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Transform Your HDB & BTO Toilet with These Renovation Ideas - Megafurniture

Transform Your HDB & BTO Toilet with These Renovation Ideas

Whether you have an HDB or BTO house, the toilet is an essential part of every home, but it often needs more attention when it comes to renovation and design. And if you are worried about the renovation process, don’t be because you can transform this often-overlooked space into a stylish and comfortable oasis with some creativity and planning.

Whether you’re a new homeowner looking to personalise your BTO toilet or an existing HDB owner seeking an upgrade, this article will provide you with many house toilet design/renovation ideas to breathe new life into your toilet. So, let's start your HDB toilet makeover!


HDB 4 Room Toilet Design: Evaluate Your Requirements and Preferences for the Renovated Toilet

Toilet Renovation Ideas

Start by assessing the functionality you require, such as whether you need additional storage, space for specific fixtures or appliances, or accommodations for accessibility. Next, consider your personal style and aesthetic preferences if you want a modern, minimalist look or a cosy, rustic feel. Finally, take into account your daily routines and habits, such as the need for ample countertop space or a spacious shower area.

Remember that it is important to consider your specific needs and desire when evaluating your requirements and preferences so you can tailor the renovation project to create a toilet that meets your practical needs, reflects your unique taste, and enhances your overall experience.


Determine a Realistic Budget for the Renovation Project

Toilet Renovation Ideas

Research the average costs of materials, fixtures, labour, and any additional services you may require, such as plumbing or electrical work, and consider any specific customisation or design elements you desire that may incur extra expenses. Also, consider potential hidden costs or unexpected expenses during the renovation process. By thoroughly assessing these factors ensures that your renovation project stays within your financial means while achieving your desired outcomes for your HDB or BTO toilet.


Space-Saving Techniques for Small HDB and BTO Toilet Bathroom Design

Toilet Renovation Ideas
  1. Opt for compact fixtures designed for small spaces and look for slim-profile BTO bathroom, corner sinks, and narrow vanities to save space without compromising functionality. Wall-mounted options can also create an illusion of more floor space.
  2. Use vertical wall space by installing shelves, cabinets, or floating storage units that allow for efficient storage of toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials while keeping the floor area clear.
  3. Recessed shelves or niches in shower areas or walls can save space and provide a clean and organised look because these built-in shelves can hold shampoo bottles, soaps, and other shower essentials without protruding into the BTO bathroom design space.
  4. Innovative designs of multifunctional furniture pieces, such as vanity cabinets with built-in mirrors and storage compartments or toilet roll holders with additional shelving, can maximise functionality while saving space.


Impact of Colours on Creating a Desired Ambience

Toilet Renovation Ideas

Different colours evoke distinct emotions and moods, and choosing the right colour palette can greatly influence the overall atmosphere of the space. For instance, calm and soothing colours like light blues or greens can create a calming and spa-like ambience, ideal for relaxation. Warm tones, on the other hand, such as earthy browns or soft neutrals can bring the toilet a cosy and inviting feel. Additionally, bright and vibrant colours can add energy and a sense of playfulness.


Flooring and Wall Finishes


Tiles are popular for HDB and BTO toilets due to their durability and water resistance. For example, ceramic or porcelain tiles are commonly used and come in various colours, sizes, and patterns, allowing you to create different styles, from modern to traditional.



Choose moisture-resistant paint formulated for bathrooms to prevent mould and mildew growth; lighter shades can make the space more open. At the same time, bolder colours can add character and personality.



If you want to add texture, pattern, or a specific theme to your toilet, wallpapers can be a great option, like vinyl or moisture-resistant wallpapers that can withstand the humid environment of a bathroom.



Significance of Adequate Storage in HDB and BTO Toilets

Toilet Renovation Ideas
  1. Adequate storage in HDB and BTO toilets is crucial for keeping the space organised and clutter-free. Remember that with proper storage solutions, you can neatly store toiletries, cleaning supplies, towels, and other bathroom essentials, ensuring they are easily accessible and not scattered around the room.
  2. Utilise vertical storage options such as wall-mounted cabinets, shelves, or hanging organisers to efficiently utilise unused wall space and keep the floor area clear to create a more spacious and visually appealing environment.
  3. Having sufficient storage ensures that everything you need in the toilet is within reach, as it eliminates the hassle of searching for items or constantly moving them around, providing convenience and improving the overall functionality of the space.


Ways to Incorporate Plants, Artwork, and Other Décor Elements

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Remember, when incorporating plants, artwork, and other décor elements in your HDB or BTO toilet, strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality and keep in mind the limited space and choose items that can withstand the bathroom environment while adding personality and creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.


