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Ceramic Rice Cookers Singapore

Ceramic Rice Cookers

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Ceramic Rice Cookers

“Unearth the secret to a perfectly cooked rice with our ceramic rice cookers!”

With a sleek and durable ceramic interior, our ceramic rice cookers preserve the natural flavours and nutrients of your favourite grains, resulting in fluffy, delicious rice every time. The natural heat-retention properties of ceramic ensure even cooking, while the non-stick surface makes cleanup a breeze. 

From traditional white rice to flavourful pilafs and savoury porridges, our ceramic rice cookers are versatile enough to handle it all.

So if you are on the hunt for a ceramic rice cooker, we got you covered.


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1 Result


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TOYOMI 4.0L Multi-Function Cooker with High Heat Ceramic Pot RC 4081CP Singapore
TOYOMI 4.0L Multi-Function Cooker with High Heat Ceramic Pot RC 4081CP Singapore
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Unlock the Secret To Perfect Rice With The Premium Ceramic Rice Cookers

There's a kind of alchemy that happens when you nail the perfect bowl of rice—each grain fluffed to perfection, full of flavour, and with just the right texture. That’s what you get with a ceramic rice cooker. The ceramic rice cookers bring a modern touch to the timeless pursuit of perfect rice. The ceramic pot inside is a game-changer, ensuring your rice cooks evenly without annoying sticky bits or burnt edges. Plus, it keeps your rice warm and ready to serve for ages. And when you’re done, the non-stick surface means cleaning up is hassle-free.

A Quick Dive Into The Ceramic Rice Cookers’ Mechanism

Here's how ceramic rice cookers work: at the heart of the cooker is a heating element that warms up the ceramic pot inside. This is where it happens. You see, ceramic is amazing at conducting heat, so it ensures that the rice cooks evenly from top to bottom. Plus, it holds onto heat like a champ, keeping your rice warm and ready to serve long after cooking. And when you’re finished, the non-stick surface of the ceramic pot makes cleaning up a breeze.

Reap These 5 Benefits From Ceramic Rice Cookers

  1. Ceramic rice cookers are free from harmful chemicals and toxins often found in non-stick coatings, ensuring your rice is pure and safe to consume.
  1. The ceramic pot preserves the natural flavours and nutrients in the rice, giving you a more nutritious meal.
  1. The even heat distribution prevents the rice from burning or sticking to the pot, reducing the need for additional oils or fats in cooking.
  1. The non-stick surface of the ceramic pot makes cleaning a breeze, promoting better hygiene.
  1. Ceramic retains heat well, meaning your rice cooker uses less energy to keep your rice warm.

Key Features To Consider When Buying a Ceramic Rice Cooker


Check the size of the ceramic pot to ensure it suits your cooking needs and the number of servings you usually prepare.

The capacity of the ceramic pot is usually measured in cups of uncooked rice. A small pot might have a capacity of 3 to 5 cups, a medium might be 6 to 10 cups, and a large pot might have a capacity of more than 10 cups.

Heating Element

Consider the type and efficiency of the heating element used in the ceramic rice cooker.


Look for additional features such as a timer, a keep-warm setting, or multiple cooking modes for added convenience.

Ceramic Coating Quality

Evaluate the quality of the ceramic coating, as this affects the performance and longevity of the rice cooker.

Ease of Cleaning

Consider how easy the ceramic rice cooker is to clean and maintain, as this will affect your overall satisfaction with the product.

Valuable Tips for Evaluating the Ceramic Coating Quality

Tip # 1: Check For Its Thickness

A good coating has a bit of heft to it; it's too thin, and it might chip or wear away sooner than you’d like.

Tip # 2: Check For Smoothness

Run your fingers over the pot – it should feel like a smooth sea stone, with no rough patches or bumps.

Tip # 3: Look For Some Colour Consistency

The colour should be uniform, with no weird discolourations or splotches in sight.

Tip # 4. Do The Non-Stick Test

Try the water drop test. If the water beads up instead of spreading out, that's a good sign it’s non-stick.

Tip # 5: Check For The Brand’s Reputation

Do a little digging into the brand. Read reviews, ask, and see what others say about their ceramic rice cookers.

Types of Ceramic Rice Cookers and Their Pros and Cons

Traditional Ceramic Rice Cookers

These time-honoured ceramic rice cookers bring a touch of Asian tradition to your kitchen, crafted entirely from ceramic. Versatile and handy, they can be utilised on a stovetop or in an oven, mastering the art of slow-cooking rice to absolute perfection.



  • Gives rice a traditional flavor and texture.
  • It can be used on the stovetop or in the oven.
  • No electricity is needed.
  • It takes longer to cook rice compared to electric cookers.
  • Electric options are more convenient.

Electric Ceramic Rice Cookers

Blending the old with the new, these cookers combine a ceramic pot with the convenience of electricity. User-friendly and practical, they boast multiple settings catered to different rice varieties and have the handy feature of keeping your rice warm for hours.



  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Multiple settings for different types of rice.
  • Keeps rice warm for hours.
  • It is limited to cooking rice and similar grains.
  • Can be more expensive than traditional cookers.

Multi-Function Ceramic Rice Cookers

These ceramic rice cookers don't just excel at cooking rice; they can also steam your veggies, whip up a soup, and more. Equipped with various settings and features, they're your go-to for culinary adventures.



  • Versatile: cook rice, steam vegetables, make soup, and more.
  • Multiple settings and features.
  • Can replace other kitchen appliances.
  • It can be expensive.
  • It may have a steeper learning curve due to multiple functions.

Induction Heat Ceramic Rice Cookers

At the forefront of rice cooking innovation, these ceramic rice cookers employ induction heating for a more efficient and precise cooking experience. They offer a range of settings and features to cater to every rice-cooking need, solidifying their position as top-notch among rice cookers.



  • Precise and efficient cooking.
  • Multiple settings and features.
  • High-quality results.
  • Expensive compared to other types.
  • It may be more complicated to use.

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