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10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Built-In Dishwasher Can Do - Megafurniture

10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Built-In Dishwasher Can Do

Have you ever paused to consider the remarkable evolution of the humble dishwasher? From a simple tool to scrub off grime to becoming an indispensable gem in modern kitchens, the built-in dishwasher has certainly carved its unique place in our homes. It's not just a machine; it's an experience, transforming our perception of kitchen chores with every cycle.

But hang on a minute! Before you rush off thinking you know all there is to know about this wondrous appliance; we're here to spill some beans on the lesser-known facets of the beloved built-in dishwasher. Yeah, it's time to prepare for a journey where we unveil some uncommon knowledge that might revolutionise your dishwasher game.

Trust us, by the end of this read, you'll be darting off to your kitchen to try out these hacks yourself. 

Understanding Your Built-in Dishwasher

Your built-in dishwasher is a powerhouse, seamlessly combining water and heat to give your dishes that sparkling, brand-new shine every time. 

But what if we told you that your built-in dishwasher can do more than just clean dishes? We're discussing innovative uses that would blow your mind, going beyond its primary function. Think steam-cooking salmon or sanitising your child's toys – sounds crazy, right? 

Top 10 Lesser Known Features and Hacks of Your Built-in Dishwasher

1. Sterilising Household Items

Okay, brace yourself for this: Your dishwasher is a sterilisation genius! It can be your ally in keeping items like baby bottles and sponges germ-free. Want some quick kitchen tips? Use a mesh bag for smaller items to keep them secure during the wash.

Here's a little guide to get you started:

Baby Bottles: Dismantle the bottles into parts - nipples, rings, and bottles. Place them securely on the top rack for thorough sanitisation.

Kitchen Sponges and Scrub Brushes: Place them on the top rack during a normal wash cycle to eliminate all the accumulated germs and grime.

Plastic Toys: Gather all those tiny plastic toys your kids love. Place them in a mesh bag before cleaning to prevent them from getting damaged or lost.

Some Pro Kitchen Tips:

  • Always check that items are dishwasher safe before proceeding.
  • Use the high-temperature setting for an effective sterilisation process.
  • You should skip the detergent cleaning items besides dishes to avoid chemical residue.

2. Cooking Seafood

This might sound unusual, but did you know your dishwasher is quite the chef? Especially when it comes to cooking seafood. Picture this: wrapping your seasoned fish in foil and letting it steam to perfection during a wash cycle. Yes, dishwasher hacks like these redefine innovative uses for standard appliances.

Step-by-step Guide to Dishwasher Cooking:

Select Your Seafood: Whether it's salmon, shrimp, or a delicate fillet of white fish, get your favourite seafood ready for a cooking experience like no other.

Preparation is Key: Season your seafood to your liking, adding flavours with herbs and spices.

Wrap it Up: This is crucial. Wrap your seasoned seafood tightly in aluminium foil, ensuring no liquids can escape.

Load the Dishwasher: Place the wrapped seafood on the top rack of the dishwasher. You can put dishes in there, too - talk about multitasking!

Choose the Right Cycle: Select a hot water cycle to cook the seafood perfectly. An entire process should do the trick!

Dinner is Served!: After completing the cycle, carefully remove the foil packets and voilà! A perfectly cooked, steamy, and delicious seafood dish is ready to impress.

Some Handy Tips:

Test and Learn: The first time, you should check the seafood's doneness and adjust for the next time. It's all about getting to know this new cooking method!

Pair with Sides: While your seafood is getting ready, you can prepare some side dishes to create a complete meal.

3. Cleaning Odd Items

You won't believe the array of odd items your dishwasher can clean. From window screens to flip flops, it’s got you covered. A little caution: Just ensure these items are dishwasher-safe to avoid mishaps.

A Handy List to Get You Started:

Garden Tools: Give your garden tools a cleanse to remove soil and grime. Just make sure to remove any wooden handles to avoid damage.

Vent Covers: Dusty vent covers can be a thing of the past. Unhook them and place them on the lower rack for a thorough cleaning.

Refrigerator Shelves: Simplify your fridge cleaning chore by placing removable shelves and bins in the dishwasher.

Plastic Toys: Keep your kids' toys germ-free by giving them a regular wash in the dishwasher.

Silicone Kitchen Gadgets: From oven mitts to trivets, get them sparkling clean with a dishwasher cycle.

Tips and Precautions:

Check Material Compatibility: Before tossing in an item, ensure it's dishwasher safe to prevent mishaps.

Placement Matters: Depending on the item, choose the appropriate rack to prevent damage during the wash cycle.

Choose the Right Cycle: Opt for a gentler cycle to prevent wear and tear for delicate items.

4. Energy-Saving Features

Your built-in dishwasher is eco-friendly, boasting features that can save energy. Engage in eco modes to minimise water and electricity usage.

Understanding the Eco Modes:

Eco Wash Cycle: This feature uses less water and energy than standard cycles, making it an excellent option for lightly soiled dishes.

Half Load Option: Got a smaller load? Opt for the half-load setting to save water and electricity without waiting to fill up the entire dishwasher.

Tips for Maximising Energy Savings:

Load it Right: Proper loading ensures efficient washing, so you won't have to run extra cycles. Place bigger items at the back and sides to allow water to reach all corners.

Skip the Pre-Rinse: Modern dishwashers are adept at cleaning soiled dishes. Skip the pre-rinse to save water.

Air Dry Option: Choose the air-dry option instead of heat-dry, if available. It consumes less energy and gets the job done splendidly.

Regular Maintenance: Keep the filters clean and ensure the spray arms are clear to maintain the efficiency of your dishwasher.

5. Delayed Start Feature

Have you ever wished to have your dishes cleaned while you're sleeping? The delayed start feature makes this possible. Set the timer, and your dishwasher will wash the plates at the scheduled time.

