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5 Home Cleaning Tips After Holiday - Megafurniture

5 Home Cleaning Tips After Holiday

Cleaning up after the holiday season can be daunting, but it becomes manageable with the right cleaning tips. Begin by addressing the areas with the most foot traffic - the living room and dining room. Use effective cleaning solutions to tackle stains and clutter, ensuring a thorough clean-up. Ensure that trash bins are placed to simplify waste disposal strategically. Focus on the guest bedrooms next, refreshing them for their subsequent use. A cleaning checklist outline that has a systematic approach will ease the process.


1. Kitchen Deep Clean 

cleaning up after Christmas

The kitchen, undoubtedly, saw the most action. Begin by tackling the countertops; clear them of any clutter, and use a gentle cleanser to wipe away any residue. Pay special attention to kitchen appliances - the oven, microwave, and refrigerator may need thorough cleaning after heavy use. Organise your kitchen cabinets, discarding expired items and restocking essentials. A well-organised space looks appealing and makes future meal preparations more efficient. Pay attention to more minor details like the inside of the microwave or the crumb tray in the toaster. These small touches make a big difference in maintaining a hygienic kitchen.


2. Bathroom Makeover 

cleaning tips

Bathrooms can be quickly refreshed. Start washing or replacing bath mats and shower curtains if worn or holding odours. Clean the shower door with a glass cleaner for a streak-free shine. Mirrors should be wiped down with a microfiber cloth to remove water spots. Regularly emptying and cleaning toilet bins is essential for maintaining hygiene. Add a fresh air freshener or a small potted plant for a pleasant touch.


3. Bedroom Refresh 

holiday cleaning

Simple acts like making the bed and fluffing cushions can greatly impact the bedrooms. Pay attention to the guest bedrooms, ensuring they are welcoming and comfortable for future visitors. A tidy bedroom contributes to a serene home environment.


4. Holiday Decoration Storage 

Storing holiday decorations

Storing holiday decorations neatly is crucial. Organize them in labelled storage boxes, preparing for the next joyful time. Proper storage protects the treasured decorations and makes future holiday preparations more convenient.      


5. Laundry Day 

Holiday laundry

Don't forget your laundry to add to your holiday cleaning checklist. Empty your laundry hampers, and wash all linens and towels used during the holiday season. Use a quality laundry detergent to remove stains and odours, and set the washing machine to the appropriate cycle for each fabric. Hang them out to dry, or use a dryer for a fresh, clean scent. Once dry, fold and arrange them neatly in the linen closet or storage area. A tidy linen closet makes it easy to find what you need and keeps your home organised.      


Transform Your Home with These Amazing Post-Holiday Cleaning Tips!

Transform your home into a clean, inviting space with Megafurniture's excellent post-holiday cleaning tips and quality furniture. Let's create a community of beautifully furnished homes that are clean and organised. With Megafurniture's help, you can enjoy a clutter-free living space that sets the stage for creating lasting memories. Join us in making your home the best it can be!

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