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Compact Dishwashers Singapore

Compact Dishwashers

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Compact Dishwashers

A blend of style, functionality and convenience all in one..

Immerse yourself in the quiet hum of cutting-edge technology as stubborn stains and soiled plates are whisked away with ease, leaving behind sparkling results. Perfectly designed for cosy kitchens or snug spaces, our compact dishwashers promise to transform your dish-cleaning experience without overwhelming your area. 

With sleek interfaces and eco-friendly cycles, these compact dynamos are not just appliances but cornerstones of a modern, minimalist lifestyle.


2 Results

2 Results


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Toshiba Tabletop Dishwasher DW-08T1(S)-SG Singapore
Toshiba Tabletop Dishwasher DW-08T1(S)-SG Singapore

Toshiba Tabletop Dishwasher DW-08T1(S)-SG

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Toshiba Portable Dishwasher DWS-22ASG(K) Singapore

Toshiba Portable Dishwasher DWS-22ASG(K)

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Unleash The Space-Saving Brilliance and Effortless Cleaning of Compact Dishwashers

Compact dishwashers resonate with the heart's desire for simplicity and efficiency, allowing you to savour the joys of life without the looming dread of post-meal cleanup. With every cycle, they whisper a promise of reclaimed time and a seamless routine, proving that the best things indeed come in compact, smarter packages.

Benefits of Compact Dishwashers

Space Efficiency

Designed for small kitchens or limited spaces, compact dishwashers fit snugly under countertops or in tight corners, making them ideal for apartments, condos, or homes where kitchen space is at a premium. 

Here are the typical sizes for compact dishwashers:

Standard Compact Size: About 17-18 inches wide, 35 inches tall, and 24 inches deep—ideal for smaller kitchens in apartments or dorms.

Narrow Fit: Some compact dishwashers can be as narrow as 18 inches, perfect for tight spaces.

Variable Heights: While many stand at 35 inches, there are shorter versions at 21 inches high, fitting comfortably under lower countertops.

Shallow Depth: For shallower kitchen layouts, you might find compact models with a depth of just 20 inches.

Energy and Water Savings

Most compact dishwashers utilise less water and energy per cycle than traditional models, which can lead to significant savings on utility bills over time.


By automating the dishwashing process, these appliances save precious time that can be spent on more enjoyable activities, enhancing lifestyle quality and freeing users from the sink.

Ease of Installation

Their smaller size means compact dishwashers are often easier to install, with some models offering portable options that require no permanent plumbing and can be connected directly to a faucet.

Improved Hygiene

High-temperature washing cycles ensure a more hygienic clean than handwashing, providing peace of mind for health-conscious users.

Quiet Operation

Modern compact dishwashers are designed to operate quietly, minimising noise disruption, which is especially beneficial in open-plan living spaces.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Sleek and modern designs of compact dishwashers can complement and elevate the overall look of a kitchen, blending seamlessly with other appliances.

Flexible Features

Despite their size, many compact dishwashers come with various wash cycles and adjustable rack systems to accommodate different types of dishes and cleaning needs.

Encourages Home Cooking

With the convenience of easy cleanup, more people are encouraged to cook at home, leading to healthier eating habits and less reliance on takeout or pre-packaged foods.

Resale Value

Adding a compact dishwasher to a home can increase its appeal to potential buyers, potentially raising the property’s resale value and marketability.

Types of Compact Dishwashers

Built-In Compact Dishwashers

These built-in dishwashers in Singapore slide into your kitchen's design, offering a polished, uninterrupted look. They're like the loyal built-ins of your culinary space, perfect if you've got a sweet spot just waiting for a dishwasher machine.


  • Fully integrated into kitchen cabinetry
  • no need to move for operation
  • typically has a larger capacity than other compact models.


  • Requires professional installation; 
  • not movable once installed; 
  • more permanent, making it unsuitable for renters.

Portable Compact Dishwashers

The nomads of the dishwasher world, these guys are ready to roll up to any sink, offering a hassle-free cleanup. A lifesaver for renters or small-home owners, they're as flexible as your living situation.


  • Mobility allows for use in various locations; 
  • no permanent installation is required; 
  • it can be stored away when not needed.


  • Takes up floor space when in use; 
  • requires a nearby faucet for operation; 
  • often has a smaller capacity than built-ins.

Countertop Compact Dishwashers

These petite cleaners are countertop buddies, making the most of tiny spaces. Ideal for studio apartments or a cosy kitchenette, they're there when you need them and out of sight when you don't.


  • Fits on the counter; 
  • highly portable; 
  • no installation is needed;
  • it is ideal for tiny households or occasional use.


  • Takes up valuable counter space; 
  • limited capacity, usually only suitable for small dish loads; 
  • requires proximity to a sink.


Drawer Dishwashers

The sleek option, with single or double drawers that glide out like a chest of secrets. They tuck into your kitchen layout, offering a chic, space-saving solution just right for sorting out those smaller dishloads with a touch of class.


  • Very ergonomic; 
  • can run small loads efficiently; 
  • double-drawer models allow for different cycles simultaneously.


  • It can be more expensive than other types,
  • It may require custom cabinetry work for installation; 
  • typically offers less capacity per drawer compared to full-size models.

Dishwasher Singapore: Shopping at Megafurniture for Compact Dishwashers Brings a Whirlwind of Excitement and Practicality

Here’s why:

Joy of Discovery

Imagine the thrill as you find the perfect compact dishwasher to be your kitchen's new centrepiece, promising to witness and handle the aftermath of your joyous feasts and gatherings​​.

Value and Innovation

These compact dishwashers are like market stalls brimming with innovation at wallet-friendly prices, offering the high-end features of bigger models without the hefty tag—indeed, a smart, affordable luxury​​.

Affordable Quality

Wander through the variety of cheap portable dishwashers, adding convenience to your daily routine without straining your budget​​.

Curious about compact dishwashers? 

Here's the lowdown that'll cover what you're probably wondering:

How Compact Dishwashers Works

Just like magic, they make dirt disappear! You pop in your dishes, add detergent, pick a wash cycle, and clean dishes, thanks to sprays of hot, soapy water.

What Fits Inside

Think steel, ceramic, glass, and certain plastics. Wood's a bit tricky—unless solid and unvarnished, it's not a fan of the dishwasher ride.

Their Lifespan

These kitchen helpers typically stick around for 7 to 12 years. Treat them well, and they'll return the favour with years of clean dishes.

Water Savings

They're not just about cleaning; they're about saving too! Compact dishwashers can sip less water than hand washing, making them eco-friendly.

The Cleaning Power

Spicy curry or sticky lasagna, fear not. Compact dishwashers come armed with heavy-duty cycles to tackle the most demanding culinary challenges.