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Mattress Firmness Rating Chart

Firmness Rating


1-2 (Very Soft)

Ideal for side sleepers and those who prefer a plush, sinking feel. Provides excellent pressure relief for joints and a cradling sensation. May suit lightweight individuals.

3-4 (Soft)

Offers a softer surface while still providing support. Suitable for side sleepers and those who like a gentle contour. Helps alleviate pressure points.

5-6 (Medium Firm)

A versatile choice that accommodates various sleeping positions. Balances comfort and support, making it suitable for couples with different preferences. Good for back and combination sleepers.

7-8 (Firm)

Provides substantial support and spinal alignment. Beneficial for back sleepers and stomach sleepers who require a flatter surface. Reduces the risk of sagging and maintains longevity.

9-10 (Very Firm)

Offers the highest level of support and minimises sinkage. Ideal for those with specific orthopaedic needs or who prefer an extremely firm feel. Helps maintain proper posture during sleep.