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Water Filters Singapore

Water Filters

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“Embrace a lifestyle of purity, taste, and sustainability.”

Discover the essence of purity in our exclusive Water Filters Collection, meticulously designed to cater to your hydration needs. This range, featuring cutting-edge technology, ensures every sip is a testament to cleanliness and health. Each water filter in our collection boasts superior contaminant reduction capabilities, transforming ordinary tap water into a refreshing, mineral-rich elixir. Ideal for homes and offices, these filters are not only efficient but also eco-friendly, reducing dependency on bottled water. 


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2 Results


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Water Filter ONLY (Accessory For 4.5L Instant Boil Filtered Water Dispenser FB 8845F) Singapore
Water Filter ONLY (Accessory For 4.5L Instant Boil Filtered Water Dispenser FB 8845F) Singapore


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Every Drop Is A Promise Of Quality and Freshness With Water Filters

In today's world, the importance of consuming clean, safe water shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our collection of water filters is meticulously designed to tackle this vital need head-on, focusing particularly on the elimination of harmful bacteria - a major concern in water safety.

These water filters are equipped with cutting-edge technology that goes beyond mere filtration. They act as a fortress, effectively capturing and removing bacterial contaminants, ensuring that every drop of water you consume is not only crystal clear but also hygienically pure. 

Marvels of Water Filters

Enhanced Health Protection

These filters are adept at removing dangerous contaminants like bacteria and metals, significantly lowering the risk of illnesses linked to impure water.

Improved Water Taste and Smell

By filtering out chlorine and other substances, they ensure the water you drink is not only safe but also pleasant in taste and odour.

Economic Savings

Opting for a water filter can be more budget-friendly over time compared to the continuous purchase of bottled water, offering both financial and ecological benefits.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Decreasing dependence on bottled water, water filters help in cutting down on plastic waste and the associated carbon footprint from producing and transporting bottled water.

Utmost Convenience

They provide immediate access to clean water, eliminating the need to buy, store, and dispose of bottled water.

Enhanced Cooking Quality

Using filtered water can improve the taste and quality of your meals, ensuring that no impurities affect the flavours.

Minimised Scale Buildup

In areas with hard water, filters can help reduce scale in appliances, enhancing their lifespan and functionality.

Better Skin and Hair Health

Filtering out chlorine and other harsh chemicals can lead to healthier skin and hair, as these substances can cause dryness and irritation.

Preparedness for Emergencies

Having a water filter ensures an additional layer of protection against contaminants in times of compromised water supplies.

Customisable Solutions

With a range of types and sizes, water filters can be tailored to meet specific water quality needs, addressing issues from sediment to heavy metal contamination.

Common Types of Water Filters

Pitcher Filters

These are portable and convenient, ideal for refrigerators. They use activated carbon filters to reduce contaminants and improve taste and odor.

Faucet-Mounted Filters

These attach directly to your faucet, offering a simple installation process. They're great for drinking and cooking water and can be switched between filtered and unfiltered water.

Under-Sink Filters

Installed under the sink, these systems connect directly to your water line. They often use a combination of filtration technologies for more comprehensive contaminant removal.

Countertop Filters

Similar to faucet-mounted units but are placed on the counter, connecting to the faucet via a hose. They usually have a larger capacity than pitcher or faucet-mounted filters.

Whole House Filters

These are installed where the main water line enters your home, filtering all the water used, including in showers, washing machines, and sinks.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Often installed under the sink, these provide a high level of filtration, removing a wide range of contaminants, including dissolved solids.

Shower Filters

Specifically designed for showers, these water filters remove chlorine and other chemicals, protecting skin and hair from harsh elements.

Portable Filters

Ideal for travel or outdoor activities, these include straw filters, bottle filters, and gravity-fed systems.

Inline Refrigerator Filters

These are installed in the water line feeding into a refrigerator and are particularly useful for refrigerators with built-in water and ice dispensers.

Distillation Units

Less common for home use, these systems boil water and then condense the steam, removing contaminants.

Shopping Guide For Water Filters

What to Look For

Contaminant Removal: Understand the specific contaminants in your water (like chlorine, lead, bacteria, etc.). Look for a filter certified to remove these contaminants. Certifications from organizations like NSF International or the Water Quality Association are reassuring.

Filter Life and Cost of Replacement: Consider how often the filter needs to be replaced and the cost of replacement filters. A cheaper system with expensive, frequent filter changes might not be cost-effective in the long run.

Flow Rate: Check the filter's flow rate, measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Ensure it meets your household's water usage needs without significant pressure drop.

System Capacity: Some systems are better suited for larger households due to their capacity. Assess your household's water consumption to find a suitable match.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Consider whether you can install and maintain the system yourself or if professional assistance is needed. Some systems, like under-sink filters, might require more complex installation.

Size and Space Requirements: Ensure the system fits in the intended space, especially for under-sink or countertop models.

Certifications: Look for certifications from recognised bodies that confirm the filter meets certain standards for contaminant reduction.

What to Watch Out For

Over-Promising: Be wary of filters that claim to remove all contaminants. No filter can remove 100% of all contaminants, and different filters target different substances.

Compatibility with Your Home: Some filters may not be compatible with your existing plumbing or fixtures. Verify compatibility before purchasing.

Maintenance Requirements: Some systems might require more maintenance than you're willing to commit to. Understand the maintenance process before buying.

Unverified Claims: Be cautious of products without certification or with vague claims about filtration capabilities.

Costly Proprietary Filters: Some systems require brand-specific filters, which can be more expensive. Check the availability and cost of replacement filters.

Water Waste: Some systems, like reverse osmosis filters, produce wastewater. Consider the environmental impact and additional water costs.

Removal of Beneficial Minerals: Some filters, especially reverse osmosis systems, might strip water of beneficial minerals. If this is a concern, look for systems that re-mineralize the water.

Final Tips

  • Before buying a filter, it's wise to get your water tested to understand which contaminants you need to target.
  • Look at customer reviews and compare different models and brands.
  • Consider not just the initial cost but also long-term expenses like filter replacements and energy use (if applicable).

Shop at Megafurniture for water filters to enjoy a blend of quality, variety, and affordability. With exceptional customer service and competitive pricing, we are your go-to destination for reliable water purification solutions.