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Modern House Interior Design for Your HDB Inspired by K-Dramas - Megafurniture

Modern House Interior Design for Your HDB Inspired by K-Dramas

Modern house interior design inspired by the Korean K-dramas  has garnered a growing following of enthusiasts. It presents a captivating fusion of contemporary minimalism intertwined with delicate traditional influences. 

 What is a modern house interior?

A modern house interior emphasises minimalism, with clean lines and a neutral colour palette. It incorporates open-plan layouts, natural light through large windows, and functional furniture with sleek designs. Materials like glass, steel, and polished wood are prominent, blending comfort with a contemporary aesthetic. Accessories are kept to a minimum to maintain a clutter-free space.


From understated wooden furnishings to designs that embrace time-honoured elements, here are some ideas for crafting a home with a Korean-inspired aesthetic.


K-Drama-Inspired HDB Modern House Interior Design Ideas

K-Drama-inspired HDB modern interior design ideas capture the essence of Korean style and allow fans to recreate some of the most iconic scenes from their favourite shows. Here are some design ideas inspired by famous K-Drama scenes that you can incorporate into your HDB living space:

Crash Landing on You – Serene Minimalism

Modern interior design and serene living room inspired by Crash Landing on You's Yoon Seri's penthouse, featuring a streamlined sofa, natural materials and subtle pops of colour. The space showcases a decluttered and minimalist approach, embodying the calming atmosphere of Modern Interior Serene Minimalism in a Singapore HDB flat

Recreate the peaceful ambience of Yoon Se-ri's sophisticated penthouse by opting for a minimalist design with clean lines, neutral tones, and subtle hints of colour. Use floor-to-ceiling windows to let in ample natural light and add indoor plants to bring a touch of nature indoors. Here’s how you can incorporate this design idea into your HDB Flat:

Here’s how to achieve this modern house interior look:

  • Declutter and simplify
  • Embrace a neutral colour palette
  • Choose streamlined furniture
  • Add subtle pops of colour
  • Incorporate natural materials
  • Incorporate natural elements like wood, stone, and plants into your design. 
  • Let in natural light
  • Use minimal and functional accessories
  • Create a sense of balance and harmony

It's Okay Not to Be Okay – Eclectic Whimsy

It's Okay Not to Be Okay inspired Eclectic Whimsy modern house interior for an HDB flat, showcasing a vibrant living area with a blend of contemporary and vintage elements

Inspired by the beautiful home of Ko Moon-young, combine modern and vintage elements to create an eclectic and whimsical atmosphere. Bold patterns, quirky art pieces, and a mix of textures will add personality and visual interest to your HDB interior.

How to achieve this look:

  • Mix and match furniture styles.
  • Embrace bold patterns and colours.
  • Showcase quirky art and accessories.
  • Layer textures and materials
  • Create cosy nooks
  • Use statement lighting
  • Incorporate vintage elements
  • Be fearless with your design choices.

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin) – Traditional Elegance

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin) inspired Traditional Elegance modern house interior for an HDB flat, featuring a spacious living area with elegant furniture and traditional Korean accents

Channel the timeless elegance of Kim Shin's home by incorporating traditional Korean elements such as wooden screens, sliding doors, and classic furniture pieces. Blend these with modern accents and a neutral colour palette to create a harmonious and sophisticated space.

Here’s how to achieve this modern house interior look:

  • Emphasise traditional Korean Elements
  • Use natural materials
  • Choose a subdued colour palette
  • Incorporate silk and linen textiles
  • Add subtle modern accents
  • Showcase Korean art and artefacts
  • Use area rugs to define spaces
  • Create a serene outdoor space

Descendants of the Sun – Urban Chic

Descendants of the Sun inspired Urban Chic modern house interior design for an HDB flat, showcasing a sleek living area with industrial elements and stylish decor

Emulate the chic, urban vibe of the military barracks in this popular K-Drama with an open-concept layout, sleek furniture, and industrial-inspired accents. Opt for a monochromatic colour scheme with pops of colour, and use metal and wood elements to create a contemporary and functional living space.

Here’s how to achieve this modern house interior look:

  • Opt for a neutral colour palette
  • Incorporate contemporary furniture
  • Mix materials and textures
  • Add industrial accents
  • Use geometric patterns and shapes
  • Create a focal point
  • Choose minimalistic accessories
  • Opt for layered lighting

Something in the Rain – Cosy Comfort

Something in the Rain inspired modern interior design for an HDB flat, featuring a cosy and romantic living room with modern furnishings and warm lighting

Capture the cosy and intimate atmosphere of Yoon Jin-ah's apartment with warm lighting, soft textiles, and comfortable seating arrangements. Layer cushions, blankets, and rugs to create a welcoming and relaxing environment perfect for enjoying your favourite K-Dramas.

Here’s how to achieve this modern interior look:

  • Choose a calming colour palette
  • Incorporate plush textiles
  • Select comfortable furniture
  • Emphasise natural materials
  • Personalise your space with sentimental touches
  • Use soft, diffused lighting
  • Incorporate greenery
  • Create cosy nooks for relaxation

Create a K-Drama Inspired Modern House Interior with Megafurniture

A modern coffee table styled for an HDB flat, inspired by K-drama interior design with a sleek wood design and beautifully arranged accessories

To create a K-Drama-inspired modern interior, consider these suggestions from Megafurniture to embody the essence of Korean drama style in your living space:

Cosy Sofa

Choose a comfortable sofa in a neutral colour that serves as a versatile base for your living room. The L-Shaped Sofas would make a great addition, offering a contemporary design and ample seating space.

Stylish Coffee Table

A sleek coffee table can help anchor your living room and provide a functional surface for displaying K-Drama memorabilia or books.

Minimalist Dining Set

Opt for a simple yet elegant dining set like the Ezra or the Hana Dining Set to create a welcoming space for family meals and gatherings with friends.

Compact TV Console

Consider a TV Console with ample storage and a clean, modern design to keep your entertainment area organised and clutter-free.

Multi-Functional Bed

Maximise your bedroom space with a functional storage bed.

Versatile Side Table

Incorporate a side table to provide a convenient spot for a table lamp, books, or a cup of tea while you enjoy your favourite K-Drama.

Spacious Wardrobe

A stylish wardrobe can help keep your clothes and accessories organised while adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

Statement Accent Chair

Add a pop of colour or texture to your living room with a statement accent chair which can also serve as a cosy spot to curl up with a good book or K-Drama script.

Decorative Shelving Unit

Display your K-Drama memorabilia, books, and decorative items on a stylish shelving unit which can also help divide your space and add visual interest.

Plush Rug

Complete your K-Drama-inspired modern interior with a plush rug to add warmth and cosiness to your living space.

By incorporating these furniture pieces, you'll be well on your way to creating a stunning K-Drama-inspired modern interior that reflects your love for Korean dramas while offering a stylish and functional living space.

Are you eager to make your K-Drama-inspired modern interior design vision a reality? We've got you covered with our handpicked list of Singapore's top interior designers skilled in bringing your home renovation dreams to life. 

Take advantage of the fantastic furniture and home essentials selection at Megafurniture to complete your interior design aspirations. Discover chic sofas, elegant dining sets, practical storage options, and eye-catching accents that transform your home into a K-Drama-inspired haven.
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