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Dining Chair Or Dining Bench: What Should You Choose? - Megafurniture

Dining Chair Or Dining Bench: What Should You Choose?

When it comes to living spaces, the dining area is one that is a hub and hive of activity from day to night; it is where we gather as a family to share stories from our day, catch up with friends, and create new memories. That is why choosing the perfect seating for your dining table is important. Should you go with individual dining chairs or a dining bench? If you’re in a dilemma about which to pick, we share some insights in this article that could help with your decision.


Pros of Dining Chairs

Pros of dining chairs in Singapore

#1 Easy to move around

Dining chairs are easy to move around the home and great for multi-use purposes. Need extra seating in the living room? These chairs can be single handedly moved to accommodate extra guests at home, or to another room for more open spaces in your dining room. Having dining chairs over dining benches also means easier access in and out of the area with convenience.

#2 Comfort

Dining chairs usually come with a backrest, providing more comfort with built-in back support for when you simply want to sit and chat for hours. This is especially true with dining chairs that come with padded seats or backs. Some dining chairs are also equipped with armrests, increasing one’s level of comfort.

#3 Elevates the aesthetics of your dining room

Elevates the aesthetics of your dining room Dining chairs in Singapore

Dining chairs that come with a matching dining table tend to accentuate sophistication and elegance. Additionally, dining chairs also come in many unique designs and colours that can be matched with your dining table to create a personalised style for your home.


Cons of Dining Chairs

#1 More challenging to clean

Because many dining chairs are upholstered with fabric and cushions, maintaining them and keeping them clean can be a challenge, especially if spills happen. There may also be more work involved when cleaning the nooks and crannies of each chair individually, extending your cleaning time.

#2 Takes up more floor space

Dining chairs do take up more floor space, as you can only have the seat portion tucked in. This means that the number of people you can fit around your table will depend on the number of chairs you have. For smaller homes with space constraints, dining chairs may not be the ideal option.


Pros of Dining Benches

Pros of dining benches Dining chairs in Singapore

#1 Fits more people

A dining bench is great for children and smaller people, as the space needed for two chairs could serve three or more smaller people on a bench, making it perfect for large families or entertaining guests.

#2 Easier to clean

Dining benches are easier to move around when cleaning or vacuuming under the table; it’s simply one item to move instead of many. Those without upholstery can also be easily cleaned by wiping them down with a few sprays of a gentle cleanser.

#3 Saves space

Saves space Dining chairs in Singapore

Dining benches can be seamlessly tucked away under the table, making them ideal for small spaces and walkways to ensure easy traffic flow. To maximise space, place a dining bench along a wall, providing just enough space to slide in and out of the dining space.


Cons of Dining Bench

#1 Lacks comfort and support

Dining benches often have no back support and are not contoured, making them less supportive than a dining chair. This could lead to discomfort over longer periods, especially for those with back problems or the elderly. However, there are some options for you in the Singapore market, if you wanted to go for a dining bench with backrest, just to address this issue. 

#2 Difficult to move around

Dining benches are longer, making them more cumbersome to move around and hindering accessibility in the dining area.



It is crucial to take your lifestyle into consideration when deciding on seating arrangements for your dining area. We hope this article has been useful in helping you determine if benches, chairs, or a mix of both are right for you. Mega Furniture has a full range of home furniture for all your home living needs in Singapore. Browse our collection for your ideal dining room today!

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