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Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Kitchen Appliance - Megafurniture

Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen appliances have their designated lifespans. However, unlike food with expiration dates, determining whether it’s time to repair or replace an appliance can be quite challenging. Whether you have a refrigerator that doesn’t cool your food or a dishwasher that produces funny sounds, repairing or replacing your kitchen appliance requires lots of considerations.

Breakdowns are normal for appliances, even before the end of their lifespans. While many appliance issues can be repaired, it’s understandable to have some doubts about whether it's still worth it to push through the repair or if it’s better to replace the whole appliance.

In this guide, we’ll help you weigh the factors involved in repairing or replacing the appliance so you can make a more practical decision.


Is your Appliance Really Broken?

Is your Appliance Really Broken?

If your appliance stops working mid-cooking or food prep, it’s easy to get frustrated, thinking that your costly investment might not work anymore. After all, your kitchen appliance takes so much work off your hands. 

Before you call a repair service or a replacement, double-check your appliance:

  • Is it plugged in? Your cat may have unplugged the appliance by accident, or you may have pulled the appliance too far from the plug.
  • Are you using your appliance well?
  • Is your circuit breaker working well?
  • Is your appliance on an even surface?
  • Is your appliance clean? Is it dusty?

Aside from being damaged, some simple problems with your environment can cause your appliance to stop working for a while. So, make sure that everything works well before turning your appliance on. This can also guarantee your safety.


How Old is Your Appliance?

How Old is Your Appliance?

In case your appliance is truly broken, check its lifespan to get a good reference point on whether you need to get it repaired or replaced.

Kitchen Appliance

Average Lifespan


13 years


9-10 years


13-15 years

Microwave oven

9 years

Kitchen hob

13-15 years

Chest Freezer

11 years

Coffee machine

5 years

Air fryer

2-3 years


3-5 years

Stand mixer

10 years


5-7 years

If you’re having some problems with your appliance and you notice that it’s nearing the end of its lifespan, it may mean that a more practical solution is to get a new appliance.

Replacing your appliance will help you avoid future hassles and hefty repair costs, only to end up with the same problem.


Is the Appliance Still Under Warranty?

Is the Appliance Still Under Warranty?

Most appliances are under warranty for the first few months or years. This warranty will cover the cost of some repairs. If you are having some problems with your appliance that is relatively new, contact the manufacturer to see if your appliance is still under warranty and what services can be covered.


How Much Will the Repair Cost?

How Much Will the Repair Cost?

Repair costs vary based on the type of appliance and the complexity of the damage. One way to gauge whether it’s worth it to push through a repair or go for a replacement is to understand if the repair is still worth its price.

This is where the 50% rule comes in handy.

If your appliance is already halfway through its lifespan, is not under warranty, and will cost 50% of the price of a new appliance unit, it makes more sense to have it replaced. Not only will it be more energy efficient, modern, and aesthetically pleasing, but you can skip the frequent repairs and hassles of an old appliance.

However, if your appliance is still relatively new and fixing it is less expensive than purchasing a new one, repairing is probably the better option. Another exception is when your kitchen appliance is still under warranty.


Can Your Appliance Still Fulfill its Purpose?

Can Your Appliance Still Fulfill its Purpose?

What are you using your appliance for? Even if your appliance is already old and not pleasing to look at, if it still does what it is supposed to do, then it is still worth keeping. Modern features aside, if what you need is a refrigerator that keeps your food fresh and a rice cooker that cooks your rice, then you can keep using your appliance to the end of its lifespan.

If you want to enjoy the ease of modern appliance features, a more aesthetically pleasing look, or better energy efficiency, consider getting a new appliance.

Modern rice cookers offer more cooking settings on top of cooking white rice. Some of these settings include brown rice cooking, low-carb options, and even simple baking settings. Modern refrigerators are more energy-efficient and versatile in terms of their configurations.


Has the Appliance Go Through Many Recent Repairs?

Has the Appliance Go Through Many Recent Repairs?

Is this the first time your appliance has needed service, or is it the most recent in a long line of problems? If your kitchen appliance goes through frequent repairs, it may mean that your appliance has already reached the end of its useful lifespan. 

This is especially evident for old appliances. Repairing old appliances with recurring issues can only mean throwing away your money.


Are the Repair Parts Available?

Are the Repair Parts Available?

Older appliances may have some parts that cannot be easily found or replaced. This makes a supposedly simple fix into a complicated problem. Finding these can take some time and be costly. In the case of these complicated repairs, replacing your appliance entirely can be a more practical and convenient option.


Are You Style Conscious?

Are You Style Conscious?

As your appliances age, they start to look tired and weary. If you are keen to create a uniform look in your kitchen, updating your appliances may be one of your style priorities.

From chrome and luxurious modern units to retro appliances like SMEG and Odette, you can find a wide variety of appliance designs in Singapore.


Hidden Costs of Replacing a New Appliance

Hidden Costs of Replacing a New Appliance

While replacing your appliance is practical for many reasons, including better energy efficiency, functionality, and convenience, there are some things that you should remember when buying a new appliance for your kitchen.

  1. If you are buying a major or built-in kitchen appliance, the new one may not fit your existing kitchen layout. This may require you to do some tweaks with your cabinetry or layout.
  2. Some new appliances may require installation or additional wiring and circuits to operate.


In Conclusion

In Conclusion

Choosing between repairing and replacing your kitchen appliances is based on many factors, like their current efficiency, your budget, your kitchen's requirements, and your preferences.

Is it time to replace your appliance? Megafurniture has you covered! From major appliances to compact kitchen appliances, we have a wide range of options from your trusted brands in Singapore.

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