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SMEG Induction Hobs Singapore

SMEG Induction Hobs

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Smeg Induction Hobs

Explore the art of cuisine with a touch of sophistication.

Designed for the modern culinary enthusiast, each of the smeg induction hobs combines style and efficiency. Smeg's innovative technology ensures precise temperature control, allowing for gourmet creations with ease. The hobs' minimalist aesthetic, featuring smooth surfaces and refined lines, complements any kitchen decor, while their eco-friendly operation makes them a conscious choice for the planet. 

Easy to clean and a joy to use, Smeg induction hobs turn everyday cooking into a luxurious experience. 


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Experience Unmatched Precision with Smeg Induction Hobs

Smeg’s induction hobs are a testament to the brand's Italian heritage, combining luxurious aesthetics with energy efficiency to create a delightful and dependable cooking experience.

The SMEG induction hobs stand out for their rapid, responsive heating capabilities, offering exact temperature control for flawless cooking. With a surface that remains cool to the touch, safety is ingeniously integrated into its sleek, eco-friendly design. 

Unique Features of Smeg Induction Hobs

MultiZone Technology

Smeg induction hobs are equipped with MultiZone technology that combines multiple cooking zones to accommodate larger cookware, offering versatility and flexibility in cooking.

Intuitive Touch Control

The hobs come with an intuitive touch control panel, providing an easy way to adjust settings, ensuring a seamless cooking experience.

PowerBoost Function

With the PowerBoost function, Smeg induction hobs offer rapid heating capabilities, enabling quicker boiling and faster cooking times.

Pan Recognition

Energy efficiency is at the forefront with the pan recognition feature, which ensures that the hob only expends energy when a pan is detected on the surface.

Safety Features

The surface remains cool to the touch outside the cooking zone for safety, and there are additional safety features, such as child locks and automatic shut-off mechanisms.

Eco-Logic Option

Smeg induction hobs include an eco-logic feature, which allows users to limit the power consumption of the appliance, reflecting a commitment to energy efficiency.

Easy-to-Clean Surface

The ceramic glass surface is not only durable but also easy to clean, requiring just a simple wipe-down to maintain its sleek appearance.

Aesthetic Design

True to Smeg's Italian design heritage, their induction hobs boast a sophisticated aesthetic with clean lines and an elegant finish, enhancing the modern kitchen's look.

Scratch-Resistant Glass

The high-quality glass surface is designed to resist scratches and wear, preserving the hob's sleek look for years.

Automatic Heat-Up

This feature allows Smeg induction hobs to select the ideal temperature for boiling automatically and then reduce the heat to a pre-selected level for simmering.

10 Ways Smeg Induction Hobs Can Enhance Your Cooking Experience

  1. Smeg induction hobs offer precise temperature settings, allowing for more accurate cooking and perfect culinary results every time.
  1. Induction cooking is faster and more energy-efficient than traditional gas or electric hobs. Smeg's PowerBoost feature further enhances this by boiling water in record time.
  1. The cool-to-the-touch surface minimises the risk of burns, and safety locks prevent accidental changes in settings, making it a safer option for households with children.
  1. Induction cooking uses less energy, and with features like pan recognition and the eco-logic option, Smeg hobs ensure that no heat is wasted, leading to lower energy bills.
  2. The smooth surface of Smeg induction hobs allows easy wiping of spills and splatters without harsh chemicals or vigorous scrubbing.
  1. Smeg is known for its stylish designs, and an induction hob from Smeg can elevate the look of any kitchen, acting as a focal point of modern design.
  1. Built with high-quality materials, Smeg induction hobs are durable and designed to withstand the test of time, making them a wise investment for your kitchen.
  1. Induction hobs are quieter than gas or electric hobs, contributing to a more peaceful kitchen environment.
  1. Smeg induction hobs are compatible with any cookware that has a magnetic base, allowing for a wide range of pots and pans to be used.
  1. With the flexibility to combine cooking zones and the convenience of an intuitive touch control system, Smeg hobs cater to various cooking styles and recipes, making the experience enjoyable and less cumbersome.

Types and Sizes of Smeg Induction Hobs

Contemporary: Modern design with advanced features.

Classica: Traditional design with a timeless appeal.

50's style: Retro design with vibrant colours and vintage look.

Selection: A curated selection of premium models.

Victoria: Combines classic design with modern technology.

Cortina: Inspired by mountainous Cortina with rustic design elements.

Regarding sizes, Smeg induction hobs are available in the following dimensions to accommodate various kitchen spaces:

30 cm

38 cm

60 cm

70/75 cm

80 cm

90 cm

These sizes correspond to the available space on the kitchen countertop and the number of induction zones offered. For instance, the 38 cm model (SIM3323D) is compact and suitable for smaller spaces or as an additional cooking zone. In contrast, the larger 90 cm models (such as SIM3964D) provide more zones for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously​​.

Why Shop at Megafurniture

Shopping at Megafurniture for your Smeg induction hobs offers various benefits tailored to enhance your buying experience. Firstly, you gain access to a wide selection of Smeg models, ensuring you can find the hob that fits your kitchen's size and aesthetic perfectly. Megafurniture prides itself on competitive pricing, often providing deals and financing options that make a Smeg induction hob an attainable luxury. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the features and benefits of each model, helping you make an informed decision. Additionally, the convenience of shopping online or in-store with customer-focused policies makes us a prime destination for purchasing high-quality Smeg induction hobs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I tell if a Smeg induction hob is still hot after use? 

Smeg induction hobs feature a residual heat indicator, displaying a flashing "H" on the hob’s control panel to signify that the cooking zone is above 60°C. Once the area cools below this temperature, the indicator turns off automatically​​.

Are Smeg induction hobs programmable? 

Yes, they have a programmable timer to set cooking times from 1 to 99 minutes. After the set time expires, the cooking zone automatically shuts off, providing convenience and safety​.

What differentiates ceramic hobs from induction hobs? 

The primary difference lies in their heating mechanisms. Ceramic hobs heat the glass surface through underlying elements, while induction hobs generate a magnetic field that directly heats the pan. This makes induction hobs like Smeg’s more energy-efficient and safer as the surface doesn't get as hot​​.

What does the ECO-logic function on a Smeg hob do? 

The ECO-logic feature limits the power consumption of the hob, allowing you to use multiple electrical appliances simultaneously without exceeding a typical household’s power limits.

What is the recommended method for cleaning a Smeg induction hob? 

It is advised to clean the hob regularly, ideally after each use. For harsh, burned-on residues, a scraper should be used, followed by a rinse and a dry wipe. Smeg also recommends their PULICERAM cleaning product for optimal care of the hob​​.