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Massing Design: A Renowned Interior Designing Company To Ever Build Your Ideal Living Spaces To Reality - Megafurniture

Massing Design: A Renowned Interior Designing Company To Ever Build Your Ideal Living Spaces To Reality

“Together in designing inspired living spaces, Massing Design knows how to perfectly bring your vision to life.” In the hands of their team of professional designers is the capability of building living spaces that may seem only to be existing as a dream. 

The ultimate goal of the creative team at Massing Design is to design inspired living spaces that speak the heart of their customers. One can only lead the way with the guidance of experts, and the company continues to create inspiring living spaces where it matters. Quality-wise, customers can not help but feel relieved they are in good hands with Massing Design.


Massing Design Kitchen and Living Room

Photo: Cosy and minimalist home dominated by white and wood elements


Massing Design yearns to provide new inspiration and ideas with an aim to incorporate elements of their customers' liking into every concept they present. The part of their journey to yearning is when they started off their business way back in November 2019. Due to the pandemic and every change that comes with it, the journey itself is quite challenging. In the past, the interior design itself may have been an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar. However, Massing Design had to learn how to adapt to the cost of the pandemic—transitioning from a traditional way of brick and mortar with face-to-face meet-ups with clients to learning how to digitise their business all throughout the pandemic period. The company adapted accordingly and achieved far better results than before the pandemic started. “Reason-wise, I think over time we have always focused on making interior design exude quality, creativity, and convenience for all clients.” Massing Design founder Javier Cheng stated in an interview. What their journey emphasised is to focus on things that matter. Their journey started as they chose an industry to establish their business and dedicated their lives to making it happen.


Massing Design Kitchen

Photo: Dreamy kitchen and dining space featuring a soft palette and striking architectural details


Continuity in what one can do has made an enduring impact in the interior designing industry and became Massing Design company’s key achievement. When they begin to adapt a digitalisation strategy to their company, everything else in their business is upgraded. One example was they were able to conduct sales using a Zoom app and utilising the advancements of technology that the pandemic introduced with an aim to keep their business on track. Thriving at changes and specific transitions, they prioritised training their employees to accommodate their customers better. They secured specific closing questions that impacted their sales processes for two months while on lockdown. One of their recent key achievements was securing a closing deal with Delta One, one of these famous Japanese jewellery stores from Japan. A number of offices from big-time companies in Singapore were built under the service of Massing Design. 


Massing Design Commercial Space

Photo: Fun, bold, and alive- a perfect space for dining and gathering


On the other hand, culture is a one-word description of all the qualities and strategies that made Massing Design special and growing vigorously. Their teamwork culture is a firm belief in lifelong learning. To achieve this, Massing Design ensures that all designers will undergo training for up to six months, where the company can provide workshop drills, whether for in-house or outdoor parties, for which they will need their training. It is a point to continue equipping their employees with the knowledge and skills they need to grow. All these qualities present themselves as a culture where everybody is capable and is willing to learn. 


Massing Design Details

Photo: Well-curated, detail-filled spaces that make up a serene abode


“Small habits daily lead to big results over time.” Rather than believing in achieving big things overnight, a firm belief in consistency drives Massing Design to inspire and guide their team towards delivering outstanding results. They believe in building on small habits. Even the slightest improvement would make much progress if done repeatedly and consistently.  These are how the company sets a good example for its designers. What better to deliver outstanding results than building a group of professionals with values made possible through coherence? Atop everything else, Massing Design embodies a goal built on consistency. “No matter the size of the project, the goal is always the same: to make your personal style shine.”


Massing Design Storage

Photo: Short on space? These Scandinavian features boast subtle yet striking storage inclusions


The designers at Massing Design have been passionately transforming spaces and coming up with new innovative designs for homes and offices. All their clients know full well that’s what sets their company apart from other interior designers. And what drives these customers to choose Massing Design company? Simple. They are driven to cater to all kinds of clients. “Be it design, focus, or looking for a more budget-friendly design, we always try to do our best and cater to their needs the best we can.” Founder Javier Cheng of Massing Design reveals. Even if a client has at least a 30K renovation budget, clients of this kind come to Massing Design, making a 30K project look like it has spent 50,000 and more. The company lives up to its standards, which empowers them to live up to their customers' standards. Founder Javier Cheng began, “We don't believe in just saying trying. We believe in doing. Of course, where there are no such positive results, we try to learn something from it and see what we can work on and continually improve at it.”


Massing Design Details

Photo: Close up view of an impeccably-designed living space


The ability to adapt kept Massing Design sailing throughout the pandemic. Even if the pandemic punched most businesses right in the face, Massing Design never had zero sales in their company before and until then. The more sales keep coming, the more resilient they adapt to changes. Groups of teams are in constant support, and clients keep on trusting even after the pandemic. Their company is living up to a standard that clients always come first. Massing Design’s maxim goes, “Design a house that lives up to a customer’s request and fulfils a dream where they smile the happiest.” Next to the list of priorities comes the company’s interior designers. To lead a good and more quality state of life is something they want their designers to pursue. The moment they find themselves hired in Massing Design, they have found their career ahead of them as they lead a life for themselves and not just to be able to serve their company at best. With years of experience working in residential and commercial spaces, the company is happy to help you create the design you have always dreamed of. At Massing Design, you have a right to be served with functional and aesthetically pleasing designs where a company brings your ideal living spaces to reality.


About Massing Design:
Company Name: Massing Design Pte Ltd
217A Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574350
Phone: +65 6962 2736

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