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7 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Chest of Drawers with Mirror - Megafurniture

7 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Chest of Drawers with Mirror

A well-chosen chest of drawers with a mirror is a practical piece of furniture for your home and a stylish addition that can enhance your living space. These versatile pieces serve the dual purpose of offering essential storage and a reflective surface, adding depth and light to your room.

So, whether you're looking to complete your bedroom setup, upgrade your dressing area, or add a touch of elegance to your living room, here's the 7 tips from Megafiurniture to assist you in making an informed decision.

1. Consider Your Needs and Space

1. Consider Your Needs and Space

Assessing your space and storage needs, as well as considering your design preferences and any specific requirements, you'll be better prepared to choose a chest of drawers with a mirror that fits seamlessly into your room and meets your practical needs. This initial step is crucial in ensuring your purchase is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some steps that you may need to consider:

  • Measure the area where you intend to place the chest of drawers with a mirror.
  • Consider factors like ceiling height, floor space, and the proximity to other furniture.
  • Make a list of the items you plan to store in the chest of drawers.
  • Consider the quantity and size of these items, such as clothing, accessories, or personal items.
  • Think about your room's existing decor and colour scheme.
  • Decide whether you want the chest of drawers to blend in or stand out as a focal point.
  • Determine the design style you prefer, whether modern, traditional, rustic, or another style that aligns with your taste.
  • Consider any unique features you need, such as a built-in jewellery compartment or additional storage space for specific items.
  • Consider the room's lighting conditions and how the mirror's placement can optimise natural or artificial light.

2. Material and Quality

Here are the common materials used for chest of drawers:


Wooden chests of drawers are a classic choice, with options like oak, mahogany, and pine offering durability and a timeless look.



These materials are cost-effective but may not be as durable as solid wood and are often used in budget-friendly options.



Metal drawers can be sleek and modern, often paired with a mirrored frame.



Some chests of drawers feature glass panels or accents, creating a contemporary and stylish appearance.

To ensure the quality of your chest drawers, consider the following in choosing the right one:

  • Look for dovetail joints, which indicate a sturdy and durable construction. Soft-close mechanisms are also a valuable feature, ensuring smooth and silent operation.
  • Examine the frame and finish of the chest of drawers, and a well-applied finish should be even and resistant to scratches and damage.
  • Consider the quality of handles, knobs, or pulls. Sturdy hardware not only enhances the look but also ensures longevity.
  • A high-quality chest of drawers is an investment that should last for years, so choose materials and construction methods that withstand wear and tear.
  • Some materials may require more maintenance than others, and consider how much care and upkeep you are willing to provide.

3. Size and Layout

The size and layout of your chest of drawers with a mirror play a pivotal role in your space's functionality and aesthetics. Consider the space in the room where you plan to place the furniture. Measure the dimensions carefully to ensure that the chest of drawers fits comfortably without overcrowding the area. The proportions matter, so aim for a size that harmonises with the room's overall design and other furnishings. 

Additionally, think about the layout and organisation of the drawers. Do you need a specific number of drawers for various items, or are larger drawers more suitable for your needs? Careful consideration of size and layout will help you make the most of your furniture while enhancing the room's visual appeal.

4. Mirror Type and Placement

The choice of mirror type and placement is a critical aspect of your chest of drawers selection because it not only affects the piece's functionality but also plays a significant role in the overall aesthetics of the room.

  • Consider whether you want an attached mirror integrated into the chest of drawers or a detachable mirror that can be positioned elsewhere in the room.
  • Assess the mirror's shape and style, as it should complement the overall design of the chest of drawers.
  • Think about where the mirror should be positioned for maximum functionality. For dressing purposes, a full-length mirror might be preferable.
  • Evaluate the mirror's size in relation to the chest of drawers, ensuring it doesn't overwhelm or underwhelm the furniture's design.
  • Reflect on how the mirror placement interacts with the room's lighting, considering both natural and artificial sources.

5. Style and Aesthetics

Selecting a chest of drawers with the appropriate style and aesthetics is important in harmonising your furniture with the existing room decor. It entails understanding different design styles and how they relate to materials, finishes, and visual elements.

To ensure a cohesive look, consider whether you want the chest of drawers to blend in with the current decor or stand out as a statement piece. Striking a balance between the chest's style, colour, and design elements and its compatibility with other furnishings and accessories in the room is key to achieving an appealing and well-coordinated interior design.


6. Functionality and Features

  • Assess the quality of drawer mechanisms and look for features like soft-close mechanisms for smooth and silent operation.
  • Consider extra features such as built-in lighting, felt-lined jewellery compartments, or hidden storage options that enhance functionality.
  • Evaluate how well the chest of drawers can help you organise your items, ensuring it meets your specific storage needs.
  • Consider how the furniture's design and layout make it convenient for everyday use and accessibility, from clothing storage to daily grooming needs.

7. Budget and Price Comparison

Finally, when choosing the right chest drawer, budget and price comparison play a crucial role in the decision-making process, and it's essential to establish a budget range that aligns with your financial constraints and priorities. 

Once you've determined your budget, comparing prices and features across various options is important. Look for chests that fit your budget and offer the best value for your money, considering factors such as material quality, storage capacity, design, and durability. 

Don't solely opt for the cheapest option, as long-term value may be compromised; instead, aim for a balance between your budget and the quality of the chest drawer that meets your storage needs and aesthetic preferences.

Final Thought

Selecting the perfect chest of drawers with a mirror is an exciting endeavour combining form and function to enhance your living space. By carefully considering your needs, space, materials, and style preferences, you can make a choice that serves your storage requirements and contributes to your room's overall aesthetics. Ultimately, this guide empowers you to make a decision that aligns with your unique preferences, elevating your home's functionality and visual appeal.

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