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Cooker Hob and Hood Trends 2023: What's New in Singapore Market? - Megafurniture

Cooker Hob and Hood Trends 2023: What's New in Singapore Market?

Ever noticed how the heart of a Singaporean home has transformed into a sleek, modern paradise over the years? That's right, we're talking about the crown jewel of contemporary living – the kitchen! 

What if we told you that Singapore's cooker hob and hood scene has just started to spice up? From gas wonders to electrical marvels, the evolution of these kitchen essentials has been nothing short of fascinating.

So, join us as we unveil the dazzling trends of 2023 that are reshaping kitchens in Singapore into modern sanctuaries of culinary delights. Trust us, by the end of this little escapade, your kitchen is begging for a little sprinkle of that 2023 magic!

Emerging Trends in the Cooker Hob and Hood Segment

Smart Technology Integration in Kitchen Hob and Hood

Can you imagine controlling your kitchen hob and hood right from the comfort of your couch? We are talking about smartphone connectivity that brings the control right to your fingertips. Did you get an unexpected call while simmering that delicious soup? No worries, a tap on your phone, and voila, the hood and hob are tamed.

Sleek and Minimalist Design Trends

Wave goodbye to bulky kitchen appliances that seemed to eat up your space more than being helpful. The trend wave brings in designs seamlessly integrating with modern kitchen aesthetics, whispering elegance and style in every corner. And let's look at its space-saving designs; these beauties are here to give you room, literally and figuratively, to cook with freedom and flair. 

Energy-Efficient Appliances: The New Norm

The cooker hob and hood realm is stepping up, bringing you environment-friendly gas hob and hood options. 

These modern marvels are not just saving the environment but are promising significant energy savings and sustainability. A lesser carbon footprint and a thicker wallet? It’s a win-win for us.

Top Picks for Cooker Hob and Hood Singapore 2023

Latest Models Dominating the Market

Are you ready to meet the A-listers of the cooker hob and hood sphere?

From the sleek silhouettes to the feature-packed marvels, the leading brands are pulling out all the stops to wow you. Whether you're a fan of the classic gas hob or leaning towards the modern electric vibes, there's something here to tickle your fancy. 


Smeg Chimney Hood KD120HXE

Smeg Built-in Telescopic Hood 90cm KSET9XE2

Smeg Chimney Hood (Victoria Black/Victoria Cream)


Smeg Induction Hob SI2M7953D

Smeg Domino Induction Hob 30cm 2 Zone PGF32I-1

Smeg Gas Hob 4 Burners SER60SGH3 

Smeg Domino Hob Teppanyaki Ultra Low Profile PGF30T-1



Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Hob and Hood

Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Hob and Hood

Understanding Your Cooking Needs

Let us tackle this age-old battle: gas versus electric options. Are you Team Fiery Flame or Team Sleek Electric? Weigh the pros and cons, envision those daily culinary rendezvous, and take your pick!

Next up, let's talk size because size matters when selecting the perfect hob and hood. Your choice should waltz gracefully with your kitchen space, offering a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Dive deep and understand the role of hob and hood size in your choice because, trust us, it's a big deal.

Style Meets Functionality

Now, onto the runway, where fashion meets function, your kitchen turns into a ramp of elegance and style. Your cooker hob and hood should not just be appliances but a statement, an extension of your personality, blending seamlessly with your kitchen's style.

Cooker Hob and Hood Installation Guide 

Step 1: Choosing the Right Spot

First, find that golden spot in your kitchen where your cooker hob and hood will shine bright. Ensure this place is away from windows or flammable items, offering a safe and secure zone for all your culinary adventures.

Step 2: Measurements and Specifications

Have you got your tape measures ready? Let’s get those precise measurements to ensure a snug fit for your hob and hood. Don't forget to consider the size and style of the appliances, matching them harmoniously with your kitchen aesthetics.

Step 3: Professional Installation

Here's a golden piece of advice - always opt for professional installation to ensure safety and efficiency. Your expert installer will handle the necessary wiring and gas connections, setting the stage for a hassle-free culinary journey.

Step 4: Ventilation Considerations

A hood's main gig is to eliminate smoke and odours, right? So, let’s make sure it's vented to the outside for optimum performance. Discuss the best ventilation options with your installer to keep your kitchen fresh and inviting.

Step 5: Testing the Waters

Once installed, it’s time to test the waters. Turn on the cooker hob and hood to check if everything functions seamlessly. And guess what? It's also the perfect time to cook up a little celebratory feast!

Step 6: Maintenance Tips

And here we are, at the final stop of our journey. Let's pledge to shower our new kitchen companions with love and care. Remember, regular maintenance not only keeps them sparkling but also ensures a long and productive li

Key Takeaway: 

Diving into the world of cooker hobs and hoods is more than just a buying journey; it's about creating a space where functionality meets style and culinary dreams come to life. 

Remember that understanding your unique needs and preferences is paramount as you venture forth. And once that stunning piece graces your kitchen, shower it with the TLC it deserves to ensure a lasting, gleaming presence. So gear up, embrace the adventure, and here's to crafting a kitchen that's not just a room but a reflection of your style and passion.  And if you are considering purchasing a new cooker hood and hob, do visit Megafurniture. We can help you fulfil this journey.

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Bonus Treat: Olive Oil: Not Just for Salad Dressings

Bonus Treat: Olive Oil: Not Just for Salad Dressings

Little Drops of Magic: Pour olive oil onto a clean cloth. You won't need much; just a few drops will do the trick.

Gentle Circular Motions: Using the cloth, rub the hob's surface in gentle, circular motions. Focus primarily on areas with stubborn stains or fingerprints. The oil works wonders to lift these right off!

Double Cleaning Action: Prepare a solution with a few drops of dish soap in warm water after the olive oil treatment. Use another clean cloth to remove the olive oil residue and the collected grime.

Final Polish: For a spectacular finish, dry the surface with a lint-free cloth, witnessing a kitchen hob that shines and reflects your proud smile.

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