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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Kids Mattress - Megafurniture

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Kids Mattress

As it is an essential part of an adult's daily life, a mattress is also vital to a kid's well-being. A quality mattress aids a child's development, posture, and bone strength. Healthy sleep cycles are necessary for proper child growth. Since a mattress stays for over ten years, it's important to find a piece that can cater to your kid's developing needs. Of course, it must be comfortable. For your little one who is transitioning to sleeping independently, make sure you provide the right mattress that will help your kid's development.

Here are some essential tips to help you buy the right kids' mattress.

Choose a Firmer Kids Mattress

Choose a Firmer Mattress

Sleeping on a single bed makes children feel a sense of independence, but more often than not, the kids mattress becomes an alternative playground when kids toss, turn, and build forts. No jumping, please. In this case, a firmer kids mattress is recommended to ensure your child's safety. Moreover, a medium-firm to firm mattress works well for maintaining proper spine alignment. A firm mattress is also a great choice for preserving its structure. When choosing your mattress firmness, make sure to understand your child's regular sleeping position.

Choose the Correct Size 

Choose the Correct Size

Tossing and turning can significantly affect your child's sleep quality, so it's important to consider it when selecting the kids mattress size. While younger kids need a crib or toddler bed, growing kids will need a bigger space to sleep in. The standard single-size mattress in Singapore measures 91 cm by 190 cm. This size is ideal for single beds, bunk beds, or trundles. For longevity, go for a super-single mattress, which is wider than a single unit. Going for a bigger mattress can save you from changing your mattress every year as your child grows.

Pay Attention to Your Kids Mattress Materials

Pay Attention to Your Mattress Materials

When shopping for a kids mattress, the materials are mostly overlooked, but your choice of material will affect your kid's sleep comfort for years. There are various mattress materials with different features that are worth understanding.

Memory foam mattresses feature body contouring and pressure targeting. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, offer a bouncy feeling. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are on the thicker and firmer spectrum, as they come in many layers of materials and spring structures. If you are looking for a mattress that provides individual motion response for your kid who tosses and turns often, go for a pocketed spring mattress. More so, this mattress type features a more supportive edge design that makes a child’s mattress safer.

Check the Kids Mattress Features

Check the Mattress Features

Kids are prone to sweating and allergies, especially during hotter days. When shopping for a kids mattress, search for varieties with anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic properties. It's also good to look for mattresses with more breathable covers or open-cell structures to prevent sweaty nights.

Another thing worth noting is the presence of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, that a new mattress releases during off-gassing. Although the smell of these compounds is not particularly harmful, it can cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks in both children and adults.

Think About the Price

Think About the Price

A mattress is a significant investment that will stay in your child's room for years, so you'll want to get one that is worth every penny. So, do you buy a low-cost mattress or a high-end bed? A budget mattress works well for supporting your kid's sleeping needs but depletes its quality earlier than its high-end counterparts. If you want higher quality, opt for premium mattresses. But be careful not to pay a price that may not be worth it for your child's needs. Remember that the cost of your mattress doesn't necessarily indicate its quality, especially since we have various kids mattress requirements. We recommend focusing on the features that you want your mattress to possess and finding affordable units that have those features.

When shopping for a mattress online, you can narrow down your search results according to your price range. This way, you can easily find the right size, firmness, and materials that fit your budget.

Get a Proper Kids Mattress Protector

Get a Proper Mattress Protector

Kids can be messy at times. It is part of their learning process while growing up, so while investing in a high-quality mattress, consider getting a breathable mattress protector to help preserve your kids mattress' quality. A mattress protector will reduce your bed's exposure to dust, sweat, oils, and wetting from your child. It is also easier to clean and replace.

While it's not guaranteed that your kid will enjoy a firm mattress, you can get an extra mattress topper to soften the surface and create a cosier space. This topper can also increase your mattress' protection.

Choose Comfortable Bedding Accessories

Choose Comfortable Bedding Accessories

Partner your mattress with plush pillows, huggable bolsters, comfortable blankets, and breathable bed sheets. Like mattresses, pillows come in different materials and sizes. Whether you choose a firmer or plusher pillow depends on your child's comfort preference.

Your bedding accessories are the easiest way to personalise the design of your child's room. You can choose a coloured blanket, a patterned comforter, or a neutral cover layered with a decorative throw. Bedding comes in a myriad of styles, so you can find one that suits your child's tastes. Give your little one the option to choose a design to make bedroom styling more fun. This can also make the transition from a cot to a regular bed smoother.

Don't Overlook Your Bed Frame

Don't Overlook Your Bed Frame

While a mattress is important, having a safe and supportive bed frame is also pivotal in creating a cosy kid's room. When buying a bed, make sure the size fits your mattress (local Singaporean sizes may differ from other sizes) and is sturdy enough to survive a kid's active lifestyle. Wooden bed frames are the stars of this category. Looking for a plush variety? Try a divan bed with cushioned sides. If you have limited bedroom space, consider getting a storage bed where you can store extra toys and linens to prevent the room from being cluttered.

Buying a mattress for your child is extra challenging as it comes with more safety and comfort considerations. Of course, the child's growth and future mattress needs will be noted. We hope that the tips mentioned above will help you narrow down your choices and aid you in designing a conducive room that will give your little one a good night's sleep.

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