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Shoe Cabinet Placement Guide (Lucky & Stylish Foyer) - Megafurniture

Shoe Cabinet Placement Guide (Lucky & Stylish Foyer)

Entrances are some of the smallest parts of HDB and BTO flats in Singapore. But these small spaces are often the targets of clutter, especially the pile of shoes and outdoor stuff that we leave near the doorway.

The shoe cabinet is an excellent solution to reduce the clutter in your space while making it more stylish and welcoming. Whether you have a big shoe collection or simply want to keep your space in order, the right placement of your shoe cabinet can make or break the flow of your area. It can also affect the accessibility of your shoe storage. So, how should you organise your stylish shoe cabinet?

Ultimately, the right placement of your shoe cabinet depends on the layout of your space and how you want access to work.

Entryway Shoe Cabinet: Where to Place the Shoe Cabinets

Where to Place the Shoe Cabinets

One of the most convenient areas to place a shoe cabinet is near the entrance. This placement is helpful, especially when you need immediate access to your shoe storage before going out of the house or if you need to store your shoes when entering the home. This is also a practical solution to prevent all footwear from cluttering your entryway, especially when there are guests. However, based on many beliefs, cluttering your entrance with shoes may interfere with the energy in your home.

When placing your shoe cabinet at the entrance, we highly recommend opting for a closed shoe cabinet type. Not only can it hide the clutter, but it also maintains the positive energy of the space. 

If you don’t have enough space in your entryway, the laundry room is also a practical place to keep a shoe rack or cabinet. This is usually a concealed space where you can safely store lots of items, including dirty shoes. In this way, you don’t have to rush to clean your entryway when you have guests or worry about your visitors seeing your cluttered shoe collection.

Shoe Placement Tips

Shoe Placement Tips

  • It’s important to choose a closed shoe cabinet when placing one near the entrance to avoid blocking the flow of positive energy into your house. 
  • Although stored in a hidden place, make sure to clean your shoes before placing them inside the shoe cabinet to prevent odours from building up.
  • In Feng Shui belief, placing a shoe cabinet inside the bedroom is not recommended.
  • Give your shoes enough ventilation to keep them fresh. Many closed shoe storage units have ventilation holes. 
  • Do not entangle your shoes and other footwear, even if they are stored in a closed area.
  • Keep your shoe cabinet clean and well-organised to maintain the positive energy in your home and the quality of your space.


How to Shop for the Best HDB Shoe Cabinet

How to Shop for the Best Shoe Cabinet

Your shoe storage is an important part of making your home more beautiful, orderly, and comfortable. In the end, you don’t want to clutter your area and affect the quality of your shoe collection. 

When buying a shoe cabinet, it’s vital to consider your shoe storage needs, your available space, and the manner of storage. Considering these will help you create a more appealing and comfortable home.

Looking for quality shoe cabinets in Singapore? Megafurniture offers premium shoe cabinets online! Choose from a variety of elegant shoe racks, cabinets, boxes, and other efficient shoe storage solutions that can work perfectly with your chosen interior theme.

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