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Portable Dishwashers Singapore

Portable Dishwashers

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Portable Dishwashers

The perfect companion for small kitchens, apartments, or any space-conscious setting.

These portable dishwashers are compact powerhouses that fit snugly on your countertop, offering a hassle-free washing experience. Despite their size, they promise a thorough cleaning, leaving your dishes sparkling and ready for the next meal. Our range showcases a variety of designs and features, catering to different preferences.


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Toshiba Portable Dishwasher DWS-22ASG(K)

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Save Space, Time and Water With Versatile Portable Dishwashers

Think of the relief of no longer being tethered to the routine of scrubbing and rinsing, the quiet joy of finding your favourite mug clean and waiting. 

With a portable dishwasher, small flats and homes without traditional dishwasher space can still enjoy the luxury of automated cleaning. They offer a compact solution without sacrificing the power or features of their built-in counterparts. Efficiency is at the heart of these machines; they are designed to consume less water and energy, which resonates with the environmentally conscious buyer. They move with you, adapting to your life's evolving stages and spaces—a testament to their versatility. 

Benefits of Portable Dishwashers That Go Beyond Convenience

1. Portable dishwashers are a dream for cosy kitchens, slipping into small spaces and out of sight when your dishes are done.

2. You won't need a toolbox or a plumber to get these nifty machines up and running — a simple hookup to your faucet, and you're ready.

3. Imagine less time scrubbing and more time for you. That's the promise of a portable dishwasher, keeping your hands dry and your evenings free.

4. Don't let the size fool you; these compact cleaners pack a punch as strong as their built-in buddies, giving grease and grime the boot.

5. Whether moving houses or switching apartments, your trusty portable dishwasher is ready for the journey, making it a smart pick for a sparkling clean wherever you call home.

Key Features To Look Out For When Buying Portable Dishwashers

Available Space

Measure the kitchen area to ensure the portable dishwasher fits, considering clearance for the door and hose connections​.


Choose between durable plastic (budget-friendly but prone to odours) and stainless steel (costlier but more durable and easier to clean)​.


Check the number of place settings the dishwasher can hold, varying from two to eight, depending on the model​​. Below are the number of place settings to consider:

Two Place Settings: Ideal for individuals or those with minimal dishwashing needs.

Four Place Settings: Suitable for couples or small households.

Six Place Settings: Good for a family of three or for those who entertain guests occasionally.

Eight Place Settings: Accommodates larger families or frequent entertainers, providing ample space for various dishes.


Decide between a standing portable dishwasher with greater capacity or a countertop model for smaller spaces​.

Portable dishwashers come primarily in two types:

Standing Portable Dishwashers: These are larger, freestanding units that often come with wheels for easy movement around the kitchen. They have a greater capacity due to their size and can handle more per cycle, similar to traditional built-in dishwashers. These are suitable for those who need the functionality of a full-size dishwasher but have space constraints or rental limitations that preclude the installation of a built-in model​​.

Countertop Portable Dishwashers: These are smaller and designed to be placed on the kitchen counter. They are most suited for small kitchens or apartments where floor space is at a premium. While they work as well as standing dishwashers, they have a smaller capacity and are generally meant for something other than washing large pots and pans. They usually don’t have wheels and can be heavier to move around, so they’re typically set up in a semi-permanent location near the sink​. 

Water Source

Some models come with a tank for manual filling, which is helpful for places without a direct water connection​​.

Energy Efficiency

Look for models with an energy-saving mode to reduce water and electricity consumption​​.

Wash Cycles

Evaluate the available wash cycles, such as light, regular, heavy, and quick-wash options​​.

Noise Level

Consider the decibel level in a small space where noise is a concern​.

Portability Features

Check if the model has handles, easy-grip locations, and wheels for easy movement​​.

Additional Features

Some dishwashers include safety locks, sensor wash, anti-flood protection, and baby care functions for added convenience and safety​​.

Reasons to Shop at Megafurniture

  1. Megafurniture stocks appliances from reputable brands known for their durability and performance, ensuring customers invest in products that last​​.
  1. The store offers products incorporating the latest technological advancements, simplifying daily chores efficiently​​.
  1. Products like portable dishwashers available at Megafurniture are designed to be energy-efficient, which can help reduce monthly utility bills and contribute to a greener planet​.
  1. The appliances feature intuitive controls for ease of use, enhancing the customer experience​​.
  1. Portable dishwashers and other appliances come in sleek designs that complement modern home decor​​.
  1. Megafurniture is known for its excellent customer service, offering support and assistance​.
  1. Customers can enjoy peace of mind with robust warranties and reliable after-sales services​​.
  1. The products are tailored to meet local needs and preferences, making them a suitable choice for the Singapore market​.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do portable dishwashers clean as well as the big dishwashers? 

They sure do. Portable dishwashers are like the little engines that could – they clean your dishes just as well as their built-in cousins.

Will they make my utility bills skyrocket? 

Portable dishwashers are kind to your bills. They’re designed to be energy-efficient, often more so than washing by hand – your wallet (and Mother Earth) will thank you.

How much kitchen space will they take up?

Not much at all. They’re the apartment dwellers of the dishwasher world – compact enough for small kitchens, and they just need a spot to sit and a plug nearby.

Is it a headache to set them up?

Setting up portable dishwashers is as easy as pie. No special tools or plumbers are needed – just roll it up to the sink, hook it up, and start cleaning up.

Do you have any care tips for the portable dishwashers?

Treat your portable dishwasher nicely, and it’ll return the favour. Keep its filters clean, don’t block the sprayers, and occasionally run it empty with a cleaning agent to keep it in tip-top shape.