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How to Style Your Bedside Table Like a Pro - Megafurniture

How to Style Your Bedside Table Like a Pro

Your bedside table is more than just a place to rest your phone and a glass of water, nor a simple surface to shut your alarm clock into. It's a vital piece of bedroom furniture that can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your sleeping space. To style your bedside table like a pro, consider various elements, from proportion and symmetry to personal touches and practicality. 

Let's transform your bedside table into a stylish and functional focal point in your bedroom.

Easy and Stylish Bedside Table Design Ideas

Easy and Stylish Bedside Table Design Ideas

Proportion is Everything

The first rule of styling your bedside table like a pro is to pay attention to proportion. Ensure that the size of your table is in harmony with the space it occupies. For instance, if you have a small bedside table, opt for smaller decor items to avoid overcrowding, while a larger table can accommodate more substantial pieces.

Don't Forget About Symmetry

Since we're on the topic of proportion, designing with symmetry is one of the most effective keys to creating a visually pleasing arrangement. Consider using matching decor elements on both sides of the bed, like identical lamps and framed art. This creates a sense of balance and calm in your bedroom.

Think Personal

Your bedside table is a personal space, so don't forget to infuse it with your personality. Add items that reflect your interests, such as books, family photos, or mementos.

Also, Think Practical

While aesthetics are essential, don't sacrifice functionality. Your bedside table should serve a practical purpose. Whether you love to keep receipts in one place or simply want a surface to place your reading glasses on, ensure that your bedside table has adequate storage for essentials.

Add Some Texture to Your Bedside Table Setup

Texture adds depth and character to your bedside table. Consider incorporating different materials, such as a wooden trinket, a ceramic lamp, and a glass vase, to create a tactile and visually interesting display.

Make Use of Contrasting Design Elements

Contrasting elements can make your bedside table pop. If your table is sleek and modern, consider adding a vintage alarm clock or rustic decor to create an exciting juxtaposition.

Utilise Complementary Decor

Complementary colours and themes can tie your bedside table together with the rest of your bedroom. Harmonise the colour scheme of your decor items with your bedding and overall bedroom design for a cohesive look.

Go Minimalist

Sometimes, less is more. A minimalist approach with just a few carefully chosen items can create an elegant and uncluttered bedside table. This is especially effective in small bedrooms.

Add a Statement Decor on Your Bedside Table Top

A statement piece can be a conversation starter and a focal point for your bedside table. Consider an eye-catching vase, a unique sculpture, or a decorative box as the centrepiece.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds, borrowed from photography and art, suggests dividing your bedside table into three equal sections vertically and arranging decor items within these sections to create a balanced and visually appealing arrangement.

Bedside Table Style Idea: Divide your bedside table into three sections vertically. Place a lamp on one-third, a stack of books or a small plant on the second-third, and an art piece or a decorative box on the final-third.

Or Group Items in Odd Numbers

Odd numbers are proven more visually pleasing than even numbers. Consider arranging decor items in groups of three or five, creating a dynamic and eye-catching display.

Spotlight Your Bedside Table with a Lamp

A stylish lamp not only provides essential bedside lighting but also adds character to your table. Choose a lamp that complements your bedroom's style and colour scheme.

Add a Vibrant Vase

A colourful vase with fresh flowers or faux blooms can inject life and vibrancy into your bedside table setup. To make this decor work, choose colours that resonate with your bedroom's palette.

Anchor with a Framed Art

Moreover, a framed piece of art can serve as an anchor for your bedside table. Select artwork that resonates with you and complements your room's decor.

Siblings, Not Twins!

If you have two bedside tables, don't feel compelled to make them identical. While symmetry is essential, each table can have its unique character, as long as they share a common theme or colour scheme.

Bedside Table Styling Idea: For a unique twist, consider different decor items for each bedside table. On one side, you might place a table lamp, a decorative mirror and a vase can add charm on the other.

Style with a Theme in Mind

Consider a theme for your bedside table. Whether it's a beachy vibe with seashell decor or an urban chic look with metallic elements, a theme can tie your design together.

Big Bedside Table? Partner it With a Big Decor!

Larger bedside tables can handle more substantial decor items. Don't be afraid to choose a big decorative piece that commands attention. This can also help balance out the 

Mix Different Decor Materials

Diversity can be captivating. Mix different materials like glass, metal, and wood to create an eclectic and intriguing bedside table setup.


Remember, the key to styling your bedside table like a pro is to let your personal style shine through. Mix and match these ideas to create a bedside table that reflects your unique taste and adds character to your bedroom.

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