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6 Choices of Fabrics Highly Recommended For Your Pet Friendly Fabric Bed - Megafurniture

6 Choices of Fabrics Highly Recommended For Your Pet Friendly Fabric Bed


The time when you are getting cosy with your furball at night only to realise your sheets weren't entirely up to the task? Selecting the right bedding for style and four-legged-friend compatibility can feel tricky. 

But no stress, we're here to help! 

Dive into our curated guide that lists the top six materials for that perfect pet friendly fabric bed. Let's find out how to make bedtime with our pets as smooth as their purrs (or tail wags)! Ready to explore?

6 Types of Fabric That Are Recommended For Your Pet Friendly Fabric Bed

6 Types of Fabric That Are Recommended For Your Pet Friendly Fabric Bed


1. Microfiber 

Microfiber is a popular choice when considering a pet-friendly fabric bed. It offers a balance of durability, ease of maintenance, and comfort.

Durability: One of the primary reasons homeowners opt for microfiber as a pet-friendly fabric bed is its resistance to tears. Its structure is known for remarkable strength, ensuring longevity even with pets sharing the space.

Cleaning: A significant advantage of microfiber is its cleaning ease. Being resistant to most stains, it stands up to the challenges pets often present. Pet hair, a common concern for many, doesn't adhere to it as tenaciously. Vacuuming or a simple wipe usually suffices to maintain a clean bed environment.

Comfort: Beyond its practical attributes, a pet-friendly fabric bed made of microfiber offers a pleasant tactile experience. Its soft texture makes it a comfortable sleeping surface for humans and furry companions.



High resistance to wear and tear, making it durable.

It might feel warmer than natural fibres, potentially causing discomfort in hotter climates.

Repels water and most stains.

Over time, without proper care, it can lose its softness.

It doesn't trap pet hair as much, making cleaning easier.

Oil-based stains can be challenging to remove.

Typically hypoallergenic, benefiting those with allergies.



3. Cotton Canvas 

Cotton canvas emerges as a reliable contender when considering materials for a pet-friendly fabric bed. Its reputation is built on durability and practicality, even if it slightly compromises plushness.

Durability: Cotton canvas is recognised for its sturdiness in pet-friendly fabric beds. Its robust nature ensures it can consistently resist the everyday wear and tear that pets can cause.

Cleaning: A prominent advantage of choosing cotton canvas for a pet-friendly fabric bed is the ease of maintenance. The fabric can endure machine wash cycles, making managing accidental spills or pet fur accumulation more straightforward. However, a drawback is the potential fading of colours over repeated washes.

Comfort: While cotton canvas may not top the charts in softness compared to other fabrics, its resilience ensures it remains a valid choice for those prioritising longevity in a pet-friendly fabric bed.



Highly durable and less prone to rips or tears.

Lacks the plush softness of materials like microfiber or sateen.

It can be easily cleaned in a washing machine.

Colours might lose vibrancy with repeated washing.

Less likely to retain pet odours compared to some other fabrics.

Heavier spills might cause staining if not addressed promptly.

Natural fabric is often preferred for its breathability.

3. Linen

In pursuing a perfect pet friendly fabric bed, linen is an ancient yet timeless choice. Its organic charm is complemented by properties that make it suitable for homes with pets.

Durability: One of the shining attributes of linen, especially in the context of a pet-friendly fabric bed, is its natural resistance to pilling and wear. This means that, even with your furry friends joining you on the mattress, linen holds its own over time.

Cleaning: Linen's adaptability extends to its cleaning requirements. It can be machine-washed, simplifying the maintenance process. However, one characteristic is its propensity to wrinkle, which might require extra care to maintain a neat appearance on your pet-friendly fabric bed.

Comfort: Linen has a unique attribute: it becomes softer with each wash, enhancing the comfort of your pet-friendly fabric bed over time. While initially, it might possess a crisp texture, continued use and washing cycles make it increasingly plusher.



Naturally hypoallergenic, beneficial for both humans and pets with sensitivities.

It tends to wrinkle easily, which might detract from a polished bed appearance.

It is known for its cooling properties, ideal for warmer climates.

It might feel rough initially before multiple washes soften it.

Durable and can withstand repeated washing.

Often more expensive than other fabrics.

It's eco-friendly, as it’s made from the flax plant.



4. Bamboo

Bamboo surfaces are an innovative and sustainable choice for a pet friendly fabric bed. It's quickly gaining traction in modern households for its unique blend of features.

Durability: Its durability is at the forefront of bamboo's appeal for a pet-friendly fabric bed. 

