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How to Dispose of Your Old Furniture - Megafurniture

How to Dispose of Your Old Furniture

After many years of loving and enjoying your home furniture, there will come a time when it wears out. If your sofa is sagging or your mattress is becoming uncomfortable, maybe it's time to upgrade and improve your home experience. But aside from choosing the right furniture piece to purchase, disposing of your old furniture is also part of the dilemma.

Whether you are downsizing your furniture, selling your old sofa, or refurbishing your home, there are many ways you can get rid of old furniture without it being too much of a hassle.

In this quick guide, we will talk about some ways to dispose of your old furniture and other bulky items responsibly and safely.


Why Do You Need to Get Rid of Your Old Furniture?

Why Do You Need to Toss Your Old Furniture?

First things first, do you need to toss your furniture out or will you need it somewhere else in your home? Many of us find it difficult to let go of an investment we've had for years, especially if the piece has sentimental value for your home.

What should you do if you don't want to throw your old furniture away?

  1. Repair your old furniture. Repairing your old furniture may be the simplest way to help restore its functionality. However, the repair cost depends on how damaged the furniture is, what part needs to be repaired, or what materials are required. Wooden furniture, for example, will require less maintenance than high-end marble furniture.
  2. Repurpose your furniture. Feeling a bit more creative? You can look for more ways to use your old furniture instead of tossing it out.

Before buying furniture, it's a good idea to think about some ways you can responsibly deal with your old furniture. We recommend upcycling your furniture instead of tossing it out unless the piece is too damaged to be repaired or is infested by irremovable pests.


What Should You Do With the Old Furniture You No Longer Need?

After shopping for your furniture, your next concern is freeing up some space to accommodate the new items, especially the major ones like the sofa, bed frame, mattress, and bulky wardrobe cabinet. It's a challenge to get rid of these items, especially because of their sizes. So how do you dispose of the furniture you already don't need?


Sell Your Old Furniture

Sell Your Old Furniture

Perhaps you want to change your furniture or take away your old sofa for a design upgrade. In this case, the furniture style that you don't need might become someone else's treasure. You can sell your furniture online in Singapore to quickly look for buyers who might be searching for second-hand items on sale.

Where can you sell second hand furniture in Singapore?

To reach potential second hand furniture buyers, you may post your used furniture online on Facebook Marketplace, online retailer sites, trade in sofa or furniture sites, or look for second-hand furniture sellers. This way, you can reach more people who might be interested in your furniture.

How should you sell your old furniture in Singapore?

Before listing your item, whether it's an old couch or a used furniture, make sure it is clean. Also, properly indicate the right details, materials, and furniture conditions to prevent future issues once the item reaches the next owner. Take time to do your research regarding current second-hand furniture listings to get an idea about furniture detailing and pricing. Take a good picture of your old furniture, including the features that you think will strike the interest of your future buyer. This way, you can make money to add to your new furniture investment.


Ask a Friend

Ask a Friend

Ask your inner circle, either your family members or friends, if they are interested in having your second-hand furniture. Doing this will help you spend less effort finding prospects to hand down your furniture. You might not know that a former guest might have loved your upholstered sofa or your display divider.

Donate Your Old Furniture

Donate Your Old Furniture

When earning extra money from your furniture is not your priority, you can make good use of your old furniture by donating it to others who might need it more. If your old piece is still in good shape but you don't want to sell it, you can donate it to a nearby charity or institution that can benefit from it.

Before transporting your furniture, be sure to contact and confirm the organisation's needs first to ensure that your furniture donation will be helpful and not rejected.

Donations can be rejected if they are deemed not helpful, such as a very old and saggy mattress. In this case, we recommend arranging a mattress disposal service along with your mattress purchase.

Look for a Furniture Disposal Service Online

Look for a Furniture Disposal Service Online

There are online furniture shops that offer medium to large home furniture disposal services. This might be the fastest and easiest way to get rid of your old furniture instead of leaving it on the curb and without looking for other people who might be interested in your old furniture. One thing to consider when arranging for furniture disposal is the price. Furniture shops and furniture disposal services take into account the size of the furniture and the difficulty of the removal.

Furniture Disposal Checklist

Furniture Disposal Checklist

  1. Decide if you want to repurpose, sell, donate, or arrange a furniture disposal service.
  2. Clean furniture pieces if selling or donating them.
  3. Prepare your furniture and area for easy transfer. Measure your furniture and clear your pathways and staircase to avoid bumping and other hassles.
  4. Provide clear details for smoother furniture disposal.

Megafurniture's Professional Disposal Services

Check Out Megafurniture's Professional Disposal Services

Furniture removal can be a big hassle, especially when done on your own. Having your family and friends help you with your furniture disposal is great, but nothing is more convenient than relying on professionals to do the heavy lifting. Maybe your fifteen-year-old mattress is too saggy and uncomfortable to use, or your bed frame might be infested with bed bugs. When there are heavier issues with your old furniture, we highly recommend having a professional pick up your old furniture.

Megafurniture offers hassle-free freestanding furniture disposal services in Singapore. Our professionals ensure that they deliver new furniture and remove your old furniture pieces safely and conveniently.


Is there a free furniture disposal in Singapore?

In Singapore, HDB residents have the option of free disposal for up to three bulky items per month through their respective town councils. This service is a convenient way for residents to manage the disposal of large items without incurring additional costs. 

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