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Discover the Best Kitchen Mixers at Megafurniture Singapore - Megafurniture

Discover the Best Kitchen Mixers at Megafurniture Singapore

Remember the last time you tried whipping up a cake batter or pulling together dough manually? Quite the arm exercise, wasn't it? That's precisely where a dependable mixer shines. 

It's not just another shiny tool in your kitchen; it's a genuine baking ally. It does the heavy lifting without sweat, from velvety batters to airy breads. Are you curious why a mixer is a kitchen MVP or just seeking some insights on its undeniable perks? 

Stick around; we're about to stir things up!

Types of Mixers Available at Megafurniture 

1. Stand Mixers

These are the heavyweights in the mixing arena. Grounded with a firm base and backed by robust motors, they're the dream companions for avid bakers. Whether it's a challenging dough or a fluffy mousse, these mixers stand tall and deliver consistently.

2. Hand Mixers

Do you suddenly want to rustle up some muffins or a late-night brownie mix? The hand mixer is your nimble ally. It's compact, swift, and just the thing for those quick culinary endeavours or kitchens where every inch counts.

3. Mixer Machines for Commercial Kitchens

If you've got a bustling eatery or a pastry shop, the regular mixers won't cut. Enter commercial mixers designed for endurance and efficiency. They are the secret ingredient behind those impeccable croissants and pies at top-tier bakeries.



Popular Mixer Brands (Megafurniture Top Picks)

1. Odette

Odette doesn't just charm with its design; its intuitive controls and powerful performance make it a kitchen darling.

  • The epitome of sophistication meets functionality.
  • State-of-the-art technology packed in an ultra-sleek design.

General Features:

  • Multi-speed settings with a turbo boost.
  • Energy-efficient motor to save on electricity bills.



SMEG is more than a pretty face. Its versatility and strength make every baking endeavour feel like a piece of cake (pun intended!)

  • A vintage heart with a futuristic pulse.
  • Retro design coupled with top-tier modern tech.

General Features:

  • Signature '50s style aesthetic in a variety of colours.
  • Anti-slip feet ensure stability during intense mixing sessions.
  • A diverse range of attachments for all culinary adventures.

3. Toyomi

Toyomi is a testament that toughness and beauty can go hand in hand. It’s been my trusty companion through thick and thin doughs alike.

  • The durable warrior of the mixer realm.
  • It is engineered for endurance without skimping on elegance.

General Features:

  • Robust motor designed for more extended usage.
  • Simplified controls for hassle-free operation.
  • Compact design, ensuring it fits even in tighter kitchen spaces.

Kitchen Mixer Uses

Kitchen Mixer Uses

1. Baking & Desserts

Mixers are the backbone of any dessert expedition. From velvety cake batters to melt-in-the-mouth cookie dough, they ensure everything is mixed to perfection and got a sweet tooth? Your mixer is your best pal!

2. Bread Making

The allure of homemade bread is hard to resist. But, kneading by hand? Quite a task! Enter mixers. They work tirelessly, combining all ingredients and kneading them to the right consistency, ensuring you get that perfect loaf every time.

3. Whipping Cream & Egg Whites

Remember when you tried achieving stiff peaks with a manual whisk and ended up with an aching arm? Mixers to the rescue! They efficiently whip up cream and egg whites, making fluffy meringues and creamy toppings a breeze.


4. Making Purees & Sauces

With the proper attachment, your mixer can double up as a brilliant puree machine. From silky tomato sauces to hearty soups, it ensures seamless blending, offering consistency that's hard to achieve manually.

How To Choose The Right Mixer For Your Kitchen

How To Choose The Right Mixer For Your Kitchen

1. Assessing Kitchen Space

For Compact Spaces: A hand mixer might be the way to go if you're short on counter or storage space. They're light, easy to stow away, and still pack a punch for many tasks.

For Spacious Kitchens: A stand mixer can be a fantastic addition if space isn't a concern. It is a culinary workhorse and can become a statement piece in your kitchen decor.


2. Volume of Use

Occasional Bakers: Investing in a high-end model might not be necessary if you only bake during the holidays or special occasions. An essential, reliable mixer can serve your needs.

Frequent Culinary Endeavors: For those whipping, beating, and kneading regularly, a durable and robust mixer, preferably with a warranty, would be a wise investment.

3. Seeking Versatility

Basic Needs: If you're mainly looking to mix batters and occasionally knead dough, even a hand mixer with a few speed settings can suffice.

Multifunctional Expectations: If you dream of homemade pasta, freshly ground meat, or even spiralised veggies, you'll want a stand mixer with multiple attachments and capabilities. These mixers transform into multifunctional kitchen tools, expanding your culinary horizons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Beyond baking, what else can a mixer do for me?

You'd be surprised! While baking is a mixer's traditional gig, they're adaptable. Equip them with the right add-ons, and they'll help you craft pasta, mince meats, or even velvety sauces. The mixer's world goes beyond just dough and batter. (Read our Bonus Treat section for more details on this..)

Do mixers often come with additional tools or attachments?

Indeed they do! Several premium stand mixers are about more than just mixing. They evolve into multipurpose kitchen maestros with attachments like pasta creators, meat mincers, and sometimes, even churners for your favourite ice creams.

Any tips on keeping my mixer clean and ticking for long?

First and foremost, always check what the maker of your mixer recommends. For the most part, you can wipe your hand mixers with a moist cloth, and the detachable parts usually play well with soap and water or even a dishwasher cycle. Regarding stand mixers, their bowls and added tools are often dishwasher-friendly, but the central unit prefers a gentle wipe.

Should I splurge on a pricier mixer model?

Well, that's a game of match-making! A robust, superior-quality mixer could be a sound investment if your kitchen sees frequent baking sessions or demands rigorous mixing tasks. But a simple yet sturdy option should do the trick if you're dabbling occasionally.

Key Takeaway: 

Stepping into the world of culinary wonders, the tools you pick genuinely set the stage. In Megafurniture, we believe in simplifying your choices by offering top-notch mixers that play a pivotal role, whether crafting a delicate pastry or churning out homemade pasta. 

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Bonus Treat: The Unsung Talents of Your Mixer (Life Hacks!)

Homemade Pasta

Leave the boxed pasta on the shelf! With a dough hook and pasta roller attachment, you can create fresh, homemade pasta in your kitchen. From spaghetti to fettuccine, the world's your noodle!

Savoury Sauces & Dips

Move over, baking! Your mixer can effortlessly blend ingredients for creamy guacamoles, zesty salsas, and even your signature BBQ sauce. Just toss in the ingredients and let the magic happen.

Meat Mincer

With the proper attachment, that mixer can double as a meat grinder. Freshly ground meat for burgers, sausages, or meatballs? Yes, please!

Potato Perfection

Ditch the manual mashing! Whip up creamy, lump-free mashed potatoes in your mixer in minutes. You can even add some garlic or cheese for a gourmet twist.

Homemade Ice Cream

No need for a separate appliance. Some mixers come with ice cream attachments. Just imagine crafting your bespoke flavours at home – from classic vanilla to adventurous combinations like basil-strawberry!

Whipped Cream & Butter

Say goodbye to store-bought versions. In minutes, you can have fresh whipped cream or even churn your butter, ensuring you know every ingredient in your food.

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