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10 Standout Dining Table Ideas to Enhance Your Small Dining Space - Megafurniture

10 Standout Dining Table Ideas to Enhance Your Small Dining Space

Transform your small dining room into a welcoming space where you gather and share your favourite meals and stories. Upgrading your dining room design does not necessarily have to involve renovations and major painting. A little change in your dining table's colour or the decorations surrounding it significantly changes the appeal of your dining space. 

Before buying or redecorating your dining room furniture, check out these amazing table ideas to revamp your dining space.


10 Standout Dining Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Create a Warm Space with a Wooden Table

Create a warm space with a wooden table

In an open-concept kitchen, where the kitchen and dining room share the same floor space, it is important to focus on the focal point—the dining table and the chairs. If you're looking for open-concept or living room interior design ideas with a dining table, a wooden variety might just be your best option.

Wood is the most common material used in creating furniture. It is because of its durability and versatility in terms of creating various designs and configurations. A large or small dining table made of solid wood can offer its natural warmth and sophistication, regardless of its size. A wooden dining set that features a clean and smooth build beautifies a modern dining room setup. Balance the simplicity with other elements like vases and small potted plants.

Set the Mood with a Scandinavian Table

Set the mood with a Scandinavian table

Scandinavian style is probably one of the most popular themes that homeowners adopt when designing their flats. This clean and crisp design has a lot of interesting details to offer without overwhelming the space. A simple round dining table with natural wood details and white paint invites multiple design opportunities, especially when paired with coloured dining chairs and other minimalist decorations. Think rugs and greens to create depth in your minimalist design. As much as possible, you do not want to go out of balance with intricate details. 

Highlight Contrast with Different Table and Chair Materials

Highlight contrast with different table and chair materials

Make your dining room fun and unique by mixing and matching various materials in your dining room setup. Combine the texture of a tempered glass dining table with metal legs and the comfort of PU dining chairs for a smart contemporary aesthetic. A glass table paired with multi-coloured dining chairs also creates a perfect fusion of simplicity and fun. (You might want to consider buying your next glass dining table soon..)

When mixing and matching furniture, you must consider the common factor that can balance the look. Strong accents work well with a minimalist centrepiece. A sizable base looks good with lightweight accent pieces.

Mix Traditional and Modern Styles

Mix traditional and modern styles

Mixing and matching modern and traditional styles creates harmony and contrast in a well-balanced design. When combining these two styles, make sure to choose one that will dominate the space, then use the other to highlight the central theme. Create an elegant contrast with a luxurious dining table paired with modern velvet dining chairs. To let the eye-catching modern feel dominate your design, add decorative vases and glass items on top of your dining table. For a more traditional-centred dining room, welcome ceramic and metal decorations. Accentuate the space with patterned rugs for an added touch of sophistication.

Reflect Your Space with a Glass Table

Reflect your space with a glass table

To make a small dining room look more spacious, choose a glass dining table to brighten up the space. Build an inviting contemporary dining space by adding cosy fabric dining chairs. A transparent glass table can help you highlight the design of your chairs and the material used for your floor. It is important to mindfully choose your chair and rug materials to complement the open feel a glass dining table offers. Use decorative table mats and coasters to fill in the open space. Add contemporary vases to enhance the modern look of your dining space.

Add a Striking Centrepiece

Add a striking centrepiece

Your dining room is a perfect place to show off your creativity. Aside from your furniture design and materials, a beautiful centrepiece makes your dining room remarkable. Take some bowl collections to your dining table and welcome organic items like fruits and small potted plants. For a more intimate dining space, place candles in decorative brass or painted candle holders. You can also boast about your successful DIY projects like vases, decorated wine bottles, or coloured glasses by making them part of your modern dining room. Do not be afraid to experiment with your available resources. When designing your dining table, always aim for balance to not overwhelm your space.

Try a Stylish Round Table

Round tables visually offer that intimate feel to any space. These are good for creating an open look in smaller dining rooms. Wider varieties are also available for more sizable areas. Because of the absence of corners, a round table gives you the freedom to configure your own dining area with the number of dining chairs your family needs. Like rectangular dining tables, round tables come in various styles too. Modern dining tables welcome different leg and pedestal designs to balance the simplicity of the round tabletop. Achieve a remarkable style by choosing decorative dining chairs to create a theme that suits your taste—incorporate simple centrepieces to balance the look.

Go Extendable for Optimum Space-Saving

Go extendable for optimum space-saving

Space constraints are some of the major reasons why many flat owners here in Singapore settle on smaller dining tables that cannot even fit everyone during occasions.

Even if you have limited space, do not compromise your dining room's comfort and beauty by opting for extendable dining tables. These dining tables are smartly designed to create a dining room that is short in space but big in style. Modern extendable dining tables are both space-efficient and captivating.

Extendable dining tables are also made with various materials like wood, marble, metal, and sintered stone. Depending on your preferred style, you can always find something that fits your taste. So, if you're looking for "small dining room ideas" on Pinterest, Instagram, or the web, an extendable dining table is a sure must-have to come up with an efficient design that does not compromise the functionality of your space.


Marble Dining Tables Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Space

Marble dining tables add a luxurious touch to your space

Love to dine in fancy hotels and restaurants? Having a majestic marble table in your dining space helps you create an attractive and sophisticated area to dine in and bond with your family. Introducing its smooth texture and detailed visual, a marble dining table will surely serve as a luxurious focal point for your dining space. A modern monochromatic dining table fits well with equally sophisticated dining chairs, accentuated by one-seater sofas. Metal and brass pieces also work well with an elegant marble dining table.

Introduce Modern Elegance with a Sintered Stone Table

Introduce modern elegance with a sintered stone table

Marble is a notable material when it comes to crafting furniture. However, due to the price and the effort needed to maintain marble furniture, many homeowners settle on more practical table materials. It's a good thing we have another sophisticated and durable option. With its smooth texture, endurance, and style, sintered stone continues to make its name in interior design. Introduce modern luxury to your dining room with a polished sintered stone dining table with playfully designed metal legs. 


Bonus: Other Dining Room Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

  1. Foldable Chairs. Looking for dining furniture for small spaces that is also perfect for frequent guest entertaining? Opt for foldable chairs that can be easily stored away when not in use. They are practical and don't take up much space.

  2. Bench Seating. A bench can accommodate more people than individual chairs while also tucking neatly under the table or against the wall when not in use.

  3. Wall-mounted Shelves. Install shelves on the wall to display decorative items or store dining essentials like plates, glasses, and cutlery, freeing up floor space.

  4. Extendable Buffet or Sideboard. A compact buffet or sideboard can serve as storage for dining essentials while also providing additional small eating table when extended.

  5. Narrow Console Table. A slim console table against the wall can double as a serving area during meals and as a decorative piece when not in use.

  6. Stackable Stools. Stackable stools can be stored vertically when not needed, making them a space-saving seating solution for small dining areas.

  7. Drop-leaf Bar Cart. A drop-leaf bar cart can be used as a serving trolley during meals and is easily folded away to save space when not needed.

  8. Collapsible Dining Tray Tables. Collapsible tray tables can be brought out when extra dining space is required and then easily folded and stored away when not in use.

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