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Induction Hobs Singapore

Induction Hobs

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Induction Hobs

The perfect blend of speed, control and safety..

These state-of-the-art induction hobs are kitchen powerhouses offering unparalleled efficiency, heating your cookware directly and cutting down on wasted energy. With intuitive touch controls, they provide exact temperature management, making overcooked meals a thing of the past. 


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Effortless Precision Cooking With Energy-Efficient Induction Hobs

Have you ever wondered what it's like to cook with the power of science at your fingertips? 

That's what induction hobs are. These sleek kitchen helpers use magnetic fields to heat your pots and pans directly, not just the surface, making them incredibly energy-efficient. So, this means boiling water in under a minute and getting that perfect sear on a steak every time.

Induction hobs are not only about speed; they offer remarkable precision and control over your cooking temperature, which means no more guessing games or burnt sauces. Plus, they stay cool everywhere except where your cookware sits. So, this is a safety revolution for your kitchen.

Benefits of Induction Hobs Based On Its Features

Energy Efficiency

Induction hobs are champions of energy conservation. By directly heating the cookware, they ensure minimal heat loss, leading to faster heating times and lower energy bills.

Precision and Control

The ability to change cooking temperatures instantly and with precision means that dishes are cooked more consistently, giving you control that was once exclusive to professional chefs.

Enhanced Safety

The surface of induction hobs remains cool in areas not covered by your cookware, significantly reducing the risk of burns and making it safer for households with children.

Ease of Cleaning

Spills and splatters never burn onto the cooktop since only the pot, and its contents get hot, making the clean-up process a simple wipe-down.


Induction hobs heat up incredibly quickly, slashing the time it takes to start cooking and bringing water to a boil in nearly half the time of conventional stoves.

Low Maintenance

With fewer mechanical parts than gas cooktops, induction hobs typically require less maintenance and are less prone to issues like clogged burners.

Aesthetic Appeal

The sleek and modern design of induction hobs adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen, complementing other high-end appliances and finishes.

Cookware Compatibility

Induction hobs encourage using high-quality magnetic cookware, which can contribute to better heat distribution and improved cooking results.

Main Types of Induction Hobs

Single Zone Induction Hobs

These are compact and portable, perfect for small kitchens or as an additional cooking surface. They have just one zone for heating and are ideal for those with limited space.


  • It is highly portable, space-saving, and ideal for small living spaces or as a supplementary cooking surface.


  • It is limited to cooking one pot or pan at a time and is not suitable for preparing multiple dishes simultaneously.


Multi-Zone Induction Hobs

A step up, these offer multiple cooking areas, allowing you to cook different dishes simultaneously. They're great for multitaskers and those who often cook large meals.


  • Allows cooking multiple dishes at once, suitable for larger families or entertaining; 
  • often includes individual controls for precise cooking.


  • It takes up more space, can be more expensive, and the multiple zones may require more power.

Flex Induction Hobs

These induction hobs are incredibly versatile, with zones that can be combined to create a larger cooking area. This means you can use cookware of various sizes and shapes without worrying about fitting them onto standard zones.


  • It offers a flexible cooking area size, can accommodate cookware of different shapes and sizes, and provides high versatility in cooking.


  • Often, at a higher price point, there may be a learning curve for optimal use of flexible zones.

Freestanding Induction Hobs

These come with their stand or are part of a range that includes an oven. They're ideal for those who prefer a movable appliance or are looking for an all-in-one cooking solution.


  • Easily movable, it combines cooking and baking in one appliance, which is suitable for kitchens without built-in cooktops.


  • It can be bulky, may not fit seamlessly into every kitchen design, and typically offers less under-counter storage.

Built-in Induction Hobs

Designed to integrate seamlessly into your countertop, these offer a sleek look and save space. They are popular in modern kitchen designs and range in size to accommodate different kitchen layouts.


  • Integrates into the countertop for a sleek look, saves space, and often features a modern design.


  • Installation can be more complex, not portable, and require professional fitting.

Downdraft Induction Hobs

These induction hobs have built-in ventilation systems to capture smoke, steam, and odours at the cooking surface, eliminating the need for a separate range hood.


  • Includes integrated ventilation to eliminate vapours and odours, reduces the need for overhead hoods, and offers a cleaner line of sight in the kitchen.


  • Traditional ventilation hoods are more expensive, may not be as effective as conventional ones, and often require specialised installation.


Smart Induction Hobs

Incorporating the latest technology, smart induction hobs can connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled via smartphone or voice commands. They often include features like preset cooking programs and maintenance reminders.


  • Connectivity for remote control and monitoring, advanced features like preset programs, and potential for integration with smart home systems.


  • Higher cost reliance on technology and connectivity is a con for those who prefer traditional cooking methods.

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  1. Megafurniture boasts a diverse selection of high-quality induction hobs to suit any cooking style and kitchen design. Whether you're looking for a single-zone induction hob for a compact space or a multi-zone model for elaborate meals, their range is carefully curated to meet your needs.
  1. The expertise of the staff at Megafurniture is another reason to choose them. They can provide valuable advice on which induction hob will best match your culinary habits and kitchen layout, ensuring you make an informed decision.
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  1. The convenience of shopping at Megafurniture, be it online or in-store, means you can choose and purchase your new induction hob with ease and have it delivered to your doorstep, making the upgrade to your kitchen seamless and hassle-free.