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15 Holiday Decor Ideas to Cosy Up Your Living Room - Megafurniture

15 Holiday Decor Ideas to Cosy Up Your Living Room

The holiday is definitely one of the most anticipated days of the year. From festive meals to gift-giving and merry home interior designs, there’s so much more to look forward to in this yuletide season. Level up your holiday cheer with these cosy living room holiday interior design ideas that you can try for your HDB or BTO flat.


Holiday Living Room Design Ideas

Holiday Living Room Design Ideas

Whether completely transforming your cosy living space into a warm gathering spot or planning some simple tweaks to give your space a cheery vibe, make your living room inviting this holiday season with these easy holiday living room ideas.


1. Play with Colours and Textures

Play with colours and textures

Want a break from your traditional holiday decor this year? If yes, this is your cue to try something new! While it can be a bit challenging to pull off a style shift, opting for a bold and fun statement is worth it when done right. Give your sofa a touch of fresh, bold colours with fun cushions and throw pillows. Ditch the traditional red and green colour scheme and upgrade your coffee table with some playful holiday ornaments.


2. Traditional Living Room

Traditional living room

You can also stick to a traditional living room design to create a cosy and inviting space for your family and guests. Build a nostalgic holiday decoration while considering the existing feel of your living room. What is your focal point? Is it your sofa? Your coffee table? How about your TV console? Incorporate inviting Christmas decorations into your living room’s focal point to make it stand out. You can also warm things up with some candles.


3. Modernise Your Traditional Living Room

Modernise your traditional living room

Still, have your decorations from last year? Try adding an accent colour to modernise your traditional holiday living room design this year. When choosing an accent colour or decor, ensure it will blend well with your current design while adding some distinction from your traditional interior style.


4. Stay Subtle and Elegant

Stay subtle and elegant

Elevate your living room’s ambience with subtle yet elegant decorations to highlight the natural charm of your living room furniture. Carefully choose simple yet striking accents like textured throw pillows and coffee table centrepieces to pursue a warm yet festive feel.

When designing a minimalist living room, don’t be afraid to add some colour to balance the simplicity of your space.


5. DIY Your Living Room Decorations

DIY your living room decorations

We love incorporating DIY projects into our living room designs! No, really. While finishing a DIY project might require some effort, this can significantly level up your holiday theme while adding some personal touches to your living space. From do-it-your-own Christmas tree ornaments to garlands and other unique decorations, you can liven up your living room interior design by showing off your crafty side.


6. Decorate Your Bookshelf

Decorate your bookshelf

Boast your best-loved items with your elegant display unit or bookshelf. If you've been looking into creating a display corner for a collection, this is the perfect time to do so. Add some holiday decor based on your chosen palette to match the bookcase. You may also start a mini Christmas village to showcase yearly.


7. A Cosy Couch for a Cosy Holiday

A cosy couch for a cosy holiday

Prepare your sofa for long and busy gatherings by enhancing its comfort. To easily transition your sofa to the holiday theme, replace your throw pillows with holiday-themed colour and design combinations. What’s good about this design trick is that it works with all types of sofas—from fabric sofas to genuine leather couches. Give your guests a comfortable space to tassel over with a clean and inviting sofa arrangement. 


8. Layer Your Coffee Table

Layer your coffee table

Decorate your coffee table with layers of ornaments, candles, and objects of different sizes. Begin with larger items and work your way down to smaller accents. When decorating your coffee table, make sure to allow enough space for your drinks and snacks. After all, your living room is meant to be a convenient space to gather and share meals.

9. Add a Dining Bench

Add a dining bench

Make sure that you have enough seats for your guests this holiday. Adding a dining bench is a simple yet effective way to increase your living room seating. This furniture piece is also easy to move, so double it up as an extra dining room seat when needed. 


10. Decorate a Storage Unit

Decorate a storage unit

A sideboard doesn’t need to be the wallflower of the season. Liven it up with some remarkable holiday garlands and decorations. Bring out your living room’s glamour with beautifully styled living room storage. 


11. Bring in Some Real Greens

Bring in some real greens

Instead of buying artificial trees, why not freshen up your living room with fresh indoor plants? Whether designing a minimalist modern living room or maintaining the warmth of a traditional family room, indoor plants can instantly enhance the look and feel of your gathering space.


12. Switch Up Your Wall Decos

Switch up your wall decos

From minimalist wall artwork to festive holiday wall decor, you have the freedom to explore what works best to liven up your living room walls. Depending on your style preference, you may choose some simple wall designs or choose a single piece that you want to stand out.


13. Transform Your Awkward Space

Transform your awkward space

Got an awkward corner in your living room? Make it shine with some thoughtfully curated living room furniture and holiday decorations. You might love what functions you are about to discover with the unexpected space.


14. Create a Kid-Friendly Living Room

Create a kid-friendly living room

Holidays are meant to be fun, especially for kids. Give them a safe and exciting space with kid-friendly living room furniture pieces and decorations. From your soft couch to a coffee table free from sharp edges, to some playful jars with treats and refreshments, build a sanctuary that the little ones will adore.


15. Upgrade Your Living Room Furniture

Upgrade your living room furniture

What comes with the holiday season aside from food and gatherings? Furniture sales! If you’ve been looking into upgrading your living room, this is the right time to buy new living room furniture for your space. From sofas to tables to accent pieces, furniture stores offer massive discounts during the holiday season. Make this year’s holiday extra special with your newly furnished living room.




Whether you plan to create a comfy minimalist living room or embrace a maximalist approach to this holiday is completely up to you. Feel free to mix and match styles to give your space a refreshing update. Top it all off with some tasty holiday recipes and stories that you want to share with your loved ones.

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