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2 Room BTO Renovation Layout Hacks - Megafurniture

2 Room BTO Renovation Layout Hacks

If you've recently snagged one of the cosy 2-room BTO spaces, you know just how important it is to make every square inch count.

You might be thinking - "How can I possibly fit everything I need into such a compact space?" Well, fear not because we've got your back.

In this guide, we will reveal amazing layout hacks that will revolutionise how you think about your 2-room BTO renovation.

Are you ready to choose which BTO house design ticks off your preferences?


What is a 2 Room BTO Flat?


A 2 Room Build-To-Order (BTO) flat is a unique type of public housing available in Singapore. Designed with a compact and efficient layout, it includes a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a single bedroom. Though it may sound small on paper, this flat type can be an ideal living solution for many people, offering affordability without compromising comfort or functionality.


Why Opt for a 2-Room BTO?


Opting for a 2 Room BTO is a decision that's often driven by various factors. It's an affordable and efficient option for singles or couples starting their journey towards owning a home. Young couples or individuals who value their independence find these flats the perfect stepping stone to more prominent housing options in the future. The smaller square footage is also easier to maintain, making it a practical choice for busy urban dwellers.


Starting Your 2-Room BTO Renovation


How to Plan Your 2-Room BTO Renovation

When it comes to renovating your 2 bedroom BTO, planning is the first and most critical step. Begin by setting clear renovation goals. What do you want to achieve? You may want to create more storage, or you'd like a more open, airy feel. After defining your goals, determine a budget. Knowing how much you're willing to spend can help you make practical decisions during renovation. Lastly, create a design plan that includes the layout, the furniture, and the decor. Consider hiring a professional interior designer who can provide valuable insights into your 2 room bto renovation ideas.

1. 2 Room BTO Layout Planning

An essential part of your 2 bedroom renovation planning is deciding on the layout of your flat. A well-thought-out layout can greatly impact its functionality and aesthetics. Consider factors such as natural light sources, room proportions, and the positioning of doors and windows. Also, think about how you'll move through the space. Ensure your layout allows for a smooth flow from one area to another.

2. 2 Room BTO Renovation Costs

The cost of renovating your 2 Room BTO can vary significantly, depending on the project's complexity, the materials used, and the services you'll need. Setting aside a renovation budget is crucial to ensure you spend your money wisely. Remember, a renovation doesn't have to be costly to be effective. You can transform your space without breaking the bank with creativity and careful planning.

3. Exploring 2 Room BTO Renovation Packages

To streamline the renovation process and manage costs effectively, consider opting for a 2-room BTO renovation package. At a fixed price, these packages typically offer bundled services, including design consultation, material procurement, and construction. By choosing a comprehensive package tailored to your needs, you can simplify decision-making and minimise unexpected expenses.

Essential Tips for a Successful 2-Room BTO Renovation


Maximise Your Space

Space may be at a premium in a 2-room BTO, but there are several ways to maximise what you have:

Multi-functional Furniture: Consider investing in multi-functional furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For example, a sofa bed can be used for seating during the day and converted into a bed at night. A coffee table with storage can provide an extra spot to stash your bits and bobs.

Clever Storage Hacks: With limited space, it's essential to integrate smart storage solutions into your design plan. This could include under-bed storage, over-the-door hooks, or built-in cabinets. Get creative with your storage – every nook and cranny can be utilised!


Choose an Interior BTO Design Theme



Choosing an interior design for your 2 room BTO is a personal journey. It should reflect your taste and lifestyle. Do you prefer a cosy, traditional look, or are you more inclined towards a sleek, modern design? You may love the warmth of nature and want to incorporate elements of it into your decor. No matter your choice, ensure that it makes you feel at home and relaxed.

When conceptualising your 2-room BTO design, consider elements such as colour schemes, textures, and patterns. A harmonious colour scheme can make your space appear larger and more cohesive. Textures and patterns, on the other hand, can add depth and interest to your interior.


Bring in the Right Furniture and Appliances


Selecting the right furniture and appliances for your 2 room BTO is critical to renovating. You'll want to choose items proportionate to your space and suit your needs.

How to Choose the Right Furniture

Regarding furniture, the key is to think 'smart'. Opt for functional, stylish pieces that align with your room's scale. For instance, a bed with built-in storage can be a great space-saving solution for a small BTO bedroom design. A dining table with extendable leaves can work well in a compact dining area, providing extra space when you have guests.

How to Pick the Right Appliances

The right appliances can make your daily routines more efficient. When choosing appliances for your 2 room BTO, consider size, functionality, energy efficiency and aesthetics. For example, a compact, energy-efficient washing machine could be an excellent fit for a small utility area.

2 Room BTO Kitchen Design

When it comes to the kitchen in your 2-room BTO, efficient design is paramount. Consider space-saving solutions such as pull-out pantry shelves or built-in appliances to maximise functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. Compact yet multi-functional kitchen islands or breakfast bars can serve as additional workspace or dining areas, enhancing the overall versatility of your kitchen.

2 Room BTO Lighting Considerations


Lighting creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your 2 room BTO. It also has the power to affect the perceived size of a room.

Natural Light: Where possible, maximise natural light. It doesn't just make a room feel larger – it can also boost your mood and reduce energy bills. Consider light window treatments that allow sunlight to pour in.

Artificial Light: Combining ambient, task and accent lighting can provide flexibility and enhance your home's ambience. For instance, pendant lights can provide overall illumination, under-cabinet lights can aid in kitchen tasks, and a table lamp can create a cosy reading nook.


Turn Your 2-room BTO into Your Dream Home

A 2-room BTO is limited in space. Still, with careful planning, clever design choices, and smart furniture selection, it can be transformed into a comfortable, stylish and functional living space. Remember, a home is not just a physical space - it reflects who you are and how you live. So take the time to plan and create a home that truly represents you and meets your needs.

Whether you're a single professional looking for your first home or a couple starting your life together, a 2 room BTO is a fantastic place to start. And with these renovation layout hacks, you can turn your BTO into your dream home.

Remember, the journey to a dream home is a marathon, not a sprint. So, enjoy the process; before you know it, you'll have a place you're proud to call home.

Happy renovating!

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