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Best Rice Cookers at Megafurniture (Brands to Watch Out For) - Megafurniture

Best Rice Cookers at Megafurniture (Brands to Watch Out For)

When you're standing in the aisle, mulling over which kitchen appliance to grab, how often do you find yourself leaning towards a name you recognise? 

We all do it. That's because brand reputation plays a huge role when we pick appliances. And when it comes to choosing the best rice cooker, this trust becomes even more critical. A good name ensures that your meal turns out perfect each time and that your trusty cooker stands the test of time.

What are the Different Types of Rice Cookers?

Standard Rice Cookers. Basic cookers with a simple one-touch operation. They automatically switch to 'warm' mode once the cooking is done.

Improved Rice Cookers. These offer a few more features than standard models, like steaming or settings for different types of rice.

Multifunction Rice Cookers. More versatile than the earlier models, they often have settings for cooking dishes like porridge or even baking cakes.

Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers. These are advanced cookers equipped with microcomputers to adjust cooking parameters for optimal results. They often have settings for various rice types and dishes.

Induction Heating (IH) Rice Cookers. Uses induction heating technology, which heats the entire inner cooking pan, allowing for more precise temperature control and even cooking.

Pressure Rice Cookers. Combines pressure cooking and rice cooking technology. Pressure cooking can alter the texture and taste, making rice softer and fluffier.

Microwave Rice Cookers. Plastic containers designed to cook rice in a microwave. They're more about convenience and less about precision.

Smart Rice Cookers. Equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities, these can be controlled via smartphones or smart home systems.

Rice Cookers at Megafurniture: Top Brands

1. Toyomi


Founded in the bustling markets of Japan, Toyomi has grown into an esteemed household name. Over the years, it has consistently adhered to its philosophy of making high-quality, reliable, and affordable home appliances.

Standout Features: 

Toyomi rice cookers are praised for their user-friendly interface and consistency. Their cookers have a seamless blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern technology. Compact designs with efficient power consumption are some traits that have made Toyomi a preferred choice for many.

2. Europace


Europace, a brand originating in Singapore, understands the local community's needs like no other. With its roots deep in the city's culture and climate, Europace has been able to design appliances tailored for local households.

Standout Features: 

Europace rice cookers stand out for their robust build and longevity. With a focus on safety and energy-saving features, these cookers are designed for the modern, environmentally-conscious consumer. Additionally, their sleek designs make them a stylish addition to any kitchen.

3. Toshiba


A global titan in electronics, Toshiba's journey began in Japan more than a century ago. Their legacy in innovation and dedication to excellence has made them a trusted name in households worldwide.

Standout Features: 

Toshiba rice cookers are synonymous with precision. Embedded with advanced fuzzy logic technology, they adjust cooking times and temperatures automatically, ensuring fluffy and perfectly cooked rice every time. Their commitment to innovation means users get features like quick cooking, porridge settings, and more. Furthermore, the durability of Toshiba appliances means they're a worthy long-term investment for any kitchen.


Key Features to Expect From Top Rice Cooker Brands

Key Features to Expect From Top Rice Cooker Brands

Consistent Cooking

No more undercooked grains or a burnt bottom layer. Top brands ensure that every batch of rice you cook attains the gold standard of fluffiness. Thanks to advanced heating technology and evenly distributed heat, these cookers promise perfection in every pot.

Energy Efficiency

High-quality rice cookers don't just cook well; they also consume power judiciously. With optimised cooking cycles and advanced sensors, these cookers ensure that they use only as much energy as necessary, leading to noticeable savings in your electricity bills.


These are different from the kind of appliances that you'll need to replace every couple of years. Built with high-grade materials and designed to withstand frequent use, top rice cooker brands offer longevity. Their sturdy build means they can handle daily wear and tear, ensuring they remain a mainstay in your kitchen for years.

Innovative Features

Think beyond just 'cook' and 'warm'. Modern rice cookers from elite brands are equipped with innovative features. Whether it's multi-grain settings, delay timers or even smart connectivity for remote operation, these brands continuously redefine what's possible with a rice cooker.

Megafurniture’s Commitment

Megafurniture’s Commitment

Quality Above All

Every product on our shelves exemplifies the highest standards of craftsmanship and performance.

Curated Selection

Only brands that meet our strict durability, functionality, and innovation criteria are showcased.

Trust in Brands

We offer esteemed brands like Toyomi, Europace, and Toshiba, representing not just appliances but a symbol of reliability.

Ahead of the Curve

Our team continually scouts for emerging trends and technologies, ensuring our customers have access to the latest and best products.

More Than a Store

Megafurniture Singapore guarantees unparalleled quality and an enduring partnership with our customers.

Customer Trust

Above all, the trust and satisfaction of our customers are our most valued achievements.


Key Takeaway:

When seeking the best rice cookers, Megafurniture is the go-to destination. Our curated selection represents not just appliances but a fusion of top-tier quality and trusted brand reliability. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the difference between a standard rice cooker and a fuzzy logic one?

Standard rice cookers typically have one-touch operations and switch to 'warm' mode once cooking is done. Fuzzy logic cookers, on the other hand, are equipped with microcomputers. They adjust cooking parameters based on various conditions, ensuring optimal results for rice types and dishes.

Is there a significant taste difference when using an Induction Heating (IH) rice cooker?

Yes, many users note a difference. IH rice cookers use induction heating, allowing for precise temperature control and even cooking. This often results in rice that's more evenly cooked and, to some, tastes better.

Can I cook things other than rice in my rice cooker?

Absolutely! Many rice cookers, especially multifunction and fuzzy logic ones, have settings for dishes like porridge, steaming vegetables, or even baking cakes. However, always consult the user manual to ensure you use the cooker correctly.

Do rice cookers consume a lot of electricity?

Rice cookers are generally energy-efficient. Their power consumption largely depends on their capacity and type. Advanced models with multiple functions may consume more power but also have energy-saving features.


How do I determine the right size of rice cooker for my household?

Generally, a 3-cup rice cooker is suitable for 2-3 people, a 5-cup for 4-5 people, and a 10-cup for 6 or more. However, it's always good to consider how often you'll cook and if you prefer leftovers.

Can I use my microwave rice cooker for other microwave cooking purposes?

Microwave rice cookers are primarily designed for cooking rice, but many can be used for steaming vegetables or reheating dishes. Always check the manufacturer's guidelines before using it for other purposes.

Is it essential to rinse rice before cooking?

Rinsing rice helps remove excess starch, preventing the grains from sticking together. It's a recommended step for most types of rice, especially white rice, but some varieties, like Arborio used in risottos, might be exceptions.

What's the benefit of smart rice cookers?

Smart rice cookers offer connectivity features like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This means you can control them via smartphones or integrate them with smart home systems for added convenience and advanced functionalities.

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