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4 Benefits of Getting A Leather Sofa For Your Home - Megafurniture

4 Benefits of Getting A Leather Sofa For Your Home

Leather sofas are a popular choice among homeowners when buying home furniture, and with good reason. If you will look into the pros and cons of leather sofa, you'll come to realise that the pros will weigh much higher than its cons. 

A quality, leather sofa exudes class, character, and style. But underneath its sexy exterior, leather is a tough, long-lasting material that only gets better with age.

While many are instinctively drawn to the classy looks of leather sofas, it’s also easy to fall in love with the leather or fabric sofa advantages and its many practical benefits of leather.

Megafurniture is your go-to furniture store in Singapore, and we’ve put together these reasons why you should consider a leather sofa for your home. 


#1 Durability

In addition to complementing almost any home interior, leather sofas will give you years of use. Leather is a fabric renowned for its durability, with modern tanning processes ensuring its resistance to cracking, sagging, and peeling. Experts estimate that a leather sofa can last four times longer compared to fabric sofas, remaining strong even around the seams because of its natural properties.

#2 Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain Furniture in Singapore

Leather sofas’ smooth surface makes maintaining the furniture a breeze. They usually require just a light dusting or rubbing down a couple of times a year, whereas fabric sofas require regular vacuuming and cleaning.

Furthermore, the nature of leather makes it resistant to stains and spills. This makes cleaning and maintenance effortless, especially for families with young children. That said, while leather doesn’t need constant attention, it should be conditioned consistently to prevent cracks and splits from forming.

#3 Comfortable and timeless

Comfortable and timeless Furniture in Singapore

A leather sofa can lend a certain elegance to a room that is hard to duplicate with fabric home furniture. The aesthetic nature of leather is timeless and will never go out of style, lasting through changes to your interior design. Furthermore, leather sofas tend to become more supple and soft with time, allowing them to remain cosy with frequent use. Instead of looking worn out, leather sofas look even more inviting as time goes by.

Additionally, unlike many synthetic imitations, leather breathes. That means it is able to dissipate heat and cold quickly, no matter the weather, making it comfortable for sitting all year round.

#4 Hypoallergenic

Leather sofas do not harbour dust mites or pet fur, which is good news for those in Singapore who suffer from allergies. This is also why leather sofas are easy to maintain as compared to fabric sofas, which tend to seal in allergenic materials, making it tough to create a comfortable environment for people with sensitivities.

#5 More bang for your buck

Most people have the impression that leather furniture in Singapore comes with a higher cost. While it is true that in most cases you will be required to spend more on a leather sofa, keep in mind that it can last much longer than the same piece of furniture made with fabric. As a result, a leather couch is likely to be of much better value, and a wise investment.

We hope this article has been useful in the process of shopping for furniture in Singapore, or buying furniture online. Leather sofas are sophisticated and durable furniture pieces, making them a smart investment for your living spaces - reach out to our team to learn more about the range of leather furniture available for home living needs!

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