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How to Measure Your Sofa and Sectional - Megafurniture

How to Measure Your Sofa and Sectional

Whether you call it a sofa, sectional, L-shape sofa, couch, or lounge, this piece of furniture is essential to every home. But how do you choose one that fits your desired layout and sofa needs? Finding the right sofa or sectional isn't as straightforward as picking the one with the design that appeals to you the most. It comes with many considerations like size, frame, material, cushion softness, and so on. Understanding the size requirements and the scale of the furniture pieces in your area is the key to creating a comfortable living room to bond, converse, and watch your favourite shows together.

Since this home furniture comes with a hefty price tag, it's important to get the right piece on the first try. If you're in the market for a new sofa and still confused about how you'll find the right size for your space, read on to this guide.

Sectional vs. Sofa

Sectional vs. Sofa

Before you delve into the measurements of a sofa, try to identify what type of sofa is suitable for your needs first. Do you need a compact piece for your small living room? Do you need more seating space? Do you want to section off your open-concept area? The two main choices that furniture shoppers have are standard sofas and sectionals.

Standard sofas can be as compact as two-seater furniture or as spacious as a four-seater couch. Sectionals are bigger and typically come with an L-shaped design, giving you a conversation-friendly layout while maximising your seating options. Here are some things you can note before deciding what to buy:

  1. Standard sofas are straight pieces of furniture that typically accommodate two to four people.
  2. Sectionals, or L-shaped sofas, are extended and may consist of multiple parts that you can rearrange based on your desired layout.
  3. Some sectionals come with ottoman or chaise storage that can also be used as an additional seat.
  4. Sofas provide a clean and welcoming look. They are big enough to seat four people but compact enough to welcome more seating options like two-seater sofas, stools, and armchairs.
  5. Compared to the more formal look of standard sofas, sectionals provide a more casual and relaxed look.

    Measuring a Sofa

    Measuring a Sofa

    Shopping for a Standard Sofa? Here's what you need to know about their measurements.

    There are four things to measure when buying a new sofa: the length of the couch, height, depth, and diagonal depth. You can look these up when shopping for furniture online or ask the salesperson for accurate couch measurements. As a general rule, the sofa must be 2/3 of the room's size to achieve the perfect scale.

    Tip: Regardless of the type of sofa you are buying, you should always measure your door and pathways to make sure everything fits in without a problem. You also want to measure other furniture pieces in your living room to guarantee that you get the right scale to balance your overall design. You should also consider your height and comfort preferences, as sofas can be higher or lower than the standard size.

    Measuring a Sectional

    Measuring a Sectional

    If a sectional is your choice, here's what you need to know:

    Measuring a sectional is more complicated than measuring a standard sofa because of its unique layout. The general measurements of sectional sofas involve the overall width and length. The overall width is the longest part of the sectional, from the right or left arm to the end of the corner chair. The standard overall width can range from the size of a two-seater sofa to a four-seater couch. The overall length of the sectional sofa starts at the back. When buying a sectional online, shops will give the overall width of the sofa as well as the size of the chaise or removable section. Measurements such as height, width, length, and depth are generally listed for L-shape or curved sectionals under the product descriptions. Carefully consider the width of the L-shaped sofa, especially when using a side or end table.

    When planning your living room layout with a sectional, consider the size and space between the coffee table and the sofa to make sure you have enough legroom when everything's already arranged. Remember that, unlike a straight sofa, a sectional takes up a square or triangle in a space (where the primary seating and the smaller section intersect), so it’s essential to know.

    Tip: When measuring your room, consider future changes like rearranging your living furniture pieces to create a new layout. Also, check how flexible the sections can be when repositioned. If opting for a storage sofa, ensure you allow enough space to access the storage area.

    Measuring a Recliner Sofa

    Recliner Sofa

    If shopping for a recliner sofa, consider the space the furniture will take when fully reclined to ensure you can maximise the function of your recliner with your available space. This information may not be readily available, so we highly suggest bringing your tape measure when shopping in a brick and mortar store. If shopping online, you may approach the customer service team to answer your questions regarding the recliner. It's also crucial to check its height, width, and depth to provide an ergonomic fit. A comfortable recliner will allow you to lay your feet flat on the floor when not reclined. When reclined, your heels must fit on the recliner's footrest to keep you comfortable when lounging. 

    Sofa Buying Tips

    Sofa Buying Tips

    The first step to buying a sofa is to measure your space. If you have a big area with a high ceiling, a sofa with a higher backrest can complement the overall look of your living room. A sectional sofa can work wonders in an open-concept living room. If you're short on space, a more compact 3-seater sofa will give your room the illusion of space while still maximising your seating options.



    Knowing the measurements of your area and the size of your sofa will make a big difference in creating a cosy and efficient living room layout. In this guide, we looked into the factors to consider when choosing between a standard sofa and a sectional and discussed the general rules for measuring them. Enjoy your new interior design journey!

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