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How to Choose Bedding Colour for a Festive Feel on Christmas Season - Megafurniture

How to Choose Bedding Colour for a Festive Feel on Christmas Season

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the festive spirit than by transforming your personal space into a Christmas haven? As we prepare for the Christmas-decorated living room, prepare holiday meals in the kitchen, and wrap Christmas presents, let us not forget to choose the right bedding colour that can elevate the ambience of your bedroom and infuse it with the warmth and joy that define the Christmas season.

Understanding Festive Colours

Understanding Festive Colours

Traditional colours play an important role when it comes to infusing your bedroom with the magic of Christmas. Red, green, gold, and silver have long been associated with the festive season, each carrying its symbolic significance.


This passionate hue symbolises warmth, love, and the joyous spirit of giving, and incorporating red into your bedding gives a sense of cosiness and celebration.


The colour of evergreen trees, green, represents renewal, nature, and the enduring hope associated with the holiday season. Additionally, green bedding can bring a refreshing and calming element to your Christmas retreat.


A symbol of luxury and prosperity, gold adds a touch of luxury to your bedroom, so consider golden accents or bedding to create a regal and festive atmosphere.


Representing elegance and sophistication, silver complements other festive colours beautifully. Also, silver bedding can introduce a subtle shimmer, resembling glistening snowflakes on a winter night amidst Singapore's tropical climate.

Modern and Trendy Festive Colour Schemes for Bedding

Modern and Trendy Festive Colour Schemes for Bedding

While tradition is special in our hearts, modern and trendy colour schemes offer a fresh take on Christmas aesthetics. So, why not consider these contemporary options to give your bedroom a chic and up-to-date festive vibe?

Blush Pink and Gold

Embrace a softer palette with blush pink paired with gold accents because this combination adds a modern twist to traditional warmth and luxury.


Navy Blue and Silver

For a sophisticated and calming ambience, opt for navy blue bedding with silver accents because this modern duo exudes elegance while capturing the serene beauty of chilly Christmas nights.

Emerald Green and Jewel Tones

Elevate your space with a rich emerald green base adourned with jewel-toned accents because this vibrant and eclectic choice brings a touch of glamour to your festive décor.

Monochromatic White

Create a winter wonderland with an all-white bedding décor because this minimalist approach, accented with subtle textures, radiates a serene and timeless elegance beyond the Christmas season.

The Importance of Coordinating Bedding Colours with Room’s Existing Décor

The Importance of Coordinating Bedding Colours with Room’s Existing Décor

Remember that your bedroom is a holistic space, and achieving a cohesive festive look involves more than choosing a beautiful bedding colour. Remember that harmonising the bedding with the room’s existing décor is important for creating a seamless and visually pleasing atmosphere.

Here are the three things to consider:

1. Visual Harmony

The goal is to achieve visual harmony between your festive bedding and the room's overall aesthetic, so make sure that the colours complement, rather than clash, with your existing furniture, curtains, and carpets.

2. Consistency in Style

Consider the existing style of your bedroom and aim for consistency because this will prevent a disjointed look and allow the festive bedding to enhance the room's charm.

3. Balance of Colours

If your room already has bold colours or patterns, opt for a more neutral or complementary festive bedding colour. On the other hand, if your room is predominantly neutral, you can introduce bolder and more vibrant holiday hues.

Tips on How to Blend Festive Bedding with Furniture, Wall Colours, and Accessories

Tips on How to Blend Festive Bedding with Furniture, Wall Colours, and Accessories
  1. If changing the entire bedding set feels too much, consider adding festive accessories like throw pillows, blankets, or shams because these accents can introduce holiday colours without overwhelming the existing décor.
  2. Ensure that the festive bedding complements the colour and style of your furniture. For instance, rich red or green bedding can create a warm and inviting atmosphere if you have dark wood furniture.
  3. Consider the colour of your bedroom walls as a backdrop for your festive bedding. If your walls are neutral, they provide a versatile canvas for introducing a range of festive colours. If the walls are already vibrant, choose bedding colours that enhance rather than clash.
  4. Experiment with textures to add depth and interest. If your décor is minimalistic, textured bedding in festive colours can create a focal point. Additionally, choose smoother bedding to maintain balance if the room is already textured.
  5. Before making a final decision, use fabric samples or digital tools to visualise how the bedding colours will interact with the room, as this can help you make an informed choice and avoid any surprises.

Material and Comfort Considerations for Festive Bedding Selection

Material and Comfort Considerations for Festive Bedding Selection

Singapore’s tropical climate and unique weather patterns call for thoughtful considerations when choosing festive bedding. While the allure of festive colours is undeniable, practical aspects like material and comfort are important in ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Reminder #1: Material Matters:

  1. Singapore’s climate is characterised by high temperatures and humidity. So, opt for breathable materials such as cotton or linen to ensure optimal airflow because these materials wick away moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable during warm nights.
  2. Festive bedding is an investment; choosing durable materials ensures longevity. Given the frequent use and washing that bedding undergoes, select high-quality fabrics that can withstand the test of time without compromising on comfort.
  3. Choose materials that are easy to care for and maintain. For instance, machine-washable and quick-drying fabrics are efficient in this humid climate.

Reminder #2: Comfort as a Priority:

  1. The festive season in Singapore doesn't necessarily mean cooler weather, so prioritise bedding that aids in temperature regulation and lightweight and breathable materials that contribute to a comfortable sleep environment that prevents overheating.
  2. Comfort is not just about climate; it's also about the feel of the bedding against your skin, so opt for soft and inviting textures that enhance the overall comfort level. For example, microfibre, sateen, or jersey knit fabrics can provide a luxurious touch.
  3. Singapore's tropical environment can sometimes trigger allergies, so consider hypoallergenic bedding options, especially if you or your family members have sensitivities, to ensure a restful night's sleep without concerns about allergic reactions.


Selecting the right bedding colour can effortlessly infuse your home with a festive spirit during Christmas. Ultimately, the key is to choose colours that resonate with the festive vibe you wish to achieve, making your bed a delightful focal point that complements the joyful ambience of the holiday season.

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