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Pay with GrabPay
Paying with GrabPay is safer, more rewarding, and more flexible.


Earn GrabRewards points
GrabPay transactions earn you more points.
Shop with GrabRewards points
Offset your checkout with GrabReward points earned.
Award-winning wallet security
All your personal information and payment transactions are encrypted and protected with a 24/7 fraud detection engine.
Flexible Payment Options
PayLater by Grab gives you the option to pay now, next month or over 4 interest-free instalments.


How to pay with GrabPay?
Pay at checkout without even having to key in your credit card details.
Follow these steps:
After adding items to cart, select GrabPay at checkout
Enter your Grab registered mobile number
Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number
Select to pay now or PayLater* then tap confirm to proceed
Note: In the event that your GrabPay wallet does not hold sufficient balance to complete the transaction, you will be prompted to top-up your wallet during the checkout process.


What is PayLater by Grab?

PayLater by Grab offers the flexibility to pay in the following ways:

PayLater Instalments

Make a large bill smaller at checkout. Pay only 1/4 of the total bill today and pay in 4 monthly instalments.

PayLater Postpaid

Track your monthly spend and pay for it all in one bill. Purchase items today and pay for them next month.


Am I eligible for PayLater?
Grab users who are eligible for PayLater should be
  1.  21 years and older
  2. Platinum, Gold or Silver GrabRewards tier member, and
  3. Have used either credit or debit card for at least 3 Grab transactions in the recent month.


If you’re eligible for PayLater, you’ll be able to activate it in-app, or simply launch your Grab app, tap on Payments, tap on Enjoy Now and Pay Later under Explore GrabPay.
If you don’t see the option to activate PayLater in the Payment tab of your Grab app, the service is not yet available to you.


GrabPay FAQ
How can I top up my GrabPay wallet?
You can top up your GrabPay Wallet instantly and directly with your debit/credit card, Banking App and Linked bank account.

How do I pay with GrabRewards Points?
Use Pay with GrabRewards Points to offset part of the payment using GrabRewards points at your favourite GrabPay merchants. During the checkout process, you will be prompted to indicate how many GrabRewards points you want to use to offset your purchase.

Where can I report issues with paying with GrabPay?
Please login and inform Grab by submitting a ticket.

PayLater FAQ
How do I activate PayLater by Grab?

If you are eligible, you may activate PayLater by Grab in the Payment tab of your Grab

Will I get GrabReward points if I pay using PayLater?

GrabRewards points are awarded for every PayLater Postpaid transaction.
While PayLater instalments do not currently award any GrabRewards points, you can look out for ourvarious exciting promotions and merchant offers for great value at our merchant directory.

Is there a cost to using PayLater?

PayLater is a free service – there are no upfront fees charged or any interest accrued. The only fee that may be incurred is the admin fee to reactivate your suspended account. Your PayLater account may be suspended if you have an overdue PayLater bill and you do not make any payments after being notified by us.

Can I return my order if I pay by PayLater?

Yes, however you must ensure that all other conditions of return/exchange are met.

How will I be refunded for purchases made via PayLater?

Refunds will be used first to offset your current PayLater postpaid or installment usage depending on your payment method chosen for the transaction. The excess will be refunded into your GrabPay Wallet if the amount is higher than your PayLater usage amount.

If it’s a Postpaid purchase made in the previous month, you will receive the full refund into your GrabPay Wallet in the following month. For example, suppose you paid a January Postpaid bill on February 7 and requested a refund on February 8. In that case, the refund amount will be deposited in full into your GrabPay Wallet in February.

How do I settle my PayLater amounts?

All PayLater transactions are billed and deducted automatically from your GrabPay Wallet. If there is insufficient balance in your GrabPay wallet, we will top up your GrabPay Wallet from your linked card and deduct the bill amount automatically. It will appear as a Grab transaction on your credit / debit card bill.

When am I due to pay PayLater amounts?

Information on upcoming due payments for PayLater is available in your Grab app. Go to Payment > PayLater and tap on View All, select any specific transaction to view its details.

I have more questions about PayLater, where can I find help?

You may visit the PayLater help center.