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“Toast to Taste: Where Every Crumb Counts.”

Our eclectic range of toaster ovens is meticulously designed to blend superior functionality with sleek aesthetics. These compact culinary marvels are perfect for modern kitchens, offering a versatile platform to toast, bake, broil, and warm your favourite foods. 

Our toaster ovens are a quintessential addition to your countertop, promoting energy efficiency while promising quicker cooking times. Experience the magic of precise temperature control and even heating, ensuring each meal is a masterpiece.


TOYOMI 13L Duo Tray Toaster Oven TO 1313 Singapore TOYOMI 13L Duo Tray Toaster Oven TO 1313 Singapore
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TOYOMI 13L Duo Tray Toaster Oven TO 1313
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    TOYOMI 25L Electric Oven with Rotisserie TO 2311RC Singapore TOYOMI 25L Electric Oven with Rotisserie TO 2311RC Singapore
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    TOYOMI 25L Electric Oven with Rotisserie TO 2311RC
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          Premium Toaster Ovens: Blend of Elegance and Efficiency

          Toaster ovens, the compact culinary marvels, epitomise the perfect blend of convenience, versatility, and modernity, making them indispensable in today’s fast-paced living environments. These small-scale appliances have transcended their essential utility of toasting bread, morphing into multi-functional gadgets capable of baking, broiling, and even air frying many dishes. Their emergence symbolises a significant stride towards fostering a culture of home-cooked meals, especially amidst the contemporary hustle where time is of the essence.

          What Makes Our Toaster Ovens The Modern-day Marvels of Our Kitchens

          Here's a breakdown of what makes them a cosy fit for modern kitchens:

          Space-Saving Design

          Their compact physique is a boon for small kitchens, dorm rooms, or any space where every inch counts. They snugly fit into tight corners, waiting to dazzle you with their cooking prowess.


          It's not just about toasting. These little champs bake, broil, roast, and some even air fry your favourite snacks. It's like having a mini culinary theatre right in your kitchen, ready to perform at a moment's notice.

          Energy Efficiency

          Toaster ovens are modest in power consumption, making them a gentle companion for electricity bills. Their knack for quick preheating and speedy cooking is a time-saver, especially when hunger strikes.

          Ease of Use

          Simple knobs, precise settings, and an uncluttered operation make toaster ovens friendly for all, whether you're a kitchen rookie or a cooking veteran.

          Temperature Control

          They let you dial into the precise temperature, taking the guesswork out of your cooking and leading you straight to delicious results.

          Even Cooking

          With a convection feature, many toaster ovens ensure hot air dances around your food for an even cook, making them a reliable partner for your baking adventures.


          They often come with handy sidekicks like baking trays or pizza stones that just up the fun quotient of your cooking saga.

          Easy Cleaning

          The after-cooking clean-up is a breeze thanks to removable crumb trays and non-stick interiors, so you spend less time scrubbing and more time savouring.

          Shopping Guide For Toaster Ovens

          Size and Capacity

          Assess the space available on your countertop and the amount of food you plan to cook. Choose a toaster oven that fits your area and can handle your cooking needs.

          Cooking Functions

          Look for toaster ovens with multiple cooking functions such as baking, broiling, roasting, and toasting. Some models also offer additional features like air frying or convection cooking.

          Temperature Range

          A more comprehensive temperature range provides more cooking flexibility. Look for models that allow precise temperature control to cook your meals perfectly.

          Ease of Use

          Opt for toaster ovens with intuitive controls, digital displays, and easy-to-understand settings. This will make the operation more manageable and more enjoyable.

          Energy Efficiency

          Toaster ovens that heat up quickly and retain heat well will be more energy-efficient. Check the energy rating if available.


          Look for models with valuable accessories like baking trays, roasting racks, or pizza stones, which can enhance your cooking experience.

          Cleaning and Maintenance

          Toaster ovens with removable crumb trays, non-stick interiors, or self-cleaning features will be easier to clean and maintain.


          Convection technology circulates hot air for faster and more even cooking. If you plan to do a lot of baking or roasting, consider a toaster oven with a convection feature.

          Build Quality

          Choose a toaster oven made from durable materials like stainless steel. Look for sturdy handles, well-constructed doors, and a solid feel overall.

          Safety Features

          Look for features like auto shut-off, cool-touch exteriors, and visible alert signals.


          A good warranty can provide peace of mind. Check the warranty terms to ensure they are favourable.

          Brand Reputation

          Choose reputable brands that produce high-quality, reliable toaster ovens. Reading reviews and comparing ratings can also provide insight into the performance and durability of different models.


          Determine your budget and compare features among models within your price range to find the best value for your money.

          Additional Features

          Some toaster ovens have extra features like rotisserie settings, dehydrating functions, or smart connectivity for remote control via smartphone apps.

          Reasons To Shop At Megafurniture

          Megafurniture offers a rewarding shopping experience with affordable, high-quality furniture and appliances, including toaster ovens. We uphold a mission to provide modern furniture at transparent pricing by maintaining low overhead costs. Our broad product range caters to household needs, extending beyond furniture to essential kitchen appliances. 

          We also have a user-friendly online shopping platform and offer free delivery, adding convenience for customers. Moreover, we host physical showrooms for those who prefer an in-person shopping experience. Our responsive customer service also ensures a smooth shopping experience, promptly addressing inquiries and keeping customers updated. 

          Frequently Asked Questions:

          Can a toaster oven take over the job of my regular oven?

          Not quite, but it gets close. While it won’t replace your regular oven for big baking or roasting tasks, it's a champ for smaller jobs and reheating leftovers. It’s like having a little culinary co-pilot on your countertop.

          How do I keep my toaster oven spick and span?

          Unplug it first, safety first! Empty the crumb tray, give the interior a good wipe with a damp cloth, and clean the racks as needed. Regular love and care will keep your toaster oven in top shape for many meals to come.

          Do some toaster ovens come with extra bells and whistles?

          Yes. Some come with convection cooking, rotisserie settings, or even air frying features. These extras broaden your cooking horizons, letting you experiment and enjoy a variety of meals.

          Is splurging on a high-end toaster oven worth it?

          If you plan to use it often or love trying out different cooking styles, a high-end toaster oven could be a worthy investment. They usually come with more cooking functions, precise temperature control, and are built to endure the daily cooking hustle.

          Are toaster ovens kind to my electricity bill?

          They heat up quicker and use less energy compared to regular ovens, making them a friendlier choice for both your wallet and Mother Earth.

          Can I throw frozen food in there?

          Absolutely! Frozen pizza, nuggets, fries - they all find a warm home in a toaster oven. Just follow the cooking guidelines on the packaging to get tasty results.

          What kind of culinary magic can I whip up with toaster ovens?

          The sky's the limit! Toasting, baking, broiling, roasting - you can explore a lot with a toaster oven. From morning toast to a nicely broiled fish for dinner, it’s got your back.

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