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A Buyer's Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Queen-Size Bed - Megafurniture

A Buyer's Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Queen-Size Bed

They say that we spend a third of our lives in bed, so it's only natural that we want our nightly retreat to be as comfortable and inviting as possible.

The first step in creating the perfect sleep haven? Choosing the right bed size. And if you're looking for a bed that strikes a balance between space and intimacy, then a queen-size bed might be the perfect choice you've been searching for because, with a queen-size bed, you'll experience a level of comfort you never thought possible.

But it's not just about comfort; it's about creating a haven where you can truly relax and recharge, so as you read further, you'll discover not only the benefits of a queen size bed but also the potential for enhanced intimacy and relaxation it can bring to your life.


What is a Queen Size Bed?

What is a Queen Size Bed?

When it comes to selecting the perfect bed, size matters. Queen-size beds, often called "queen beds," are prominent in the spectrum of mattress sizes. To truly appreciate the merits of a queen-sized bed, it's important to understand what sets it apart.

Dimensions of a Queen Size Bed

A queen-size bed is typically 60 inches wide and 75 inches long, which makes it 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full-size bed, also known as a double bed. The extra width of queen size bed provides more room for both solo sleepers and couples, making it a versatile choice for various sleeping arrangements.

Comparison with Other Bed Sizes Available in Singapore

To put the dimensions of a queen size bed into perspective, let's compare it to some other standard bed sizes:

Single Size: A single-size bed is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long, significantly narrower and shorter than a queen bed. It's ideal for children, teenagers, or small bedrooms.

Full Size: A full-size bed measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. While it offers more width than a twin bed, it's still narrower than a queen bed.

King Size: A king-size bed is larger than a queen bed, measuring 72 inches wide and 75 inches long. It's the choice for those who desire ample space for sprawling or sharing their bed with a partner, children, or pets.


Why Queen Size Beds are Popular?

Balance of Space

Queen beds balance, providing enough room for couples to sleep comfortably while still fitting well in most bedrooms, even those with limited space.

Ideal for Couples

With its additional width compared to smaller bed sizes, queen-size beds allow couples to sleep side by side without being cramped, ensuring a good night's sleep.


Queen beds fit well in guest rooms, master bedrooms, and even smaller apartments. They are a practical choice for those who want a spacious bed without sacrificing room space.


Benefits of Queen-Size Beds

Comfort for Couples

A queen-sized bed provides a comfortable sleeping space that allows each person to have their own area without feeling cramped, which is important if you or your partner tend to move around during the night.

More Space for Solo Sleepers

A queen-sized bed offers more space to stretch out and relax even if you sleep alone so you can enjoy the feeling of spaciousness without the excess width of a king-size bed.

Versatile Room Size Compatibility

Queen-size beds are versatile and can fit well in various bedroom sizes. Whether you have a spacious master bedroom or a more modest guest room, a queen-sized bed can be accommodated without overwhelming the space.

Suitable for Growing Families

If you plan to expand your family or anticipate that your bed may be shared with children or pets, a queen-sized bed offers enough space to accommodate these changes comfortably.

Variety of Styles and Designs

Queen-size beds come in a wide range of styles, designs, and materials, allowing you to find one that perfectly complements your bedroom decor and personal taste.

Types of Queen Size Beds

Traditional Box Spring and Mattress

This classic bed setup includes a mattress placed on top of a box spring or foundation. It offers good support and is a timeless choice for those who prefer a traditional bed look and feel.

Platform Beds

Platform beds have a solid or slatted base that eliminates the need for a box spring or foundation, and it’s a great choice if you want a minimalist look or need extra storage space under the bed. They often have a sleek, modern design and are known for their low profile.

Storage Beds

Storage beds, also known as captain's beds, come with built-in storage drawers or compartments underneath the mattress. These beds are ideal for optimizing space in smaller bedrooms or for those who need extra storage without sacrificing floor space.

Upholstered Beds

Upholstered queen-size beds feature a padded fabric or leather headboard and sometimes an upholstered frame. They provide a cosy and luxurious appearance and are available in various colours and materials to match your bedroom decor.

