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How to Clean and Care of Your Leather Office Chair (6 Easy Steps) - Megafurniture

How to Clean and Care of Your Leather Office Chair (6 Easy Steps)

Ergonomic office chairs are excellent components of any office space. The right office chair improves the appeal of your workplace. Plus, it increases your comfort, especially when most of your tasks require long hours of sitting.

One of the most sought-after office chair materials is leather, boasting its luxurious and supple feel. With its natural sophistication and notable warmth, there’s no doubt that a leather chair is one of the best choices for every impressive office design. However, cleaning and maintaining this furniture piece may require a bit of attention.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps of how you can properly clean a leather office chair with some easy-to-find supplies. If you get this routine done, you will surely enjoy the elegance of this deluxe office chair.

Let’s begin.


Leather Office Chair Cleaning Guide

Whether you just bought a new leather chair or are planning to buy one, these steps can help you maintain the quality of your leather furniture for years.

1. Gather Your Materials

Gather Your Materials

Surprisingly, some materials that you can use to clean a luxurious leather office chair can be easily found at home. Here are some supplies that you may use:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Clean cloth
  • Baking soda
  • Mild soap
  • Water


2. Vacuum the Leather Office Chair

Vacuum the Leather Office Chair

First, let’s remove the dust, dirt, and crumbs from your office chair. These are usually embedded in the folds and crevices of your seat, especially if you eat your snacks on your desk.

Gently vacuum-clean your leather office chair to get rid of dust and dirt that have stuck to the material. Use a soft brush attachment to tackle the dirt from the seat, backrest, and all the crevices. This will prevent the dirt from sticking further into the leather office chair material.


3. Wipe the Surfaces

Wipe the Surfaces

What we love about leather office chairs is that they are more resistant to spills than mesh or fabric ergonomic chairs. After vacuuming your office chair or when dealing with liquid stains, you can simply wipe the leather surfaces with a damp cloth. Carefully remove the dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas. Once dust and stains are removed, use a dry cloth to blot excess moisture from the leather chair. Don’t forget to wipe the backrest, armrest, and other attachments, including the casters, to make sure that the furniture is fully clean.


4. Spot Clean Your Ergonomic Chair

Spot Clean Your Ergonomic Chair

Tackle some stains and dirt buildup using a mild soap and water mixture. Gently scrub the dirt off the leather surface until it is removed. If there is stubborn dirt that cannot be removed by a soft cloth, try using a soft bristle brush and gently scrubbing the dirt from the surface. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the leather when cleaning it, as it can become flaky when brushed too hard. If the stain is too tough, an alcohol based cleaner may do the job better. Always test all your cleaning agents on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure their safety. Note that alcohol may come with caveats like drying up the leather material, so make sure to condition your leather to maintain its quality.

When buying a leather office chair in Singapore, consider getting one with a darker colour so you can easily hide stains, especially ink stains that are common in many office setups.


5. Deodorise Your Leather Office Chair

Deodorise Your Leather Office Chair

Baking soda is the ultimate solution for deodorising various things like the refrigerator, mattress, bed frame, and even your luxurious leather office chair. You’ll be surprised to discover how helpful baking soda can be. Simply sprinkle the baking soda into your office chair and let it rest on the leather to remove odours and excess moisture. Vacuum the residue after an hour.


6. Protect Your Leather Office Chair

Protect Your Leather Office Chair

Seal your leather office chair with a leather protective sealant to preserve its quality. This top coat will help you keep your leather chair’s shine and protect it from peeling.

Additional Leather Office Chair Cleaning Tips

Additional Tips

  • Use a white cloth when cleaning your leather chair to prevent dyes from transferring into the leather.
  • Do not use harsh or alcohol-based cleaners to prevent discoloration and leather peeling.
  • When cleaning your leather office chair with a damp cloth, always keep a spare dry cloth to wipe away the excess moisture afterwards.
  • Protect your leather by using a leather conditioner, cream, or wax. These can help you maintain the supple feel of your leather office chair while preventing it from cracking.



Can I follow the same cleaning steps for faux leather chairs?

Can I follow the same cleaning steps for faux leather chairs?

Genuine leather cleaning steps can be applied to many upholstery materials. However, a PU leather or faux leather office chair requires extra care when cleaning since it is more delicate and is subjected to peeling. Always refer to the manufacturer's label to identify the cleaning materials that are safe for your faux leather chair.


How long does an office chair take to clean?

How long does an office chair take to clean?

Regular leather office chair cleaning may only take 15 minutes. You may wipe your chair’s surfaces clean after work or do a weekly workstation cleaning to also tackle your office desk and storage. Seasonal or deep cleaning of stubborn stains may take at least 30 minutes.


When should I replace my office chair?

When should I replace my office chair?

High quality office chairs can last, on average, 7-8 years. However, the lifespan of your office furniture will depend on its initial quality, cleanliness, and maintenance. If you notice obvious signs of wear and tear, such as sagging chair cushions, a wobbly seat base, or other factors affecting your comfort, it's time to replace your office chair.

If you are ready to buy a new office chair, check out Megafurniture’s online collection of office chairs in Singapore to receive some great deals for your workspace.



A leather office chair is stunning and highly durable. However, just like any other office chair type, a leather seat does not last forever. The good thing is that you can prolong the quality and comfort of your leather office chair by performing regular cleaning and maintenance.

Follow the simple steps in this guide to make the most of your office chair investment!

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