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“Easy to clean and delightful to use, they're the secret ingredient to joyful cooking experiences."

Discover our food processors’ charm and efficiency, your perfect kitchen companion. Each processor in this range is a powerhouse of performance, boasting robust motors and razor-sharp blades that tackle everything from dicing veggies to kneading dough with remarkable ease. Not only do they excel in versatility, but their sleek designs also add a touch of elegance to your kitchen space. Designed for the modern cook,these processors make prep work a breeze.


Smeg Food Processor Attachment HBFP01 (Compatible with HBF01 & HBF02) Singapore Smeg Food Processor Attachment HBFP01 (Compatible with HBF01 & HBF02) Singapore
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      Premium Food Processors: Versatile, Efficient and User-friendly Kitchen Essentials

      Tailored for everyone who finds joy in the kitchen, from beginners to culinary maestros, our food processors are a dream come true. They effortlessly take on the mundane tasks of chopping, slicing, and pureeing, freeing up your time and energy. Their robust performance and intuitive design turn meal preparation from a task into a pleasure. 

      Benefits of Food Processors

      • Food processors dramatically cut down on preparation time. Tasks like chopping, slicing, and pureeing are done quickly, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of cooking.
      • Achieving evenly cut or blended ingredients is effortless with a food processor, ensuring your dishes look as good as they taste.
      • These appliances are multi-taskers, capable of grinding, mincing, dough making, and more, replacing several kitchen gadgets.
      • With less time spent on prep, you're free to experiment with new recipes and flavours, expanding your culinary repertoire.
      • Preparing fresh, wholesome meals becomes simpler, encouraging a diet with fewer processed ingredients.
      • A single food processor can replace numerous kitchen tools, saving precious space.
      • Modern designs often feature dishwasher-safe components, making cleanup a breeze.
      • In the long run, a food processor can be cost-effective, allowing for bulk ingredient purchases and reducing waste by efficiently using produce.

      Key Factors To Consider When Buying a Food Processor

      Size and Capacity

      Consider the size of the food processor based on your cooking needs and kitchen space. If you frequently cook for a large family or entertain often, a larger capacity will be more convenient. For smaller meals or limited space, a compact model might be ideal.

      Common Sizes Available: 

      • Mini Food Processors: These are compact, with a capacity ranging from 1 to 4 cups. Perfect for small tasks like mincing garlic, grinding nuts, or preparing small portions of dips and dressings. They're ideal for smaller kitchens or individuals who cook in smaller batches.
      • Medium Food Processors: These models typically have a 5 to 9-cup capacity. They're great for everyday cooking tasks, such as chopping vegetables, making dough, or grinding meat. This size is an excellent middle ground, offering sufficient capacity for most family meals without taking up too much space.
      • Large Food Processors: With a 10 to 14-cup capacity, these are suited for larger families or those who cook in bulk. They can handle bigger batches of ingredients, which is great for meal prepping or hosting gatherings.
      • Extra-Large Food Processors: These are heavy-duty, professional-grade models with 15 cups or more capacities. They're typically used in commercial kitchens or by avid home chefs who need to process large amounts of food frequently.


      A huge food processor might seem appealing, but a smaller model might be more suitable if you're cooking for a small family or have limited counter space.

      Other Types:

      Handheld Food Processors: These are battery-operated or corded, small, and highly portable. They're suitable for light tasks like chopping small amounts of food and are easy to store and clean.

      Commercial Food Processors: Designed for restaurant kitchens or catering, these are larger, more durable, and built to handle heavy usage. They come with more robust motors and larger capacities, suitable for quickly processing large amounts of food.

      Dough Processors: Specifically designed for kneading dough, these have special blades and settings for bread, pizza, or pastry dough. They are a boon for bakers and those who frequently make homemade bread or pastries.

      Combination Food Processors: These are multi-functional appliances that combine the features of a food processor with a blender or other kitchen tools. They are an excellent choice for those with limited kitchen space but need the functionality of multiple appliances.


      Power and Speed

      The motor's power is crucial for efficient performance. Look for food processors with a strong engine, especially if you plan to use it for stricter tasks like kneading dough or grinding meat. Multiple speed options can also offer greater versatility in food preparation.


      Avoid models with low-powered motors, particularly if you plan to use the processor for challenging tasks like kneading dough. 

      Blade and Attachment Variety

      The variety of blades and attachments can significantly expand what you can do with your food processor. Look for models with different blades for chopping, shredding, slicing, and pureeing. Some food processors also have attachments for kneading dough, whipping cream, or juicing.


      Opt for a model that offers the functionalities you need without the added complexity. It is also wise to look for essential safety features like a secure locking lid and a stable base, especially if you have young children.


      Ease of Use and Cleaning

      Consider how user-friendly the food processor is. Features like simple controls, easy assembly, and dishwasher-safe parts can make a big difference in your overall experience.


      Choose a food processor with easy-to-clean parts. Models with too many crevices or non-detachable features can be a hassle to clean, which might deter you from using them often.

      Durability and Warranty

      Quality construction is vital for longevity. Check the build quality and materials of the food processor. A good warranty can also provide peace of mind, ensuring you're covered for defects or issues.


      Cheaper models might be tempting but can lack durability. Invest in a food processor that's well-built and made from quality materials.

      Brand and Price

      Research different brands and read reviews to gauge reliability and customer satisfaction. While price is an essential factor, investing in a slightly more expensive food processor might offer better value in terms of durability and functionality in the long run.


      Check the warranty details and customer support options. A more extended warranty and responsive customer service can be very beneficial.

      Reasons To Shop at Megafurniture

      • Our collection features the latest models from top brands, ensuring you get an efficient and equipped product with the newest technology.
      • Our customer service understands the nuances of each food processor model and can guide you based on your specific cooking needs and budget.
      • Additionally, our competitive pricing and frequent promotions mean you can often find high-end food processors at more affordable prices.
      • Our user-friendly website and easy-to-navigate store layout make the shopping experience enjoyable.
      • You can be confident in your purchase with our reliable delivery service and excellent after-sales support.
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