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Selecting the Perfect Filling for Your Bean Bag Chair - Megafurniture

Selecting the Perfect Filling for Your Bean Bag Chair

Delving into the world of bean bag chairs is akin to embarking on a comfortable journey. The core essence of this voyage is undoubtedly the bean bag filling.

How to fill a bean bag chair?

The right filling serves as the heart of your bean bag chair and ensures a snug and comfy seating experience.


Why The Right Bean Bag Filling Matters

Why The Right Bean Bag Filling Matters

The heart of a bean bag chair lies in its filling, which is the epicentre of your comfort and relaxation. The intricacies of selecting the right filling extend beyond mere convenience, intertwining with the longevity and usability of your bean bag chair. Here's a more nuanced exploration of these crucial factors:

1. Comfort

Your comfort is non-negotiable; it's the essence of a bean bag chair. The right filling morphs your bean bag into a heavenly abode, cradling every contour of your body with a gentle embrace. However, a wrong choice in bean bag filling can transmute this haven into a harsh, unforgiving rock. The comfort level determines whether you can lounge for hours, engrossed in a book or a hearty conversation, or if you'd be shifting and squirming, seeking a sweet spot that eludes you. The filling stands between you and the hard, cold floor, acting as a plush barrier that cocoons you in a soft, tender hold.

2. Longevity

The longevity of your bean bag chair is intertwined with the quality and type of filling used. Selecting a durable filling is an investment in prolonged comfort. A high-quality filling doesn't just retain its form and elasticity over time but also withstands the wear and tear of daily use. Over time, inferior fillings may compress, losing their plushness and comfort. On the other hand, a durable filling will stand the test of time, providing a consistent comfort experience. It's not just about immediate gratification but ensuring that your bean bag chair remains a cherished comfort zone for years.

3. Usability

Bean bag chairs are versatile, lending themselves to various settings and uses. Whether for a casual lounge, a home cinema, a reading nook, or a formal sitting area, the correct filling adapts to the use case seamlessly. A good filling conforms to your body, providing adequate support whether sitting upright or lounging lazily. It's about creating a personalised seating experience that caters to your unique needs. Furthermore, the usability extends to ease of maintenance and refilling, ensuring that your bean bag chair remains a practical and delightful addition to your living space.


Types of Bean Bag Fillings

Types of Bean Bag Fillings

Bean bag chairs have come a long way from their inception in the 1960s. They have evolved into comfort and casual elegance symbols, with their fillings being the essence of their convenience. Here, we unravel the common types of bean bag fillings and their unique attributes.

1. Polystyrene Beads

Polystyrene beads are the most common filling used in bean bag chairs. These beads are small, lightweight, and capable of conforming to the shape of your body, providing a cosy nest for relaxation.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Polystyrene beads are among the most affordable options for bean bag fillings. They offer a pocket-friendly solution to achieving comfort without a hefty price tag.
  • Lightweight Nature: Their light characteristic makes bean bag chairs easy to move around, lending a flexible seating solution in any setting.
  • Insulation: Polystyrene beads have good insulating properties, making them a warm seating choice during cooler days.

However, they may flatten over time and require refilling to maintain their comfort level.

2. Memory Foam

Memory foam is often chosen for a more luxurious bean bag experience. It contours to your body, providing a personalised seating cradle.

  • Superior Comfort: The ability of memory foam to mould to your body shape offers unparalleled comfort.
  • Durability: Unlike polystyrene beads, memory foam retains its structure for extended periods, reducing refills' frequency.
  • Noiseless: Memory foam offers a quiet seating experience as opposed to the rustling sound of beads.

The luxury of memory foam comes with a higher price tag, making it a premium choice for bean bag filling.

3. Microbeads

Microbeads are tiny, round beads made from polyethene. They are similar to polystyrene beads but are softer and smaller in size.

  • Softness: They offer a soft cushioning effect, which is gentle to the touch.
  • Hypoallergenic: Microbeads are an excellent choice for individuals with allergies as they do not harbour dust or mites.
  • Lightweight: Like polystyrene beads, microbeads are lightweight, making bean bag chairs easy to manoeuvre.

However, they tend to compress over time and may require more frequent refilling.

4. Natural Fillings

For the environmentally conscious, natural fillings like buckwheat or millet provide an eco-friendly alternative.

  • Sustainability: Natural fillings are biodegradable and sourced sustainably, making them a green choice.
  • Durability: These fillings are robust and do not compress easily, offering a durable solution.
  • Organic Comfort: Natural fillings provide a different, organic comfort experience than synthetic fillings.

Their cost may be higher than synthetic options, and they may provide a different level of softness.


Comparing Common Bean Bag Fillings

Choosing the right bean bag filling is a balance between cost, comfort, durability, and environmental impact. The table below illustrates a comparative glimpse into the joint fillers discussed.

Filling Type



Comfort Level

Polystyrene Beads




Memory Foam



Very High





Natural Fillings




Each type of filling has its own set of advantages and trade-offs. Your choice will hinge on personal preferences, budget, and lifestyle needs.


How To Refill Your Bean Bag Chair

As the filling compresses, a well-loved bean bag chair may feel less comfy over time. Refilling it is a straightforward process that can rejuvenate your beloved seat.

  1. Identify the Filling Type: Know what filling your bean bag chair requires.
  2. Purchase the Right Filling: Acquire the necessary amount of the correct filling type.
  3. Prepare Your Area: Choose a spacious area, preferably with a drop cloth, to catch any spills.
  4. Open the Bean Bag Chair: Locate the zipper and carefully open your bean bag chair.
  5. Remove Old Filling if Necessary: If it's a total refill, remove the old filling and dispose of it responsibly.
  6. Add New Filling: Gradually add the new filling, shaking the chair occasionally to evenly distribute the filling.
  7. Zip It Up: Once satisfied with the fullness, carefully zip up the bean bag chair.


Caring for Your Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bags Singapore cleaning maintenance

Your bean bag chair is a haven of comfort, and with a bit of tender loving care, it can continue to provide cosy seating for years to come.

  • Regular Fluffing: Keep your bean bag chair fluffy and comfortable by shaking and fluffing it regularly.
  • Spot Cleaning: A damp cloth with mild soap can work wonders for minor spills and stains.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Keep harsh cleaning chemicals at bay as they can damage the fabric and filling material.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade and weaken the fabric.



The journey towards selecting the perfect bean bag filling marries comfort with practicality and environmental consciousness. Whether you gravitate towards the classic polystyrene beads, the luxury of memory foam, the softness of microbeads, or the green ethos of natural fillings, your choice will sculpt your seating experience. Ensuring your bean bag chair is well-maintained and refilled when necessary prolongs its life and provides a comfy haven in your living space. Embrace the comfortable embrace of a well-filled bean bag chair and revel in the cosy comfort it adds to your home.

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