  • Choose small, low-maintenance plants that thrive in humid environments, such as succulents, air plants, or ferns.
  • Place plants on shelves or windowsills, or hang them from the ceiling using hanging planters to add a touch of nature and freshness.
  • Opt for plants with interesting textures or colours to create visual appeal and complement the overall design of the toilet.


  • Select artwork that suits your personal style and enhances the ambience of the toilet. Consider framed prints, paintings, or photographs that resonate with you.
  • Hang artwork strategically on the walls to create a focal point or add visual interest. Consider the size and scale of the artwork with the available wall space.
  • Choose waterproof or moisture-resistant frames and art prints to protect them from potential water damage.

Décor Elements

  • Consider decorative elements such as stylish soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, or trays to keep the toiletries organised and add a touch of elegance to the space.
  • Incorporate scented candles or reed diffusers to create a pleasant aroma and a relaxing atmosphere in the toilet.
  • Include decorative storage baskets or bins to hold towels, toilet paper, or other bathroom essentials while adding texture and functionality to the space.


Wall Decor

  • Explore wall decals or removable wallpaper to add patterns or designs to the walls without permanent changes.
  • Install shelves or floating ledges to display decorative items like small sculptures, vases, or curated collections that reflect your personality and style.
  • Consider adding a mirror with an interesting frame to serve a functional purpose and act as a statement piece in the toilet.'


1. What factors should I consider when selecting a BTO toilet bowl?

When choosing a BTO toilet bowl, consider factors such as water efficiency, durability, comfort, and ease of maintenance. Opt for a model that complements your overall BTO toilet design while meeting your functional requirements.

2. How can I incorporate modern design elements into my HDB toilet renovation?

To achieve a modern HDB toilet design, consider installing sleek fixtures, minimalist accessories, and clean lines. Choose neutral colours or bold accents to create a contemporary look that suits your style.

3. What are some key principles of HDB bathroom design?

The HDB bathroom design should prioritize functionality, durability, and space optimization. Utilize space-saving techniques, such as wall-mounted fixtures and compact storage solutions, to make the most of limited space in HDB flats.

4. What are the essential elements of an HDB BTO toilet design?

Essential elements of an HDB BTO toilet design include practical fixtures, efficient storage solutions, and durable materials. Incorporate your style preferences while ensuring the design meets HDB regulations and guidelines.

5. How can I enhance the functionality of my HDB common toilet design?

Enhance the functionality of your HDB common toilet design by maximising storage space with shelves, cabinets, or built-in niches. Choose fixtures that are easy to clean and maintain to ensure long-term usability.

5. What are some creative ideas for designing a small HDB toilet?

Creative ideas for designing a small HDB toilet include

  • using mirrors to create the illusion of space,
  • opting for space-saving fixtures like corner sinks and wall-mounted toilets, and
  • incorporating multifunctional furniture pieces for added storage.

6. How can I update an old HDB toilet design without a full renovation?

To update an old HDB toilet design, consider replacing outdated fixtures, refreshing the paint or wallpaper, and adding decorative elements like new towels or accessories. Small changes can make a big difference in revitalizing the space.

7. What are the key features to consider when planning an HDB toilet design?

When planning an HDB toilet design, key features include efficient layout, adequate storage, proper ventilation, and durable materials. Prioritize functionality while incorporating your desired aesthetic preferences.

8. What are some characteristics of a modern HDB toilet design?

 Characteristics of a modern HDB toilet design include clean lines, minimalist fixtures, neutral colour palettes, and smart storage solutions. Embrace simplicity and functionality to create a contemporary and stylish space.

9. Where can I find inspiration for toilet design ideas in Singapore?

You can find inspiration for toilet design ideas in Singapore by browsing home improvement magazines, websites, and social media platforms and visiting showrooms or home exhibitions. Additionally, consulting with interior designers can help you explore various design possibilities.


Start Your HDB and BTO Toilet Renovation Journey

Toilet Renovation Ideas

With the right renovation ideas, transforming your HDB or BTO toilet into a space that reflects your style and enhances your daily routine is within your reach. You can create a functional and visually appealing toilet by optimising the layout, incorporating space-saving techniques, and choosing appropriate colours, flooring, and wall finishes.

And with careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a toilet that meets your practical needs and brings joy and tranquillity to your daily life.

So, start exploring the possibilities and embark on your journey to transform your HDB or BTO toilet into a personalised oasis of comfort and style.

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