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Electric BBQ Grills

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Electric BBQ Grills

“Elevate Your BBQ Game with Electric Ease!”

Say goodbye to the hassle of charcoal and propane and embrace the future of grilling. Our Electric BBQ Grills are the epitome of simplicity, offering instant heat at the push of a button, giving you more time to savour your culinary creations. They deliver mouthwatering results every time. 


TOYOMI Electric BBQ Grill & Steamboat BBQ 5930 Singapore TOYOMI Electric BBQ Grill & Steamboat BBQ 5930 Singapore
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TOYOMI Electric BBQ Grill & Steamboat BBQ 5930
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    TOYOMI Electric Grill Plate BBQ 8787 Singapore TOYOMI Electric Grill Plate BBQ 8787 Singapore
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    TOYOMI Electric Grill Plate BBQ 8787
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      TOYOMI Electric Smokeless BBQ Model: BBQ 2002 Singapore TOYOMI Electric Smokeless BBQ Model: BBQ 2002 Singapore
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      TOYOMI Electric Smokeless BBQ Model: BBQ 2002
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        TOYOMI Electric Mookata / BBQ / Steamboat BBQ 8000 Singapore TOYOMI Electric Mookata / BBQ / Steamboat BBQ 8000 Singapore
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        TOYOMI Electric Mookata / BBQ / Steamboat BBQ 8000
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          TOYOMI Stainless Steel Multi Cooker with Grill Pan 4.5L MC 6969SS Singapore TOYOMI Stainless Steel Multi Cooker with Grill Pan 4.5L MC 6969SS Singapore
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          TOYOMI Multi Functional Pot MC 8201 Singapore TOYOMI Multi Functional Pot MC 8201 Singapore
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          TOYOMI Multi Functional Pot MC 8201
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            Revolutionise Your Grilling Game with Electric BBQ Grills

            If you are hosting a BBQ party and your guests eagerly await those mouthwatering chicken satays or perfectly grilled veggies, then with electric BBQ grills, you don’t have to worry about the long wait and gas levels. It’s all about getting those good stuff to cook faster.

            But there are more perks that you get to enjoy with these BBQ grills. Cleaning them is hassle-free, and they are eco-friendly, producing fewer emissions compared to their counterparts.

            Let’s dive into the world of our Electric BBQ Grills and discover more of their sizzle, convenience and mouthwatering outdoor or even indoor cooking adventures.

            10 Key Benefits of Electric BBQ Grills

            1. Convenience

            Electric BBQ Grills offer a hassle-free grilling experience with the push of a button, eliminating the need for charcoal or propane.

            2. Even Cooking

            These grills provide consistent and uniform heat distribution, ensuring your food cooks evenly without hot spots.

            3. Smoke-Free

            Electric BBQ Grills produce minimal smoke, making them suitable for indoor or balcony use regardless of weather conditions.

            4. Easy Cleanup

            They generate minimal ash and soot, and many models come with dishwasher-safe grates and drip trays, simplifying post-grilling cleanup.

            5. Precise Temperature Control

            Electric grills offer adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to fine-tune the heat for different types of food.

            6. Safety

            They are safer than open-flame grills, making them a suitable choice for households with children or indoor grilling.

            7. Energy Efficiency

            Electric grills use electricity efficiently, potentially resulting in cost savings over time.

            8. Environmentally Friendly

            They have a smaller carbon footprint, producing fewer emissions than charcoal or gas grills.

            9. Versatility

            Many Electric BBQ Grills can be used for grilling, roasting, or smoking and may feature interchangeable cooking surfaces.

            10. Low Maintenance

            They require less maintenance than traditional grills, with no fuel tanks to refill and fewer moving parts to maintain.

            Key Features To Consider When Shopping For An Electric BBQ Grill


            Think about your space and crowd. Are you grilling on a small balcony for just a few people, or do you have a spacious backyard where you host big gatherings? Choose a grill that fits your lifestyle.


            Wattage is like the grill's muscle. The higher the wattage, the hotter and faster it cooks. So, if you're impatient and want your food ready pronto, go for a grill with more watts.

            Temperature Control

            Adjustable temperature settings are a must. They allow you to cook different foods, from seared steaks to perfectly grilled veggies.

            Hassle-Free Clean-Up

            Let's be honest: cleaning up can be a drag. Some grills have removable plates you can pop in the dishwasher, while others might need more scrubbing. Consider what you're willing to deal with.

            Extra Features

            Lastly, think about any extra features that make your grilling experience even better. A built-in timer, temperature gauge, or non-stick coating can all be game-changers.

            Keep An Eye On These 4 Red Flags When Shopping For Electric BBQ Grills

            1. Low Wattage

            Grills with low wattage may give off less heat for proper cooking. As a result, food may either be undercooked or unevenly cooked.

            2. Poor Construction Quality

            Electric BBQ grills should be made of high-quality and durable materials that can handle high temperatures and regular use. If it feels flimsy or looks like it is poorly made, then it may not last longer than expected.

            3. Lack of Temperature Control

            Grills with limited heat settings may not give you the versatility you need for cooking. So, adjusting the temperature of your electric BBQ grill is essential for a more positive cooking experience.

            4. Hassle Cleaning

            It can be a hassle to opt for electric BBQ grills that are hard to clean. So, it is advisable to look for models with removable plates or trays that can easily be washed in the dishwasher.

            Common Types of Electric BBQ Grills

            Open Grills

            Like traditional grills we all adore, but with a modern, electric twist! These grills typically boast a spacious cooking surface, perfect for hosting large gatherings and satisfying all your friends' hungry tummies.

            Contact Grills

            These electric BBQ grills are the superheroes of the grilling universe. They come equipped with a lid that cooks your food from the top and bottom simultaneously, slashing your cooking time in half. It's ideal when your stomach's growling and you need food instantly.

            Smokeless Grills

            Perfect for apartment dwellers or those who aren't fans of smoky flavours. These electric BBQ grills are designed to minimise smoke, allowing you to grill indoors without setting off the smoke alarm.

            Portable Grills

            Compact and lightweight, they're perfect for picnics, camping trips, or small balcony gatherings.

            Built-in Grills

            For those looking to pull out all the stops, these electric BBQ grills are designed to integrate into your outdoor kitchen setup seamlessly. They may be an investment, but they add a touch of elegance to your backyard and boost your home's value.

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            Frequently Asked Questions:

            Can I grill my steak inside with an electric BBQ grill?

            Yes. Many electric BBQ grills are perfect for indoor use because they don’t smoke up the place like charcoal or gas grills. Just double-check the manufacturer's guidelines to make sure your specific model is good to go for indoor grilling.

            What’s the lowdown on cleaning my electric BBQ grill?

            Most electric BBQ grills have removable plates or grates that you can throw in the dishwasher or wash by hand. make sure the grill has cooled down before you start cleaning, and always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions to keep your grill in tip-top shape.

            Can I use my metal tongs and spatulas on my electric BBQ grill?

            That depends on your grill's surface. If it’s got a non-stick coating, you’ll want to stick with plastic or wooden utensils to avoid any scratches. 

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