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Your Trusty Guide to Buying Daybeds in Singapore - Megafurniture

Your Trusty Guide to Buying Daybeds in Singapore

When space is at a premium, it's crucial to choose multipurpose furniture pieces that can help you maximise the function of a single area—a storage bedsofa bed, and a storage coffee table ace this category. But there's one piece of furniture that we shouldn't leave out when it comes to beauty and multifunctionality, the daybed. Aside from its elegant look, a daybed offers versatile purposes as it can work as a bed and a sofa. But of course, we can't leave the glamour out when furnishing our spaces, and the good thing is that it has both.

If you're planning to shop for a daybed but don't know where to start or what to look for, read on to this guide.

What is a Daybed?

What is a Daybed?

daybed is a multifunctional furniture piece that works both as a sofa and a bed. Its definitive features include a tall backrest like a sofa and a pair of headboards and footboards that resemble a bed frame. It can look like a three-sided bed frame or something with a taller backrest and wider armrests like a sofa—a hybrid of a couch and a bed. It is typically designed to fit a single or super single mattress, making it a compact solution for those with very limited space. 

Daybeds come in various styles, sizes, and materials like metal, wood, and upholstery. Daybed upholstery includes fabric, genuine leather, and faux leather. Many daybeds have a pull-out trundle function that can further maximise their purpose.


Why Do You Need a Daybed?

Why Do You Need a Daybed?

Aside from its elegant look that can easily spruce up an area, a daybed offers more benefits that will surely lure you into getting one for your home. Here are some exciting benefits to look forward to.

  1. You can use a daybed for overnight guests.
  2. You can use a daybed to fit multiple functions into a small space.
  3. Daybeds can be easily customised.
  4. Daybeds can fit in many spaces, like the guest room, living room, kid’s room, and home office.

      A Daybed is Your Small Space's Best Friend

      If you have a small space, it becomes extra challenging to fit multiple purposes and decorative elements without making your area suffocating. With a sofa bed, you can enjoy a cosy seat for lounging and a conducive place for sleeping without buying two furniture pieces. A daybed is great for guest rooms, kids' rooms, home offices, or anywhere you need both a sleeper and a sofa. They are popular for sleepovers, too!

      A Daybed is Functional

      Although not considered a major type of furniture, a daybed is a highly functional piece that will elevate the purpose of your available space. The trundle feature, for example, can help you maximise the functions of your kid's room at night while giving your little ones enough space to utilise in the morning once the trundle is pushed back to the frame.

      A Daybed is Highly Comfortable

      Daybeds are spacious enough to sleep on at night and narrow enough to give you a comfortable area to lounge in the morning. Since a daybed can accommodate a mattress, you can choose the material and firmness rating that fit your personal comfort preferences. You can also use your choice of bedding.

      Note: Like couches and bed frames, daybeds vary in comfort and quality, so it's important to choose a unit based on your size, structure, and material preference before looking into its decorative advantages. When shopping for a daybed, especially online, we recommend asking questions of the professional customer service team to ensure you are getting the correct information about the product.

      A Daybed Can Provide Additional Storage

      Speaking of multifunctionality, many daybeds are made with additional pull-out drawers to store linens, bedding, and other bedroom essentials. This makes the daybed a great furniture option for home offices and guest rooms. 

      Pro Tip: Even when a daybed does not include a pull-out storage drawer, you can still use the large space underneath to store large storage boxes. You can use a long flat sheet or a daybed cover to keep the storage hidden and maintain the uniform look of your daybed.

      A Daybed is Customisable

      Compared to a sofa bed or futon, a daybed can be easily customised because of its simple structure. You can select various covers in different colours and patterns that appeal to you without worrying about reupholstery. Think of it as changing the pillowcase or mattress cover.

      Types of Daybeds

      A daybed is a visually appealing piece of furniture. You'll surely have fun with a myriad of styles to choose from.

      Metal Daybed

      Metal Daybed

      Metal daybeds are popular for their elegant and lightweight look. Typically, metal daybeds present intricate wrought detailing. You can also see metal daybeds that lean more toward an industrial look with their distressed looks. There are also more streamlined looks that fit contemporary interior styles.

      Wooden Daybed

      Wooden Daybed

      Wooden daybeds are highly flexible, both in terms of style and function. Whether you want a more traditional look, a minimalist style, or a modern style, you will find a wood colour and design that will fit your aesthetic choice.

      Fabric Daybed

      Fabric Daybed

      Fabric sofas are more like sofas than bed frames. This is because of the presence of padding and tufting similar to standard sofas. Fabric daybeds come in different styles and colours. They can also have intricate detailing or simple designs.

      Storage Daybed

      Storage Daybed

      What we love about daybeds are the additional functions that come with their already efficient structure. Many daybeds come with pull-out drawers, cubbies, and shelving that provide enough space to store linens, towels, and other essentials. By opting for a storage daybed, it's easier to save space, especially in compact home offices and guest rooms where space is at a premium.

      Trundle Daybed

      Trundle Daybed

      Speaking of functionality, the space under the main daybed can be used to store a pull-out trundle bed. A trundle daybed is a great choice to accommodate overnight guests if you are short on square footage.

      A daybed can be a great addition to your home. Whether you want multifunctional furniture for your living room, bedroom, guestroom, home office, or kid's room, or just want to fill an empty corner with functional furniture, a daybed is a good choice. Instead of investing in two pieces of furniture, you can enjoy the benefits of one compact piece!

      Where to Buy Daybed Online?

      When looking to buy a daybed online, consider Megafurniture for an excellent selection of stylish and versatile options. With various designs, including trundle, storage, metal, and wood frames, Megafurniture offers affordable choices to suit any space. Enjoy the convenience of shopping online and benefit from fast and reliable delivery services. Upgrade your home with a quality daybed from Megafurniture today!

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