Four-Poster Beds

Four-poster queen-size beds have four vertical posts at each corner of the bed, which can be adorned with decorative finials or curtains. These beds create a sense of luxury and can be customized to match your bedroom's aesthetic.

Mattress Considerations for Queen Size Bed

Types of Queen Size Mattresses

Innerspring Mattresses: These mattresses use a system of coils or springs to provide support. They are known for their bounce and breathability, making them a good choice for those who prefer a traditional feel with some responsiveness.

Memory Foam Mattresses: Memory foam mattresses conform to your body's shape, providing excellent support and pressure relief. They are popular for reducing motion transfer and are ideal for those who want a plush, contouring feel.

Latex Mattresses: Latex mattresses are made from natural or synthetic latex foam. They are known for their durability, support, and responsiveness, and they are also naturally resistant to allergens and dust mites.

Hybrid Mattresses: Hybrid mattresses combine elements of innerspring and memory foam or latex mattresses. They often have a layer of memory foam or latex on top of an innerspring core, providing the benefits of both materials.


Firmness Levels

Mattresses come in various firmness levels, ranging from soft to extra firm. However, the ideal firmness level depends on your personal preferences and sleeping style:

Soft: Suitable for side sleepers or individuals who prefer a plush, sinking feeling.

Medium: A versatile option suitable for most sleep positions, offering a balance of support and comfort.

Firm: Ideal for back or stomach sleepers who need additional support to maintain proper spinal alignment.

Extra-Firm: Offers minimal sinkage and is suitable for individuals who prefer a very firm surface.

Support and Durability

Look for a mattress that properly supports your body, particularly in the lumbar region. High-quality materials and construction contribute to the mattress's longevity, ensuring it remains comfortable for years.

Motion Isolation

If you share your bed with a partner, consider a mattress with good motion isolation properties that prevent disturbances when one person moves or gets in and out of bed, allowing undisturbed sleep.

Temperature Regulation

Some mattresses come with cooling features to help regulate temperature during sleep, so if you sleep hot, look for mattresses with cooling gel layers or breathable materials.

Allergen Resistance

If you have allergies, consider a hypoallergenic mattress resistant to dust mites, mould, and other allergens.

Bedding Accessories for Queen Size Bed


Sheet Size: Ensure you purchase queen-size sheets that fit your mattress dimensions (60 inches wide by 75 inches long). Queen-size fitted sheets have deep pockets to accommodate thicker mattresses.

Material: Sheets are available in various materials, including cotton, microfibre, linen, and silk. Cotton is breathable and widely popular for its comfort and durability.

Thread Count: A higher thread count generally indicates softer and more luxurious sheets, so look for sheets with a thread count between 300 and 600 for a good balance of quality and affordability.

Duvet and Comforters

Size: Queen-size duvets or comforters are designed to fit queen-size beds perfectly. Ensure the dimensions match (typically 86 inches wide by 86 inches long).

Fill Material: Consider the fill material, such as down, synthetic fill, or alternative down, based on your warmth preferences and any allergies.

Duvet Covers: Duvet covers offer protection for your duvet or comforter and allows you to change the look of your bedding easily. They come in various patterns and colours to match your bedroom decor.


Pillow Size: Standard or queen-size pillows (20 inches by 30 inches) are suitable for queen-size beds, so it is important to consider the number of pillows you need for comfort and decoration.

Pillow Fill: Choose a pillow that suits your sleeping position and preferences, such as memory foam, down, or latex.

Pillowcases: Coordinate your pillowcases with your sheets or duvet cover to create a cohesive look.

Throws and Decorative Pillows

Throws Throws add warmth and style to your bed, and they can be draped over the foot of the bed for a pop of colour or texture.

Decorative Pillows: Decorative pillows come in various shapes, sizes, and designs and are perfect for adding a touch of personality and flair to your bed.


When it comes to bedroom furnishings, the queen-size bed is a versatile and accommodating choice, offering a harmonious balance between space, comfort, and style. As you embark on your journey to select the perfect queen-size bed, remember that it's not just a piece of furniture; it's an investment in your well-being and the aesthetics of your sanctuary. So, as you prepare to make your purchase, consider your unique needs, preferences, and budget, and let your queen-size bed become the cornerstone of a restful haven where sweet dreams are not just a promise but a nightly reality.

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