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Scandinavian Side Tables

Shop Premium Scandinavian Side Tables in Singapore

Discover the perfect fusion of minimalist elegance and functional design with these Scandinavian-style side tables in Singapore. These sleek and minimalist tables combine form and function seamlessly—the ideal addition to your home. 

Delora Wooden Bedside Table with Rattan Drawer Singapore Delora Wooden Bedside Table with Rattan Drawer Singapore
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Delora Wooden Bedside Table with Rattan Drawer
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              Add a Scandinavian Charm to Your Home with these Side Tables in Singapore

              When it comes to home decor, a touch of Scandinavian elegance can transform any space. Singaporeans are no strangers to the appeal of this minimalist yet cosy design style.

              One way to introduce a dash of Scandinavian charm into your home is by choosing the right side table. These unassuming pieces of furniture can work wonders at enhancing the overall aesthetic of your living space.


              Why Do You Need a Scandinavian Side Table in Your Home?

              1. Functionality. Scandinavian side tables are not just about looks. They provide a convenient surface for placing essentials like your morning coffee, books, or decorative items.
              2. Aesthetic Appeal. Their clean lines, light colours, and minimalist design add a sense of airiness and tranquillity to your living space.
              3. Space-Saving. These tables are designed with compact living in mind, making them perfect for Singapore's space-conscious homes.
              4. Versatility. They can complement various interior styles, making them a versatile addition to your home.

              What are the Types of Scandinavian Side Tables?

              1. Nesting Tables. A set of small tables that can be stacked or spread out as needed, adding flexibility to your space.
              2. Round Tables. These are perfect for creating a focal point and promoting easy flow in your living area.
              3. Rectangular Tables. Ideal for placing next to a sofa or in tight corners to maximise space.
              4. Wireframe Tables. With a modern twist, these tables feature intricate metal frames and glass tops.
              5. Drawer Tables. Combining style and storage, they keep your living space clutter-free.

              What Materials Are Perfect for Scandinavian Side Tables?

              1. Wood. Classic and warm, wooden side tables create a cosy atmosphere.
              2. Metal. Modern and sleek, metal tables add an industrial touch.
              3. Glass. For a touch of elegance and spaciousness, glass tabletops are ideal.

               Side Table vs. Coffee Table: Which One Do I Need?


              Side Table

              Coffee Table


              Small and compact, perfect for tight spaces.

              Larger, suited for spacious areas.


              Ideal for placing essentials or as an accent piece.

              Great for serving snacks, drinks, and holding decor items.

              Seating Arrangement

              Works well beside chairs, sofas, or beds.

              Placed in the central area for easy access from all sides.

              Room Size

              Suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

              Best for larger living rooms or open spaces.

              How to Pair a Scandinavian Side Table with a Sofa

              1. Height Matters. Ensure the side table is at a similar height or slightly below the sofa's armrest for easy access.
              2. Match or Contrast. Choose a side table that either complements the sofa's colour or provides a striking contrast.
              3. Proportion. When pairing a sofa with a side table, always consider the size of the sofa. Larger sofas can handle bigger tables, while compact sofas benefit from smaller side tables.
              4. Balance Decor. Add a lamp, a plant, or some decorative items to create a balanced and harmonious look.


              What to Look for When Buying a Scandinavian Side Table in Singapore

              1. Quality Materials

              Scandinavian design values natural materials. When shopping, always look for side tables made from high-quality wood, such as oak, walnut, or teak. If you prefer a more modern look, consider tables with metal or glass elements, but ensure the quality is top-notch to guarantee longevity.

              1. Minimalist Design

              One of the hallmarks of Scandinavian design is simplicity. Thus, your side table should feature clean lines and a minimalistic design. Avoid ornate or overly decorative tables, as they may clash with the Scandinavian aesthetic.

              1. Compact Size

              Singaporean homes often face space constraints, so opt for a side table with a compact size. Consider the available space in your room and choose a table that fits comfortably alongside your sofa or chair without overwhelming the area.

              1. Versatility

              Look for tables with additional features like built-in storage or nesting tables that can be separated when needed. This can be a real space-saver in a small home.

              1. Neutral Colour Palette

              Scandinavian design favours a neutral colour palette with whites, light greys, and wood tones. These colours create airiness in your space. Choose a side table that aligns with this colour scheme to maintain the design's authenticity.

              1. Functionality

              When designing, always consider how you plan to use the side table. If you need storage for remote controls, books, or magazines, select a table with drawers or shelves. If it's primarily for holding drinks and decor items, a simpler design will suffice.

              1. Easy Maintenance

              Singapore's humid climate can be challenging for wooden furniture. When shopping, ensure that the side table has a protective finish to prevent damage from moisture. Also, look for materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

              1. Budget

              Set a budget and stick to it while exploring options that offer the best value for your money.

              1. Brand Reputation

              Research the brand or manufacturer of the side table. Reputable brands like Megafurniture often offer higher quality and better craftsmanship, ensuring your investment will stand the test of time.

              1. Personal Preference

              Ultimately, your choice should reflect your personal taste and the overall design of your home. Don't hesitate to take your time and explore various options to find the side table that resonates with you.

              How Much is a Scandinavian Side Table in Singapore?

              The price of a Scandinavian side table in Singapore can vary significantly depending on several factors such as the brand, materials used, and design complexity. At Megafurniture, you can shop for high-quality Scandinavian side tables for as low as $99.

              Buy Scandinavian Side Table at Megafurniture Today!

              Transform your space with the timeless elegance of Scandinavian side tables. Don't miss out—shop now and redefine your interior style!

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