Despite their soft feel, bamboo sheets have an inherent strength that resists tears, making them withstand the antics of playful pets over the years.

Cleaning: Bamboo's natural attributes extend beyond mere strength. Cleanness is paramount for a pet-friendly fabric bed, and bamboo excels here. It's not only machine washable but also typically hypoallergenic. This quality ensures both you and your furry companion benefit from reduced allergens.

Comfort: Bamboo's reputation in the realm of comfort for a pet-friendly fabric bed is commendable. It's soft, offering a luxurious feel, and its natural breathability makes it a favoured choice, especially in warmer climates, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep.



Eco-friendly due to bamboo's rapid growth rate and minimal resource use.

It can be pricier than some other fabric choices.

Naturally moisture-wicking, helping to keep the bed fresh.

Bamboo sheets labelled "rayon" or "viscose from bamboo" undergo a chemical process, potentially reducing some of the bamboo's natural benefits.

Resistant to odours, beneficial in a bed shared with pets.

They might require gentler wash cycles to maintain their integrity.

It provides natural UV protection, preserving the fabric's colour and integrity.

5. Tightly Woven Cotton (like Percale)

In the vast world of bedding options, tightly woven cotton, especially Percale, has its niche. As a sought-after choice for a pet-friendly fabric bed, its features cater to aesthetics and practicality.

Durability: One cannot underscore the importance of durability for a pet-friendly fabric bed. Here, the tight weave of this cotton variant shines. Specifically designed to be dense, it can adeptly resist the challenges posed by pet claws and snags, ensuring a longer lifespan for your bedding.

Cleaning: Maintenance is a breeze with tightly woven cotton. As a pet-friendly fabric bed must often face unexpected messes, the fact that this material is machine washable offers homeowners much-needed convenience.

Comfort: Beyond its beneficial attributes, the comfort of a pet-friendly fabric bed is paramount. Tightly woven cotton provides a uniquely crisp feel. Moreover, its breathability ensures a comfortable sleeping environment, especially during warmer nights.



Natural material, making it environmentally friendly.

It can wrinkle easily, which may require ironing for a pristine bed appearance.

Known for its relaxed and fresh feel, it is ideal for hot sleepers or warm climates.

It might feel stiff initially, but it softens with repeated washes.

It doesn't pill easily, maintaining a smooth texture over time.

It might not be as soft as sateen or other cotton weaves.

Typically, it has a matte finish, giving it a luxurious look.

6. Polyester Blends

Navigating the choices for a pet friendly fabric bed can be daunting. However, polyester blends emerge as a resilient and practical option, especially when considering pets' challenges to bedding.

Durability: The material's inherent durability is central to the appeal of polyester blends for a pet-friendly fabric bed. Synthetic polyester is engineered to withstand wear and tear, especially compared to natural fibres.

Cleaning: The convenience associated with a pet-friendly fabric bed is pivotal. Polyester blends are typically machine washable, with the added benefit of drying quickly, making bed maintenance hassle-free.

Comfort: Comfort varies with polyester blends, mainly depending on its combination with other fibres. Some blends yield a soft texture, while others might lean towards being slightly stiff, affecting the overall comfort of the pet-friendly fabric bed.



Highly wrinkle-resistant, ensuring a neat bed appearance.

It may not be as breathable as natural fibres, potentially causing warmth.

Retains colour well, minimising the risk of fading over time.

Some blends may feel less soft or even slightly scratchy to sensitive skin.

Affordable when compared to some purely natural fabrics.

Over time and without proper care, polyester can pill.

Typically moisture-wicking, aiding in a fresher sleeping environment.

Key Takeaway:

6 Choices of Fabrics Highly Recommended For Your Pet Friendly Fabric Bed

Selecting the ideal fabric for a pet-friendly fabric bed is a critical decision that balances aesthetics, comfort, and durability. From the luxurious softness of bamboo to the enduring strength of tightly woven cotton and the practicality of polyester blends, each material offers its unique set of benefits tailored to the diverse needs of pet owners. 

By understanding the properties of these six fabrics - microfiber, cotton canvas, linen, bamboo, tightly woven cotton (like Percale), and polyester blends - homeowners can make an informed choice that ensures their comfort and the well-being of their furry companions. The suitable fabric not only enhances the longevity of the bedding but also provides a harmonious coexistence with our beloved pets in the shared sanctuary of our bedrooms.

Discover the ultimate pet friendly fabric beds tailored for comfort and durability. Make bedtime a dreamy affair for both you and your fur baby.

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