Here's how to harness its potential:

Pre-Set Washing Cycles: Schedule your dishwasher to start at a time that suits you best, during off-peak electricity hours or just before you wake up.

Peace of Mind: With the delayed start, you can rest easy knowing that your dishwasher will start at the chosen time without any intervention.

How to Make the Best Use of It:

Alright, now that we've uncovered this nifty feature, here are some tips for using it like a pro:

Off-Peak Hours: Utilise this feature to run the dishwasher during off-peak hours, potentially saving on your electricity bills.

Morning Fresh: Set it to finish just before you wake up, and you can unload fresh and sparkling dishes to start your day on a bright note.

Safety First: Before using the delayed start, ensure the dishwasher is loaded safely without risk of leaks or spills.

Trial and Error: Experiment with different timings to find the sweet spot that aligns with your daily routine.

6. Rinse Only Cycle

Sometimes, all your dishes need is a good rinse. This feature is perfect for lightly soiled dishes, saving time and energy. It's yet another star in your dishwasher’s feature list.

Here's why the rinse-only cycle might be your next favourite feature:

Preventing Food Residues: This cycle helps prevent food residues from drying and sticking to the dishes, making it easier to clean them later.

Odour Elimination: Running a rinse-only cycle can keep unpleasant odours at bay, maintaining a fresh environment inside your dishwasher until you're ready for a complete wash.

Suitable Situations for Using this Feature:

Partial Loads: Got a few dishes but needed more for a complete cycle? Give them a rinse to keep things fresh until the dishwasher is fully loaded.

Post-Party Cleanup: After a fun gathering, quickly rinse off the dishes to prevent food particles from settling and creating a mess.

Prepping for the Big Wash: If you plan to run a complete cycle later in the day, a quick rinse in the morning can prevent the buildup of grime and smells.


7. Child Safety Lock

Safety first, right? That's why the child safety lock is a blessing, especially when you've got curious little ones around. Learn how to activate it to keep the kiddos safe and your settings unchanged.

Recognising the Importance of the Child Safety Lock:

Preventing Accidents: Activating the child safety lock ensures that the little hands cannot accidentally start or alter the dishwasher cycle.

Securing Hazardous Items: Often, we place sharp or potentially dangerous items inside the dishwasher. The lock assures that children cannot access them easily.

Activating and Utilising the Child Safety Lock:

Easy Activation: Activating the child safety lock is as simple as pressing a specific button or combination on your dishwasher. Refer to your user manual to find the exact method for your model.

Routine Use: Make it a habit to activate the lock whenever the dishwasher is not in use, creating a safer environment for your child.

Educating Older Kids: If you have older kids, educate them on the use and importance of this feature, making them a part of the safety team.

8. Self-Cleaning Filters

You'll love this: the self-cleaning filters take a lot of hassle out of maintenance. They work silently, ensuring optimal performance with each cycle. 

Unveiling the Magic of Self-Cleaning Filters:

Effortless Maintenance: These filters clean themselves during each wash cycle, saving you from the hassle of regular manual cleaning.

Optimal Performance: With self-cleaning filters, your dishwasher maintains an optimal performance level, ensuring your dishes come out sparkling clean every time.

Tips for Maintaining Your Self-Cleaning Filters:

Periodic Checks: Despite their self-cleaning nature, it's good to check them periodically to ensure they function at their best.

Refer to the Manual: For specific maintenance tips, always refer to your dishwasher’s manual to get guidelines straight from the experts.

Seek Professional Advice: If you notice a dip in your dishwasher's performance, don't hesitate to seek professional advice to check the filter's condition.

9. Glass Protection Technology

Say goodbye to cloudy glasses! The glass protection technology ensures your glassware comes out sparkling each time. 

The Marvels of Glass Protection Technology:

Gentle Care: This technology ensures that your delicate glasses are washed with a soft touch, preventing any damage or scratches during the washing cycle.

Sparkling Outcome: By utilising this feature, you can expect a sparkling outcome every time, adding shine to your glassware collection.

Unveiling the Benefits and Usage:

Preserving the Quality: Using this technology helps maintain the quality of your glassware, ensuring it lasts longer and keeps its sparkle.

Appropriate Settings: Select the proper settings per your dishwasher manual to benefit from this technology fully.

Combination with Right Detergents: For an optimal outcome, combine this technology with suitable detergents designed for glass care.

10. Extra Drying Function

Last but not least, let's talk about the extra drying function. No one likes wet dishes, right? This feature helps achieve the best drying results, making unloading a breeze. 

Diving into the Details of the Extra Drying Function:

Spotless Results: Say goodbye to water spots and streaks on your dishes. The extra drying function ensures that your kitchenware comes out dry and sparkling clean.

Saving Time: No more waiting around or towelling off dishes manually. This function significantly reduces the drying time, giving you more time to enjoy other activities.

Tips for Achieving the Best Drying Results:

Using the Right Settings: Select the extra drying option before starting the cycle for that flawless finish.

Positioning the Dishes Right: Arrange the dishes in such a way that allows optimal air circulation, facilitating better-drying results.

Using Rinse Aid: For even better results, consider using a rinse aid that works with the extra drying function to deliver sparkling and dry dishes.

Key Takeaway:

Key Takeaway

Who knew that the humble built-in dishwasher housed such a treasure trove of features and hacks? From being your unexpected ally in the kitchen, assisting you with everything from sterilising household items to cooking seafood, it's more than just a dish-cleaning gadget! 

As we've unveiled, it's packed with features that promise to make your life easier and more efficient. So, the next time you load up your dishwasher, remember it holds many secrets waiting to be utilised.

And if you still do not own one, you may visit Megafurniture. We do have some dishwashers that may suit your requirements.

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