your hands.

Auto Shut-off: Turns off the cooker after a specified time to prevent overcooking.

Price & Warranty: Determine your budget and compare features across different price points.

A warranty can offer peace of mind, especially for higher-priced models.

Reviews & Recommendations: Read user reviews to get insights into the performance and durability of specific models. Ask friends or family for their recommendations based on personal experience.


Slow Cooker Singapore Best Brand In Focus: Toyomi [Perfect for Busy Household]

 Slow Cooker Singapore Best Brand In Focus: Toyomi [Perfect for Busy Household]

Originating from the heart of Asia, Toyomi isn't just another brand on the shelf; it's a testament to innovation, quality, and trust. Over the years, Toyomi has carved out a niche, becoming synonymous with reliability and cutting-edge technology. Whether it's a novice cook looking for their first kitchen gadget or a seasoned chef seeking a dependable companion, Toyomi has become a go-to choice for many. Its significance in the market isn't just about sales numbers; it's about the countless meals prepared, memories made, and the unwavering trust it has garnered from households. 

Why Toyomi Stands Out?

What sets it apart? It's their unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and forward-thinking. When the conversation veers towards the "best slow cooker Singapore" can boast of, Toyomi invariably finds a mention. Their slow cookers aren’t just tools but culinary companions, ensuring every meal is flavorful, wholesome, and true to its essence.

Marrying cutting-edge tech with intuitive design, Toyomi appeals to the culinary maestro and the home cook just starting—this relentless pursuit of perfection and a deep-rooted understanding of Singapore's diverse food culture positions. The brand also carry the best multi-cooker varieties in Singapore. 

Features that Make Toyomi a Top Choice

Precision Cooking: Toyomi's slow cookers are designed precisely, ensuring that meals are cooked evenly and perfectly every time.

Energy Efficiency: These slow cookers are built to consume minimal electricity without compromising performance, making them eco-friendly and cost-effective.

User-Friendly Interface: With intuitive controls and transparent digital displays, even those new to slow cooking will find Toyomi's devices a breeze.

Durable Build: Crafted with high-quality materials, Toyomi slow cookers are built to last, ensuring years of reliable service.

Safety First: Features like auto shut-off and cool-touch handles ensure that safety is never compromised.

Other Key Features:

Design and Build Quality

Toyomi's slow cookers boast a sleek, modern design that seamlessly fits into any kitchen aesthetic. Beyond aesthetics, the build quality is top-notch. Crafted with robust materials, these cookers are designed to withstand regular use without showing wear and tear. The sturdy handles, clear lid, and durable outer casing speak to Toyomi's commitment to quality.

Performance and Cooking Results

Meals prepared in a Toyomi slow cooker are consistently flavorful, with ingredients retaining their nutrients and natural juices. Whether a hearty stew or a delicate broth, the cooker ensures even heating, preventing hotspots or overcooking.

User-friendly Features and Safety Measures

Toyomi understands the importance of user experience. Their slow cookers come equipped with intuitive controls, making the cooking process straightforward even for novices. Safety is paramount, and Toyomi doesn't skimp on this. Features like auto shut-off, cool-touch handles, and overheat protection ensure a worry-free cooking experience.

Price Point and Value for Money

While Toyomi might not be the cheapest option on the market, its value proposition is undeniable. Given the cooker's durability, performance, and array of features, it offers excellent value for money. It's an investment that pays off in the long run in terms of longevity and the quality of meals produced.

Comparing Toyomi with Other Brands 

Are you still not convinced that Toyomi is the best slow cooker brand?

When diving into the debate of "which brand of slow cooker is the best in Singapore", Toyomi often finds itself in the spotlight. While several reputable brands are available, Toyomi differentiates itself with its consistent performance, user-centric design, and safety features. Other brands might offer similar functionalities, but Toyomi's holistic approach to slow cooking—from design to after-sales service—makes it a preferred choice for many Singaporean households.

Key Takeaway: 

For those on the lookout for a kitchen upgrade or simply wanting to delve into the world of slow cooking, Toyomi is a name to consider. As we've journeyed through its myriad benefits, it's evident that this brand not only meets but often exceeds expectations. 

So, as you ponder your next kitchen appliance investment, remember the Toyomi difference and let it catalyse countless memorable meals in your home. Dive into the world of Toyomi slow cooker with Megafurniture and savour the difference!

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Bonus Treat: Slow Cooker Singapore Noodles Recipe


200g rice noodles

200g prawns, cleaned

200g chicken slices

1 red bell pepper, sliced

1 carrot, cut into thin strips

2 spring onions, diced

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1 tablespoon fresh ginger, grated

2 tablespoons curry seasoning

2 tablespoons tamari or light soy sauce

1 tablespoon fish sauce

1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil

1 cup of broth

Seasoning as needed

Fresh lime and coriander for serving


  • Immerse the rice noodles in lukewarm water for 10 minutes until they're pliable. Drain and reserve.
  • In a skillet, briefly heat some oil and sauté the garlic, ginger, and curry seasoning until aromatic. Move this mix to your slow cooker.
  • Incorporate the chicken, prawns, red bell pepper, carrot, tamari, fish sauce, sesame oil, and broth into the slow cooker. Mix thoroughly.
  • Set your cooker to a low setting and let it work for 2-3 hours. Keep an eye on the liquid level, adding more broth if needed.
  • Roughly 30 minutes before you're ready to dine, introduce the pre-soaked noodles and spring onions to the slow cooker. Ensure the noodles are well-covered by the liquid.
  • Stir everything well once the noodles are tender and have soaked up the flavours. Adjust seasoning—dish out hot, adorned with fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime.

Tip: This method offers a more infused melt-in-the-mouth texture than the quick stir-fry approach.

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