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Golden Storage Solutions for an Organised Home - Megafurniture

Golden Storage Solutions for an Organised Home

The mess in your home might be overwhelming, especially if you don't have much time to declutter due to your busy schedule. Who wants to spend their whole weekend deep cleaning and decluttering the flat? On top of that, it is hard to find a place where you can store all your excess stuff. If you are a parent with lovely, playful children, there is definitely a need to keep your home safe and free from items that can harm your kids. Not to mention, they turn your home into a messy, big playroom sometimes.

When it gets hard to keep up with all your home's cleaning and decluttering needs, it's good to have the essentials to help you manage your stuff. Here are 13 furniture and storage units to keep your home organised.


Bedroom - Storage Bed, Modular Wardrobe, Bedside Table

When buying furniture for your bedroom, it's crucial to measure your space and plan its potential storage needs. A bedroom that is too occupied is not as comfortable as a space with just the right amount of items in it. Here are some solutions to make the most of your bedroom space.

Storage Bed

A smart way to organise your bedroom if you lack floor space is to get a furniture piece with hidden storage—the storage bed aces in this category. Aside from having a bed frame and storage in one unit, a storage bed provides a flexible storage solution that can help you keep both small and big items in your bedroom.

A Modular Wardrobe

What a small room needs is a big storage solution. A modular wardrobe specially designed to cater to your needs helps you save space and money from buying extra storage solutions for your bedroom. A wardrobe is not just limited to keeping your clothes and bedding organised. Some parts of its personalised configuration can also be used to store other items.

An Elegant Bedside Table

Your bedside table gives you a surface to handle your lamp, your books, a glass of water, or a remote control. But other than those things, a bedside table can also help you keep an organised and uncluttered space. Some bedside tables come with two- to three-tier pull-out drawers that you can use to keep your hygiene products, jewelry, or other essential items.

Dressing Table

Your dressing table is a gorgeous unit that significantly beautifies your bedroom. But aside from its aesthetic appeal, this piece of furniture helps you organise smaller items in your bedroom, such as cosmetic and skincare products, accessories, and other knick-knacks. A multi-functional dressing table often comes with a built-in mirror.

Living Room

Living Room - Coffee Table, TV Console, Shoe Cabinet

One of the most anticipated areas in your home, the living room should provide a quality area for your family and guests. Free your living room from clutter with these fantastic storage solutions.

A Storage Coffee Table

A modern coffee table is more than a fancy accent piece where you serve your coffee, snacks, and other refreshments when entertaining guests. This stunning piece now comes with a dedicated pull-out drawer or an extra compartment to keep your living room items organised.

A Stylish TV Console

A television console is a unique decorative piece with ample surface to keep your television unit secured. You can also use this surface to add decorative elements and create a perfect focal point in your living room. An open-shelf television console provides space for compact audio and video equipment. Some units come with pull-out drawers.

Display Unit or Bookshelf

For book lovers and interior styling enthusiasts, a display unit or bookshelf is a must-have in the home. A flexible unit provides space for both designing and oganising items in your home. A compact bookshelf works well in your living room, home office, or even other parts of your home that you want to spruce up. 

Chest of Drawers 

Looking for a compact unit for your small space? A chest of drawers makes good use of your vertical space while using less of your floor area. This compact piece can work as a mini clothing and linen organiser, toy storage, and guest room cabinet. Because of its elegance and simplicity, a chest of drawers can help balance the theme of a space.

Shoe Cabinet

Your foyer deserves to be organised too. Whether you have a dedicated welcoming area in your flat or a small entryway, it is important to have a unit to organise shoes and other items to give your guests a good and lasting impression. A shoe cabinet also provides easy access to your shoe collection without the stressful clutter.


Kitchen and Dining Room

Kitchen and Dining Room - Kitchen Cabinet, Sideboard and Buffet Hutch

Your kitchen and dining room go through a lot of processes. Food preparation, cooking, and dining make these spaces more prone to clutter. When designing or upgrading your kitchen, you need adequate and accessible storage solutions. 

Kitchen Cabinet

A good kitchen and dining setup is not complete without a spacious kitchen cabinet. To keep your kitchen tidy and organised, you need a kitchen cabinet that will help you arrange your utensils, cookware, or china in secured and well-coordinated areas based on your kitchen zones.

Sideboard and Buffet Hutch

Fix your cutlery, your china collection, and other dining supplies inside an exquisite sideboard. This sleek piece does not only provide ample storage, but it also significantly beautifies your dining space. When pushed through the wall, a piece with no legs creates a faux built-in illusion, making your dining room look more put-together. Legged units make your space look more spacious. 

Home Office

Home Office - Pedestal

Working from home means that you are taking your office clutter into your living space. In that case, you need accessible and space-saving furniture pieces that will help you keep a well-coordinated home office.


A pedestal provides an efficient storage solution and ease of mobility. It has compact yet spacious pull-out drawers where the top can be locked for additional security. It comes with casters, so you can easily tuck it in and out of your office desk.

Filing Unit

If you need more spacious storage for your office files, a secured filing unit is an ideal solution. This unit helps you organise large amounts of files and arrange them based on categories. Filing units are usually made of steel to help protect paper items from dust and insects.

General Home Storage

General Home Storage

Aside from the major storage furniture, you also need some smaller storage solutions to organise your flat. These handy items can help you make the most out of your available space.

  1. Mini desktop organisers
  2. Jewelry bags or organisers
  3. Shelf dividers
  4. Baskets and trays
  5. Boxes with labels
  6. Refrigerator containers
  7. Airtight canisters
  8. Vacuum sealed bags
  9. Kitchen organisers
  10. Utensil racks
  11. Laundry hampers
  12. Umbrella holders

Using refrigerator containers helps you keep your food fresh and well-arranged in your refrigerator. They also make it easy for you to find the foods that you like to consume. This means that you do not have to keep your fridge open for a long time while you are rummaging through the items inside. Baskets and racks also help you arrange things by category.

From long-lasting storage solutions to easy shoppable items in Singapore, even if you do not have enough space in your flat, you can still keep it clean and well-organised, freeing up more usable space.

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