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TOYOMI Air Fryers Singapore

TOYOMI Air Fryers

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Toyomi Air Fryers

Gateway to healthier and tastier culinary adventures.”

Discover the marvels of efficient cooking with Toyomi Air Fryers. Our collection is engineered for the modern kitchen, offering a sleek design and unparalleled performance. 

Unleash the full potential of rapid air technology that guarantees a crispy finish without the excess oils. Whether you're whipping up a quick snack or a gourmet meal, Toyomi makes it effortlessly attainable. Each model is compact, easy to use, and equipped with features that ensure a seamless cooking experience.


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Toyomi Air Fryers For A Healthier Gourmet

The Toyomi Air Fryers are a testament to what modern cooking should feel like—easy, quick, and utterly delicious. It's about elevating every flavour and texture to its gourmet best. With an ensemble of sleek designs and user-friendly interfaces, these air fryers are the epitome of what modern, healthy, and fast cooking entails. The touch of a button unveils a realm of possibilities, making every mealtime an exciting culinary journey.

Even the acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay was charmed by its prowess, stating, "The Toyomi Air Fryer transforms the mundane into extraordinary with a dash of healthiness that’s a rare find."

The rave reviews from professionals and home cooks alike mirror the revolution Toyomi is spearheading in contemporary kitchens. 

Innovative Features of Toyomi Air Fryers

Timer Selection

In some models, 0 to 30-minute timer selection, which will automatically turn off with a timer ring, a handy feature for busy individuals​​.

Oil Separator Tray

Toyomi Air Fryers come with an oil separator tray to ensure no flavour mixing for different dishes as the oil drains downwards​​.

Fat Reduction

A healthier cooking alternative is offered through Toyomi Air Fryers, which can reduce fat content by up to 80%​​.

Design and Safety Features

The ergonomic design with a large handle, a detachable crumb tray, fire-proof housing, and a micro-switch to cut off operation when the door opens ensure safety and ease of use in Toyomi Air Fryers​​.

Control Panel and Indicators

Toyomi Air Fryers feature a cool-touch control panel, inner light indicator, and temperature control for precise cooking​​.

Capacity and Dimensions

The variety of capacities ranging from 2.5L to 25L in different models of Toyomi Air Fryers caters to different household sizes and cooking needs​​.

Material and Construction

Crafted from materials like aluminium and plastic, Toyomi Air Fryers have dimensions suitable for modern kitchens​.

Heating Technology

Toyomi Air Fryers employ a heating element surrounding a fan to circulate extra heated air for better-tasting foods than traditional countertop air fryers​​.

Types of Toyomi Air Fryers

Standard Air Fryers

These are the basic models designed primarily for air frying. They offer a compact design with a relatively smaller capacity, suitable for smaller households or individuals​.

Air Fryer Ovens

These are multifunctional appliances with larger capacities, capable of not only air frying but also baking, toasting, and roasting. They incorporate additional heating elements and a turbofan to ensure even heat distribution, making them versatile additions to modern kitchens​​.

Air Fryer Ovens with Rotisserie

Adding a rotisserie function to the air fryer oven, these models allow for a broader range of cooking options, including broiling, warming up to a specific temperature, convection baking, and rotisserie cooking. This type embodies a 2-in-1 appliance feature, combining the functionalities of an air fryer and a conventional oven, making them a comprehensive cooking solution​​.

General Guidelines on Air Fryer Sizes and Capacities

Common Air Fryer Sizes

Air fryers come in various sizes to fit different needs. The size you need would depend on the recipes you plan to make​​.

Size Range

Air fryers slightly above 5 quarts are big enough to cook 4-5 chicken breasts at once or enough fries for 5-7 persons. The most common size range is 3.0 to 5.0 quarts, suitable for a family of 3-5 members​​.

Compact Air Fryers

Compact air fryers are designed for those with limited countertop or storage space and typically have a capacity of around 2 to 4 quarts​​.

Standard to Extra-large Sizes

Standard-sized air fryers range from 2.1 to 5 quarts and are ideal for one person or a family of 2 or 3. Larger-sized air fryers range from 5.4 to 6.5 quarts and are suitable for larger families such as those of 4 or 5. Extra-large air fryers range from 6.6 to 15 quarts and are more appropriate for larger cooking needs​​.


For Toyomi Air Fryers specifically, some models were found to have capacities ranging from 2.5L to 25L. The 2.5L model is a more compact air fryer, while the 25L models are air fryer ovens with rotisserie functionality, offering more versatility and larger cooking capacity​​.

Why Shop at Megafurniture

Variety of Air Fryers

Megafurniture offers a range of innovative and high-quality air fryers that are designed to prepare healthier meals. These air fryers provide spacious food capacity, 3D heat circulation function, and a non-stick structure for evenly cooked and well-prepared food​​.

Toyomi Products

For fried food lovers looking for healthier alternatives, Toyomi Air Fryers are available at Megafurniture. The Toyomi Air Fryer Oven is noted for its multiple cooking functions and temperature control features, making it a versatile appliance for various cooking needs​​.

Affordable and High-Quality Furniture and Appliances

Megafurniture is known for providing affordable and high-quality furniture and appliances in Singapore. They offer free delivery, which can be a cost-saving benefit. Their range of products includes air fryers and other kitchen and home appliances like toasters, hot pots, BBQ grills, microwave ovens, mixers, and ovens​​.

Innovative and Affordable Kitchen Appliances

The store takes pride in bringing compact and powerful appliance solutions closer to homes in Singapore. They curate flexible and innovative pieces ranging from larger home essentials to medium-sized kitchen must-haves like blenders, coffee makers, stand mixers, juicers, toasters, and many more appliance varieties, making them a one-stop-shop for all kitchen appliance needs​​.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do customers feel about Toyomi Air Fryers?

Some customers appreciate the glass panel door on specific models as it allows them to monitor the cooking process. They also mentioned fast delivery and satisfaction with the performance of the appliance​​.

How do I clean my Toyomi Air Fryer? 

While this information isn't specific to Toyomi, generally, the main body of an air fryer should be cleaned occasionally as grease and food splatters can build up around the heating element. It's advisable to ensure the air fryer is completely cool before cleaning, and mild detergent can be used for cleaning​​.