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How Far Should My Coffee Table Be From the Sofa?

How Far Should My Coffee Table Be From the Sofa?

Buying a coffee table for your dream living room is thrilling, but it can also be a bit overwhelming.

Among the list of your coffee table shopping considerations is the right size and ideal arrangement that can highlight both the styles and functions of the furniture pieces present in your space.

If you are looking for the right furniture placement before deciding on your coffee table size and configuration, read on to this quick guide.


The Ideal Coffee Table and Sofa Distance

The Ideal Coffee Table and Sofa Distance

To ensure proper leg room and traffic flow in your space, we recommend maintaining a 14- to 18-inch distance between your sofa and coffee table. In some instances, you may allow a 20-inch distance at most. This will help you keep a comfortable passage for sitting or walking around your living room while maintaining enough space to reach your coffee table when in use.

Consider your family's average height when choosing the ideal distance between your sofa and coffee table, since you're the ones who'll use the coffee table most often. Your coffee table must be far enough to allow everyone to sit and stand without bumping their legs on the edge of the table, but close enough to grab items without the need to adjust.

It’s also important to check the balance of your living room’s design when positioning your living room furniture pieces. If you have a compact living room, you might need to arrange your sofa and coffee table closer to each other. If the room is bigger, you can balance the arrangement by allowing a little bit more distance between the furniture pieces.

Tip: Rules can be broken too! In the end, your personal preference should play a big role in your decorating decisions. The rules above will surely guide your styling decisions.

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