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4 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan with Lights For Your HDB Living Room - Megafurniture

4 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan with Lights For Your HDB Living Room

We've all been there: it's a sweltering day in Singapore, and you're trying to find that sweet spot of comfort in your home. You want a breeze, but you also need ample lighting. Simply put, you need a fan and light to get you by.

The solution to this dilemma is the ceiling fan with lights. This two-in-one fixture is increasingly popular in Singaporean HDB flats for its ability to provide both air circulation and lighting, enhancing the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your living space.

Here are the critical considerations for selecting the ideal ceiling fan design with lights for your HDB living room.

Why Should You Opt For a Ceiling Fan with Lights For Your HDB Living Rooms?

Dual Functionality (A Must-Have in HDB Living Rooms)

A ceiling fan with lights serves two primary purposes in one fixture: providing air circulation and illumination. This dual functionality can be especially beneficial for rooms with limited ceiling space.

Cost-Efficient and Aesthetic Appeal

Opting for a ceiling fan with lights can be more economical than purchasing separate fixtures. Many modern ceiling fans are equipped with energy-efficient LED bulbs, offering long-term savings on your electricity bill. Moreover, the sleek and stylish designs of contemporary ceiling fans can significantly boost the visual appeal of your HDB living room, serving as a statement piece or complementing your existing decor.


For rooms with limited ceiling space, a ceiling fan with lights eliminates the need for multiple fixtures. This is particularly beneficial for smaller rooms or areas with a desired clutter-free look.


Operating the fan and the light from a single point (often with a remote control) offers convenience. Some advanced models even allow users to control the fan speed and light intensity with smartphone apps or smart home systems.

Ambiance Creation

The combination of light and air movement can create a desired ambience in a room. For instance, dimmable lights paired with a gentle fan breeze can set a relaxing mood for an evening unwind.


Many ceiling fans with lights offer adjustable lighting options, from bright white light suitable for reading to softer, warmer tones perfect for relaxation or entertainment.

Increased Home Value

Well-chosen fixtures can enhance an HDB's aesthetic appeal and functionality, potentially increasing its market value. A ceiling fan with lights can be an attractive feature for potential homebuyers.

Environmentally Friendly

Using energy-efficient bulbs and optimising air circulation, ceiling fans with lights can reduce the need for air conditioning and excessive lighting, leading to a smaller carbon footprint.


A combined fixture reduces the amount of electrical wiring and installations in the ceiling, potentially minimising the risk of electrical issues.


Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Ceiling Fan with Lights For Your HDB Living Room

1. HDB Room Size and Ceiling Fan with Lights Dimensions

Room Size and Ceiling Fan with Lights Dimensions

Choosing a ceiling fan that's appropriately sized for your HDB living room is crucial. A fan that's too small won't effectively circulate air, leaving pockets of stagnant air, while a fan that's too large could overpower the room with too much breeze.

For larger HDB living rooms, a ceiling fan with a blade span of 52 inches or more is recommended, whereas a fan with a blade span of 42 inches or less would suffice for smaller rooms.

The Biggest Ceiling Fan vs. Ceiling Fan 9 Blade

Biggest HDB Ceiling Fans:

When it comes to maximizing airflow in spacious HDB living areas or expansive commercial settings, the largest ceiling fans take the lead. With their impressive blade spans, these fans are engineered to deliver effective air circulation across wide-open spaces, making them an ideal choice for large HDB living rooms or open-plan layouts. Their considerable size not only ensures efficient air movement but also contributes to the overall aesthetic of the room, making a bold statement with their presenc

Ceiling Fan with 9 Blades:

The number of blades on a ceiling fan contributes significantly to its performance and style, particularly in HDB settings. A ceiling fan with 9 blades stands out for its ability to produce a considerable airflow, thanks to its extensive blade span. This feature, coupled with its distinctive design, makes the 9-blade ceiling fan a favoured option for HDB living room spaces, blending seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional decor while ensuring the area remains cool and comfortable.

60-inch Ceiling Fans with Lights – Perfect for Larger HDB Living Spaces:

At the larger end of the ceiling fan spectrum, the 60-inch models are perfectly suited for expansive rooms. These ceiling fans come equipped with lights, offering the dual benefit of enhancing air circulation and providing sufficient lighting. This makes the 60-inch ceiling fan with lights an excellent addition to large HDB living rooms or open spaces, where both ventilation and illumination are key considerations. 

2. Choosing the Perfect Ceiling Fan with Lights: HDB Living Room vs. Bedroom

HDB Living Room:

  • The living room, often the heart of an HDB flat, is a hub for relaxation and social gatherings. It's essential to choose a ceiling fan with lights that can efficiently manage air circulation across this larger area, accommodating the needs of family members and guests alike.
  • As a primary space for entertaining guests, your HDB living room deserves a ceiling fan with lights that not only cools but also captivates. Consider fans that serve as statement pieces or those that complement and elevate your living room's decor.
  • The ideal position for a living room ceiling fan with lights is centrally located to ensure even air distribution. For living rooms with defined seating areas, strategically placing the fan above this zone maximizes comfort for seated individuals, enhancing the overall ambiance of your HDB living space.


Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Lights:

  • Bedrooms require a more gentle and quiet circulation, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. Ceiling fan with lights that has  silent motors and adjustable speed settings are ideal.
  • A more subtle design might be preferred in a bedroom, ensuring the fan blends seamlessly with the room's calming ambience.
  • Positioning the ceiling fan with lights in the centre of the bedroom or above the bed can provide optimal comfort. However, ensure it's securely installed if placed directly over the bed.

3. How the Purpose of the Room Influences the Choice of Ceiling Fan with Lights


How the Purpose of the Room Influences the Choice of Fan

Dining Room: 

Opt for an HDB ceiling fan with lights that offers a gentle breeze, perfect for maintaining a comfortable environment without disturbing dining essentials like napkins or papers. 


In the kitchen, a ceiling fan helps in dissipating heat from cooking, contributing to a cooler cooking environment. Choose an HDB ceiling fan with lights that's easy to clean, considering the kitchen's exposure to grease and grime, to maintain hygiene and functionality.

HDB Living Room Ceiling Fan:

The living room, a central hub for relaxation and entertainment in your HDB flat, demands a ceiling fan that combines efficiency with style. A living room ceiling fan with lights should provide ample air circulation to accommodate more occupants while complementing the room's aesthetic. Select a fan that serves as a statement piece or one that seamlessly integrates into your living room decor, enhancing both comfort and visual appeal.

Home Office: 

For a home office, it's essential to have consistent and quiet air circulation to maintain a conducive work environment. An HDB ceiling fan with lights with a silent motor and focused airflow ensures comfort during long hours of work without any distractions.

Outdoor Spaces: 

When considering ceiling fans for outdoor areas like patios or balconies, ensure the fan is suitable for outdoor use. These fans are designed to withstand moisture and temperature variations, making them durable for outdoor conditions.

4. Design and Aesthetics of HDB Ceiling Fan with Lights

Harmony with Room Style:

Your HDB living room's ceiling fan with lights should be an extension of the room's overall design theme. Whether your decor leans towards modern minimalism or traditional elegance, choose a fan that complements the style.

For example, a sleek, metallic fan could be the centerpiece of a contemporary HDB living room, while a fan with wooden accents and intricate designs might be more at home in a traditionally styled space.

Colour Coordination:

The colour of your living room ceiling fan with lights can either create a striking contrast or blend harmoniously with your HDB's colour scheme. Opt for a fan that stands out as a bold statement piece or one that subtly complements the existing palette of your living room.

Lighting Integration:

Considering many HDB ceiling fans come equipped with lighting, selecting the right type of lighting is crucial. The fan's lighting should cater to the ambiance you wish to create in your living room, from soft, warm tones for a cozy atmosphere to bright LEDs for functional illumination.

Unique Features:

Distinctive design elements can transform a ceiling fan with lights from a mere functional appliance to a decorative asset in your living room. Features like retractable blades, elegant motifs, or unusual shapes not only serve as conversation starters but also contribute to the unique character of your HDB living space.


Other HDB Specific Considerations for Ceiling Fan with Lights

Understanding HDB Room Height and Standard HDB Ceiling Height

Standard Heights: The typical ceiling height for most HDB flats ranges from 2.4 meters to 2.6 meters, although this can vary based on the flat type and the block's age. Newer BTO (Build-To-Order) flats might have slightly different specifications.

Implications: The relatively low ceiling height in many HDB flats means that homeowners must be cautious about the type of ceiling fan they choose. Fans hanging too low can pose safety risks and make the room feel cramped.


Challenges and Solutions for Installing a Fan on the Ceiling in HDB Homes

Weight Limitations: HDB ceilings, especially those made of false ceiling material, have weight restrictions. Ensuring that the chosen ceiling fan does not exceed these limits is crucial.

Solution: Opt for lightweight fans or ensure that the fan is anchored securely to the original ceiling slab, not just the false ceiling.

Electrical Wiring: Many HDB flats come with concealed wiring, making rerouting or adjusting electrical connections challenging.

Solution: Engage a licensed electrician familiar with HDB regulations to ensure safe and compliant installation.

Limited Space: Given the compact nature of some HDB flats, there might be limited space for a large fan, especially in rooms with other ceiling fixtures.Solution: Consider smaller fans or those with a more streamlined design. Alternatively, think about wall-mounted fans for extremely tight spaces.

Noise Concerns: In close-knit HDB communities, a noisy fan can be disruptive to neighbours, especially if walls are thin.

Solution: Invest in a high-quality fan known for quiet operation. Rubber or padded mountings can also reduce vibration and noise.

Safety Regulations: HDB has specific safety guidelines for home renovations and installations. Non-compliance can result in penalties. 

Solution: Always check the latest HDB guidelines before installation and consider hiring professionals familiar with HDB regulations.

Key Takeaway:

It's essential to remember that while the design and aesthetics of a living room ceiling fan can dramatically enhance the ambiance of your HDB space, its fundamental role is to ensure efficient air circulation and provide sufficient lighting.

Finding the perfect balance between these core functionalities and your design goals is crucial in selecting the ideal HDB ceiling fan with lights for your living room. This balanced approach guarantees that your chosen fan not only complements the aesthetic appeal of your space but also fulfills its primary purpose, enhancing both the comfort and style of your HDB living area.

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