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Mid Year Sale: Use Code [ MYS25 ] for $25 off your order today!

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EuropAce Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

EuropAce Vacuum Cleaners

Shop Innovative and High-Quality EuropAce Vacuum Cleaners

Unleash Cleanliness and Embrace Quietness.

EuropAce vacuum cleaners are the epitome of seamless cleaning and modern design. Crafted for efficiency, each model embodies the spirit of innovation, offering powerful suction in a sleek, user-friendly package. Whether tackling stubborn pet hair or whispering across hardwood floors, these vacuums make quick work of any mess. With thoughtful features like HEPA filtration and noise-reduction technology, the EuropAce vacuum cleaner ensures a clean, peaceful home environment. 


2 Results

2 Results


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EuropAce Cordless Handstick Vacuum EHV A5320 Singapore
EuropAce Cordless Handstick Vacuum EHV A5320 Singapore

EuropAce Cordless Handstick Vacuum EHV A5320

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EuropAce 2000W Super Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner EVC 3201W Singapore

EuropAce 2000W Super Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner EVC 3201W

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Superior Suction and Quiet Operation: The EuropAce Vacuum Cleaners Advantage

EuropAce vacuum cleaners are tools and gateways to a consistently clean and serene environment. With cutting-edge technology like unparalleled suction and a quiet engine, they glide effortlessly across surfaces, offering a cleaning performance that turns vacuuming into a satisfying ritual. 

Reasons Why Europace Singapore Vacuum Cleaners Are Just Right For You

  1. EuropAce vacuum cleaners come with ergonomic designs that make it easy to manoeuvre around furniture and tight corners, reducing the physical strain often associated with vacuuming.
  1. Its advanced HEPA filtration systems in EuropAce vacuum cleaners are adept at capturing allergens and small particles, which means cleaner air in your living spaces post-vacuuming. The benefit extends to households with pets where removing hair and dander effectively is essential for comfort and hygiene.
  1. EuropAce has engineered vacuum cleaners to operate quietly, ensuring that your cleaning routine doesn't intrude on the peace of your home. This is particularly advantageous for families with young children or members who work from home and require a quiet environment.

2 Types of EuropAce Vacuum Cleaners and Its Unique Features

EuropAce handheld vacuum cleaners

These vacuum cleaners are perfect for those on the go or who need a quick tidy, like the EHV A3230 and EHV A5320. These handy devices have exceptional suction power, speed variability, and bright LED lights to spot dirt in hidden corners.

EuropAce Multi-Cyclone Vacuum Cleaners

When it's time for a deep clean, the EVC 3200S enters the scene. It's a canister vacuum that champions thoroughness with its cyclonic action and HEPA filtration, trapping fine dust and allergens. It's a powerhouse with handy tools for a meticulous sweep of your space.

Insights and Tips For Managing The Battery Life of EuropAce Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Battery Technology

EuropAce vacuum cleaners typically use lithium-ion batteries known for efficiency and a long lifespan.

Proper Charging

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid overcharging, which can shorten the battery’s lifespan.

Regular Use

Regular use keeps the lithium-ion batteries in optimal condition, helping to prolong their life.


Store the EuropAce vacuum cleaner's battery with a partial charge in a cool, dry place if not used for a while.

Clean Contacts

Maintain clean battery contacts for the best possible power transfer.

Optimal Use

Use the EuropAce vacuum cleaner in a lower setting to extend battery life during each cleaning session.

Avoid Complete Discharge

Recharge the EuropAce vacuum cleaner's battery at approximately 20% to prevent wear from deep discharge cycles.

Battery Replacement

Replace only the battery instead of the entire EuropAce vacuum cleaner when the time comes for a new one, saving money and reducing waste.

Quick Guide To Keep Your EuropAce Vacuum Cleaners In Top Conditions

  1. After each use, or when the dust container is full, empty it. For bagless EuropAce vacuum cleaners, this helps maintain suction power and prevents overfilling, which can clog the system.
  1. Regularly check and clean the filters (Generally recommended every 3-6 months). Most EuropAce vacuum cleaners come with washable filters, including HEPA filters, that should be cleaned under running water and allowed to dry completely before being replaced.
  1. Hair and debris can get tangled in the brush roll. It should be removed and cleaned to prevent damage to the EuropAce vacuum cleaner's motor and ensure it continues to pick up debris efficiently.
  1. Proper battery care is essential for cordless EuropAce vacuum cleaner models. Charge it as per the manual's instructions and store it away from extreme temperatures to preserve its lifespan.
  1. Regularly inspect the nozzle, hose, and attachments for blockages. Clearing these ensures your EuropAce vacuum cleaner works effectively.
  1. Use your EuropAce vacuum cleaner with care. Avoid dropping or hitting it against furniture, as this can damage internal components and the outer casing.

Plethora of Benefits When Shopping at Megafurniture

Wide Selection

Megafurniture provides various home appliances, including the latest EuropAce vacuum cleaners. This variety allows you to compare different models to find the best fit for your needs.

Competitive Pricing

With frequent promotions and discounts, you can often find EuropAce vacuum cleaners at a more affordable price point.

Megafurniture is committed to quality, offering authentic EuropAce vacuum cleaners with a standard warranty, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.

Customer Service

The knowledgeable staff can guide you through the features and benefits of EuropAce vacuum cleaners, helping you make an informed decision.


Shopping at Megafurniture can be done in-store and online, providing a convenient shopping experience tailored to your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of floors are EuropAce vacuum cleaners best suited for?

EuropAce vacuum cleaners are versatile and designed to clean various floor types, including hardwood, tile, and carpet. Some models come with specific attachments for different surfaces.

How long is the warranty period for a EuropAce vacuum cleaner?

The warranty period for EuropAce vacuum cleaners varies by model, but typically, you can expect a one to two-year warranty covering manufacturer defects.

What is the average battery life of cordless EuropAce vacuum cleaners?

The battery life for cordless EuropAce vacuum cleaners can range from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the model and usage mode. Always check the product specifications for precise information.

How do I clean the HEPA filter in my EuropAce vacuum cleaner?

To clean the HEPA filter in your EuropAce vacuum cleaner, remove it from the unit, tap it gently to remove excess dust, and rinse under cold water if it's washable. Allow it to air dry completely before reinstalling.

Are replacement parts readily available for EuropAce vacuum cleaners?

Replacement parts such as filters, batteries, and brushes are available for EuropAce vacuum cleaners. It's best to purchase them directly from EuropAce or an authorised dealer to ensure compatibility.

Do EuropAce vacuum cleaners come with any innovative features or connectivity?

While traditional EuropAce vacuum cleaners may not have smart features, newer models offer innovative functions. Check the latest product details for up-to-date information on smart connectivity.

What is the dust capacity of EuropAce vacuum cleaners' dustbins?

The dust capacity for EuropAce vacuum cleaners varies with each model. Handheld models typically have smaller bins, while canister and upright models offer larger capacities.

How does the suction power of EuropAce vacuum cleaners compare to other brands?

EuropAce vacuum cleaners are known for their strong suction power, often comparable to leading brands. The exact performance will depend on the specific EuropAce model in question.